Among The Ferguson Protests, A Young Woman Offers Herself As Police Shield

On Monday night, as unrest continued on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Lexi Kozhedsky stood on the sidewalk, a large group of police behind her. “If anything comes their way, I would rather it hit me than them, because they’ve already been through a lot and I don’t think they deserve that,” said Kozhedsky, 19, of University City. She was interviewed on video by Post-Dispatch photographer David Carson. He said Kozhedsky seemed out of place. A young white woman standing alone. Not holding a sign. Not yelling. Just wearing a Fall Out Boy T-shirt and a backwards ball cap. “They have a legitimate reason to protest,” she stressed. “There’s definitely discrimination in America. There’s definitely racism.” But, she said, “this one case out of many is not the one that should be glorified.”

via STLToday


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