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Americans Fail Miserably Answering The Easiest Questions on the U.S. Citizenship Test

In order to attain U.S. citizenship, immigrants must pass a naturalization test that contains a civics section with some basic questions about historical events and how the U.S. government functions. Applicants face up to 10 questions taken from a pool of 100, and must answer at least six of them correctly in order to pass. But how many native-born Americans can answer these questions? The Immigrant Archive Project, a media initiative dedicated to documenting immigrants’ stories through recorded interviews, wanted to find out. They took a camera to the streets of Miami, asked people questions from test and posted the results on YouTube Tuesday. It wasn’t pretty.

via HuffingtonPost


  • The Truth

    Yup, “common core”, the dumbing down of America for gubbmint takeover.

    • racefish

      These people hadn’t even heard of Common Core.

      • The Truth

        LOL, yes they have. They’ll be the ones teaching it, lol.

    • Gabe T

      The public fool system would rather teach alternative living styles and sex education and spun out constitutional law rewritten textbooks to shove the commie clone agenda down potentially intelligent young people. And it should be really called Commie Core right?

      • The Truth

        That pretty much sums it up, call a spade a spade. For the record, I got all the answers correct and I would be willing to bet my children, ranging in age from 14 to 34, would get at least 8 out of 10 of them correct. Why? Because I taught them to think for themselves and not trust the system.

        • Gabe T

          I said there were 28 amendments but then again at least 3 of them weren’t ratified and became law through prescription in being there for over twenty years… the worst being the 14th amendment that enslaved the whole union to this defacto govt.

          • Edward Ebersole

            Actually there 27 amendments and many of them have been ratified over the years. I like what The Truth is saying. The man is making a point when he states, “That pretty much sums it up, call a spade a spade. For the record, I got all the answers correct and I would be willing to bet my children, ranging in age from 14 to 34, would get at least 8 out of 10 of them correct. Why? Because I taught them to think for themselves and not trust the system.” We should all be doing this.

          • Gabe T

            Yeah I realize there are 27. I was stating I thought there were 28 when I took the test and that was the one question I got wrong, I forgot they never ratified the ERA which was the 28th attempt to usurp the original constitution.

            My point was that there were several amendments that basically take away the purity or dejure government set up by the original jurisdiction of the original constitution – which Ben Franklin stated — you have a republic as long as you can keep it.

          • Edward Ebersole

            True. It is ours to keep or ours to loose.


    PROOF; American schools have FAILED America!!!!!!!!

    • bonnieblue2A

      Progressive government schools have accomplished their goal of dumbing down the average American.

    • disqus_Ki3yt4g0EM

      Yes, they have, and as a former teacher I say, if the schools now dont teach history then the parents must assure that THEY teach it to their children, it ‘s not all the schools fault.


        AGREED, parents ‘should’ be aware of their child’s educational shortcomings and be educated enough themselves to ‘fill in the blanks’; problem is that many modern-day parents are just as poorly educated…sadly!

  • Dagwood

    I remnember in the 40’s my mother studying for her citizenship, and passing the first time thru——————–How This country has DEVOLVED

  • Ray Lehmer Sr.

    Dumbing down began during the time of Jimmy Carter, who created the Department of Education. In case you don’t remember, he also created the Department of Energy in order to attain energy independence for the US, and he gave away the Panama Canal, which is now managed by a Chinese company, the low bidder.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Actually, the goal of Progressives to take over the US schools dates back to the 1890’s.

      • duif100

        You are wrong!
        Thei goal is to take us back to 690 since they support Muslims, even the radical ones.

  • Lew

    Thank a Teacher! And they are allowed to VOTE! The DEMS have done their job well.

  • Eduardo

    This is not surprising that Americans born here do not know anything of U.S. history. When I arrived in Miami, FL in November of 1960 from Cuba, in the social studies and government class, I was the only student that could name the original thirteen colonies, all 50 states (Hawaii had just been added in 1959), and the state capitols. I could also answer all of the 10 questions correctly. For those that do not know this part of history: When Benjamin Franklin went to France to seek armaments and weapons from the French, the Cuban ladies of high society donated their jewels and it made it possible for Franklin to purchase the weapons needed by Washington to defeat the British in the American revolution.

    • disqus_Ki3yt4g0EM

      I am also a Cuban American, and I am proud to say I know American history far better than any natural born American! You guys should be ashamed ! you dont know what you have until you lose it. And we are losing it!!!!!!!!!


      You my friend are “A Great American!”

  • Mathematical certainty

    Conclusion, we are doomed as a Nation!

    • disqus_Ki3yt4g0EM

      Not yet Mathematical certainty.
      Just awaken and get informed and vote informed, and NEVER GIVE UP ON AMERICA, once she goes, then…. then we are doomed.

      • Mathematical certainty

        I have been awake for many-many years! I fear going to sleep while recognizing a significant population of this country continues to get dumber and dumber. Before I cast a vote, FYI, I research the history/ voting records of all of the candidates campaigning. I taught Mathematics and Physics at both the HS level and College level for seven years before I decided to pursue additional degrees in Engineering. I left the field of teaching because there are too many incompetent teachers. Many of them would have difficulty fulfilling an order at McDonald’s. I attributed their incompetence to the Schools of Education which should be abolished. Curricula at Schools of Education are sub-standard, they produce incompetent graduates who are then torpedoed into the public schools to teach subjects that they themselves have no mastery.

        When I stated that we are doomed, just replay the video and convince me otherwise.

  • The_American_Way

    Let’s all thank our liberal education system that is more concerned about “social justice” than they are about history, math, English grammar etc etc.

