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Americans Need to Go On the Offensive With Their Most Powerful Weapon — the Constitution

  • Delores109

    Obama is chipping away at our U.S.Constitution in an attempt to destroy it…..infringe upon the second amendment rights, try to grab the power of the Purse in the House of Reps, and Obama is trying to destroy the Republican Party, so that we have one government to go with the New World Order of George Soros and Obama. Their fantasy is a DICTATORSHIP….you know, “we are going to transform the United States of America.” In your dreams, there will be many schemes, Obama and Soros. I am here to see that none of them materialize. Have a nice day.
    Delores Smith

    • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™

      How? Please explain.

      • Darticus

        Obama’s own words. Or have you not paid attention to ANYTHING he has said since his first post in elected office?


    Did Mr. Obama and most Democrats commit perjury? They recently took an oath and stated that they would ‘Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States’. How does attempting to pass a law that violates the Constitution protect it? If these Democrats are guilt of perjury, should they be removed from office? I think so.

    • Burnel Preston

      Perfect Sir: perfect quote

  • TAM44

    With guns, we are citizens, without them we are defenseless subjects exactly what obama wants us to be defenseless subjects.

    • har82

      And it is – only – the 2nd ,,, that keeps them at bay – now – . If Americans were like any ,, other people of the world we wouldn’t have ,, all the firearms we have.

      Firearms ,, have been part of the American blood – since America’s inception.
      America without firearms with its people , would make us all like France, Spain, England, Russia, or even China . Just another socialist / communist country. And not at all – FREE -.
      No other Nation in the world knows – freedom from ,, government -, like Americans do ( or once did ).
      It is time to show the government,, just who the masters of this country – Really Are – .
      And it looks like this – fascist muslim foreigner – ( bammie ) , is just the one to – wake up ,, that sleeping giant – .

  • Bob Marshall

    Why wouldn’t Obama try to destroy the constitution? It stands in the way of his tyrannical government take over? When Obama was a senator in the state of Illinois he faulted the Constitution for failing to mention “wealth distribution.” 16 times in 2012 Obama ignored the Constitution. Obama, George Soros, Cass Sunstein and holdern have called for a new “progressive living”constitution. Five members of the supreme court do his bidding and Eric Holder, appointed by Obama runs the Department of Injustice. Add to this Obama may be able to appoint three new members to the supreme court during this term. i only wish more people knew about Obama and his administrations ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Marxist, Socialist,Communist and other terrorist organizations. You won’t find out from George Soros and the 30 major news organizations of which he has ties.

    • har82

      Even the Supreme Court ,, is not above the – People – , nor , the Constitution. They can ,,, be removed and replaced . One way or another . :)

      • Myptofvu


  • John Sweet

    The constitution limits the terms of office for the members of the government in plane text. It is only by misinterpretation of the meaning that the terms of office have become life time positions. It is supposed to be two years in the House and six years in the Senate. It does not state over and over again. It means that you can run for office and serve two years in the House, only two years. You can then run for office in the Senate and serve the six years, Only Six years. No where does it state several terms it is just the two years as stated and the six years as written it is only by the peoples acquiescence to these violation that they continue.

    • Darticus

      It doesn’t explicitly say that they can only be there for one term, either. I think you’re reaching, John.

      • John Sweet

        I know it does not explicitly state only one term, but it does state
        that the “Term limits, or rotation in office,”is limited to just two years and six years but it is only through their interpretation of the law that they continue to stay in office
        “On October 2, 1789, the Continental Congress appointed a committee of thirteen to examine forms of government for the impending union of the states. Among the proposals was that from the State of Virginia,
        written by Thomas Jefferson, urging a limitation of tenure, “to prevent every
        danger which might arise to American freedom by continuing too long
        in office the members of the Continental Congress….”[4]
        The committee made recommendations, which as regards congressional
        term-limits were incorporated unchanged into the Articles
        of Confederation (1781–89). The fifth Article stated that “no
        person shall be capable of being a delegate [to the continental
        congress] for more than three years in any term of six years.”[5]”

  • ves

    They have ALL commited perjury because they have ALL broken their oath of office!!
    The sitting Repub are selling us out daily just like the Demos!

