Angry Black Mother Destroys ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters With Epic Tongue-Lashing

(Content Warning: Language)

Peggy Hubbard is frustrated with #BlackLivesMatter protesters in St. Louis. She is an African-American mother who says there is too much black on black crime. Hubbard says the demonstrators are marching for the wrong people. They should be standing up for innocent victims killed every night in the streets of St. Louis. A 9-year-old girl was shot and killed on Tuesday night while doing homework on her mother’s bed. On Wednesday night protesters took to the streets to march for an 18-year-old shot and killed by police. Officers say the teen pointed a gun at him. Hubbard’s commentary posted to Facebook has gone viral. Almost 30,000 people like the post and it has been shared over 131,000 times.

via KTVI

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