Ann Coulter Enters Bill Maher’s “Lions’ Den” Outnumbered 3 to 1, Watch What Happens

Bill Maher, Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez, and MSNBC’s Joy Reid all got into a pretty lengthy and heated argument with Ann Coulter over immigration. Maher confronted Coulter about a lot of the facts in her book Adios, America!––like how the real illegal immigration U.S. numbers are 30 million, not 12 million––and straight-up told her none of them it true. But things really heated up when Gutierrez jumped in, and told Coulter that what she and Donald Trump are doing is “revving up… a Latino registration machine” and demonizing Latinos in a way that will guarantee the GOP will never take the White House again. Reid jumped in to say people need to “stop lying” about immigrants and argued, as Gutierrez did, about exactly the kinds of contributions immigrant labor makes to American society.

via Mediaite

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