    • har82

      Did you listen to his history of the republican party ??. That alone was enough for me not to join them again ( I ceased to be what I called a republican when they threw up a back stabbing politician as a candidate for president ( mc cain ).. That ,, was it for me .
      And now , knowing their history ,, never again.
      If a Constitutional Party comes around ( possibly the – Tea Party – ) I will join them instead.

  • har82

    Finally ,, some sanity is being brought back to America. This group of people need to be supported. I would join them except for one reason. I don’t have ,,, an extra 50 bucks right now that – isn’t – needed for my home lol.
    What it is going to come down to is either – joining – a group like this and doing all this legally and in courts …
    Or ,,, it will have to be done in the streets with blood against the forces the – federal government – sends against – We The People – . It’s just that simple people.
    One ,, or the other .. NO FENCE SITTERS ALLOWED ..

    I knew there was some reason for me joining the – Navy – when I was 17 lol. It is the – only military – authorized by – the Constitution – . And yes that includes the Marines as they are originally part of the – Navy – … :)

    ( And that does not,,, mean I snub my nose at – ANY – member of the armed forces who have – served -)

  • Bull57

    It may soon be time to go to the mattresses.

  • Pizzed Off

    Obama has frequently side-stepped the Constitution. Now it’s time for the Constitution to kick Obama right square in his balls. And then again on the arse as it assists him on the way out the door. The Congressional members who are not taking direct action against him are violating THEIR oaths of office and they, too, should be considered expendable.
    But first, Obama. Start with his illegal appointments, proceed with Fast and Furious, and continue on with Executive “Orders” which are definitely un-Constitutional. And take all of those multitude of tapes where he’s clearly stated that it doesn’t matter or restrain him and shove them so far down his throat that he partially defecates them. Then feed them to him again.

  • Bob Marshall

    Obama said in a speech in 2009 that the Constitution was outdated and did not apply in todays time. Obama,George Soros,Cass Sunstein and Holder said we need a new more “progressive living’ constitution. When Obama was a senator in Illinois Obama faulted the Constitution because it failed to mention ‘wealth distribution”. Obama ignored the constitution 16 times in 2012.

  • Bob Marshall

    When the government fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson. ” But a Constitution of government once change from freedom can never be restored. Liberty,once lost is lost forever.” John Adams.

  • Bob Marshall

    Image in America a new ” progressive living” living constitution and Obama finding a way to repeal the 22nd amendment thereby granting him the right to run for a third term. Then imagine Obama electing three new judges to the Supreme Court. Obama and his campaign managers knew his sheep as shown in both the 2008 and 2012 exit polls. Project Vote/ACORN: Effort will focus on women, homosexuals,ethnic minorities and young adults. Few citizens paid attention when Obama spoke to La Raza telling them that the Democrats were with them on amnesty for 11,000,000 illegals. in his speech,he said the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform. Obama and his campaign manager knew blacks and minorities almost always voted for Democrat candidates if they could just get them out to vote. Hence, Project vote/ACORN. not sure the majority of women and the youth vote was expected by Obama although they were certainly among the targeted. Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky would have been proud of Obama and those ignorant voters who are making their dream for a Socialist United States a reality.

  • Tom Townsend II

    Hey guys:

    Just a quick note I wish to interject here. The following link was in our emails and contains a film that I am certain is very relevant to this site and the current dialog. Please watch it completely. Consider what is said, especially at the end. Then please share this widely before someone eliminates the video. Thank you.


  • Jose Renato

    Every day I am more amazed that this fraud is still in office.Over 90% of the free world believed that he would not survive the first six months of his first term.It’s hard to believe that Lincoln and Kennedy did a hell of a lot less to ruin this country and they paid the ultimate price. If congress had any balls at all, he would have been living a free and easy life in Africa today and not bringing this country down into the pits of hell. What the hell is wrong with this society of ours? If we don;t strike out against these liberals and make serious changes,we are doomed. God help us…..

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