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An Obama Supporter Awakes from a 4-Year Coma

  • kushibo

    So, even though Republicans elected George W. Bush twice, one of their criticisms of Obama is that he is too much like George W. Bush?

    • The Truth

      No, that is the hypocrisy of the Democrat exposed. Liberals threw tantrums over Bush but then excuse Obama for doing the same only on steroids. Liberals are liars and hypocrites.

    • Chris Tighe

      Not so oh unwise one.

    • panors77

      No…the criticism is that BO is becoming too much like Stalin or Hitler setting himself up for dictatorship starting with the NDAA.

  • Charles S. Imwold

    That would be funny it weren’t so true . I still can’t believe there people out that actually voted for this pice of garbage barack hussein obama .

  • Byron Nelson

    How could they not mention that he promised to cut the deficit in half but doubled it instead? Or that he promised that his spending/stimulus bill would get unemployment down to 5% but it’s at 8%? Or that he promised that his healthcare plan was different than Hillary Clinton’s because his didn’t force people to by healthcare, but then he got elected and changed that? Or that he ended Habeus Corpus? He’s been such a bad president it stuns me that people still support him. Bush was bad, Obama has been just as bad if not worse. He flat out didn’t deserve re-election.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I bet the “voting records” for the guy in the coma would show he voted for Obama. I mean, if the dead can vote (zombies) then surely the unconscious can vote. Actually, every time someone votes Demoncrat, they’re unconscious

  • TheSunDidIt

    I know, Obama-care was kicking in and they planned to unplug the guy and let him die. So, he had to wake up.

  • JennieWalsh

    You can use the following letter to contact your state governor, your state representatives and state senators to prevent your state from implementing the Obamacare state exchange.
    On Friday, Nov. 16, 2012, and for the second time, the Department of Health and Human Services moved the deadline to implement Obamacare state exchanges. The new deadline for states to decide whether or not they’ll create an ObamaCare health insurance exchange is now December 14th. In short, this is a positive sign. Enough states are resisting the pressure from the Obama administration and from pro-ObamaCare activists that HHS felt it necessary to push the deadline off another month.

    Just a few days ago, Govs. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana sent letters to HHS detailing why they will NOT be setting up an exchange or participating in Medicaid expansion. You can read Gov. Jindal’s excellent and comprehensive letter here:


    Gov. Jindal’s message should be a template for (your state) to follow.

    I urge you to resist the pressure coming from the Obama administration and pro-ObamaCare activists, follow Gov. Jindal’s example, and just say NO to the ObamaCare exchanges.
    The reality is simple: States are under NO obligation to set up an exchange. Already, 14 states have made it ILLEGAL, and in some cases UNconstitutional, for their state to set up an exchange and to implement ObamaCare’s mandates.

    Now is the time to remind the other 36 states that they do NOT have to participate in ObamaCare’s implementation and help to facilitate the HARMFUL effects of this GOVERNMENT TAKE-OVER of our health care decisions.

    These federally-regulated “exchanges” will replace the individual market in health insurance with crony collusion between insurance companies and government bureaucrats.

    I am expecting you to protect me and our fellow citizens from the harms of ObamaCare, and that means REFUSING TO SET UP AN OBAMACARE EXCHANGE. Thank you.


    • l1ndAm

      Think there is any chance that would work here in sunny CA lol

      • rosemarienoa

        Not bloody likely!!!!

  • Carol

    I wonder what woke him up maybe he knew obamacare was kicking and he would lose his life due to the fact he would be in Obama’s way.

  • diana

    lucky he woke up better get on your feet fast obcare is coming that means the END OF YOU if you don’t stay well

  • Chris Tighe

    Perhaps this is what is wrong with Obama…he’s been in a comma for the past four years too! This must be a fact since just last week he again continued to blame the economy on GWB!!!!

    • SpudPicker

      nah, been out golfing and increasing his carbon footprint by flying around in AF! Wonder how many tons of carbon are in the atmosphere due to his travels this last four years…..

  • Rich

    How about sending that confirmation e-mail???

  • ARMYOF69

    Water board him while he’s on his back.

  • chetohimler

    Nobody read the affordable healthcare act. “We have to pass it first, to see what’s on it.” …quoteh: Nancy Pelosi..

  • har82

    Actually, every – bammie – supporter in this country ,,, is in a coma,, and not one ,,, of them have woken up yet lol.
    May they – ALL – rest in peace as soon as possible. :)

  • Jack Parker

    I laughed, I cried, I committed suicide.

  • Marlin

    Most of his supporters must have been in coma the last four years. And apparently still are.

  • Bubble Burster

    Too bad he couldn’t EXPERIENCE obamacare. As Obama says, maybe a “pain pill” is better than surgery…” In this case pulling the plug, suffocating or starving the person to death would end that coma. Truly, Obama is evil to the core. It is the dumbing down of America to give him another four years to finish the job.

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