  • Virginia Cavalier

    What difference does it make when the Average U.S. Citizen has a Mega-Flatscreen with 250 Channels accessing 24/7 Oprah/Ellen/The View/MTV/NBA/NFL and Pizza-At-Your Door!

  • Anthony Alexander

    Its like the drivers test, they study, take the test pass…but as the years roll it all flys out the windows and it is a free for all in the highways…Same thing here the ones that are citizens, hey why bother I am already a citizen so who gives a S_IT. What is needed is every election one must pass a simple test with these questions BEFORE THEY CAN GET RENEWED TO VOTE……………You only get one chance too…..You fail, no vote, go to the back of the line stupid, you don’t deserve the priviledge to vote until you smarten up………..

    • politicstick

      …and a more comprehensive test should be given to those running for ANY political office!!!!

    • Gabe T

      Yeah that’s a really good idea… the knee jerk demoncraps would loose their whole constituency if all people would have to take a test to be allowed to vote. ! Hear Hear!

    • Mathematical certainty

      Actually, An IQ test should be required for all voters. The minimum IQ score should be set at 125 in order to vote in local, state, and federal elections. OOPS! I just remembered, an IQ score of 125 would eliminate 97% of the voting population.

    • Nancynotpelosi

      I think pollsters need to quiz people before they ask their poll questions. If a person cannot name the vice president, then their answer to your poll questions should not count since they obviously don’t know anything. I am shocked by some poll results until I realize that most of the respondents are like those in the video.

  • disqus_Ki3yt4g0EM

    Precisely the reason why obama got elected and the LEFT is running wild and the government lies and the politicians corrupt and not accountable. The US citizenry is IGNORANT! That’s why our country is being taken from us. Ignorance & Indifference. So, we will deserve what we are getting for not being informed and engaged! iphones and video games are more important than our nation! I am POed i’m so angry at this situation! To see that people dont even know the name of the first President of the nation is absolutely disgraceful!

  • racefish

    Did someone say George Washington “signed” the Declaration? Really? That’s idiotic.

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Way past sad and true . We are in serious trouble. And yes this is part of why Obama got elected !

    • Gabe T

      Part of why he got elected? Hell no! its exactly how he got elected… Just like the superbitch Hillary did in NY State…. it’s a travesty to the whole system.

      • Down to Earth Thinking

        There are many reasons of illegality that allowed Obama to get elected . Not just one.

        • Gabe T

          Well it’s like the main part… his IRS crap etc. and other stuff is prevalent to some of his fake constituency — you are correct… there are more that just that.

          • Down to Earth Thinking

            Yes indeed !

  • David in Dallas

    Well, I only missed one, and if I’d been studying it recently I wouldn’t have missed it, either. (Date of the Constitution)

    • Ancient Patriot

      I’m with you. I only missed one. But my education dates back to the 1930-1045 era when we had real teachers who made you learn

      • John OMalia

        The year 1045 eh? So you remember that Giovanni di Sabina elected Pope Sylvester III. And it is also the year 1588 in the Solar calendar. I am impressed.

        • politicstick

          H.G. Wells would have loved this guy as well, seeing as how he traveled back in time to get educated….LOL

  • L.C. in Texas

    Why is it that something so important to Americans is not taught in the schools ?

    “In the first place, We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes
    an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone
    else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or
    origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing
    but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We
    have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… And We have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
    signed by Theodore Roosevelt

  • HappyG

    The pensions of our teachers should be cut in half…they failed generations of Americans…

  • gatormike53

    Schools have removed any emphases on American History and Civic/American Government and this is the results. Hey you don’t teach citizens their rights they won’t complain when they are abridged

  • vtrobert1800r .

    Government has shown it is completely inept at managing anything. So many of our politicos would be dismissed in the private sector for incompetence. Hear that Nancy, Harry, Barack?

  • disqus_6FSrLgCvxF

    …Actung ! D’as mit da Kommon Kore Korick’u’lym Komrade ! D’as is neicht goot !

    • g

      Ya got that right Common Core teaches more Muslim history than it does American


    But they know every word of P Diddy’s rap songs. We should all be very, very scared. I am 70 now and I can tell you I knew more about the world when I finished the 3rd grade than these people know with a college degree.

  • duif100

    How can an avarage citizen pass the citizenship test today?
    Handing out of a copy of the constitution results in arrest.
    In order to find out anything real about the US history you must go into a “free speech zone” where there is only room for one.
    Who can still teach the US citizenship requirements?
    Obama at his best!

  • junkmailbin

    proof that when liberals are in charge of education the country is screwed

  • D. Guardian

    did they study for the questions before you asked them? As I understand, first you study then take the test, that’s how it’s done everywhere.

  • El Camino

    Should have asked Who won last season’s American Idol.

  • LLinLa

    So how did our country get in the condition its in now? People like this voting after attending the most current “Rewritten History” class at their local public university.

  • g

    Hate to say it, but the time is coming closer that American citizens are going to have to “Pick their Side”

  • Salty Sailor

    If we keep union in our schools the only thing our students will know is whet day they were born

  • popham

    The naievete and ignorance of the average American as it pertains to our sacred history and laws,
    is of course astounding and disturbing too.

  • Bill Caterino

    That has to be the fault of our Federal Education System

  • hagar2935

    You can thank the Liberal/ Union teacher and Communist professors in our education system for this!

    Our children are NOT getting an education……….. Just an indoctrination into Socialism!

  • stainless

    Sad baby, really sad.

  • pittymax

    How on earth did these people even graduate from kindergarten?

  • Dennis

    I took the test myself a few years ago just to see how I’d do and I got 98 out of 100 correct. I don’t recall these so-called “easiest questions” on that test. If those questions were asked every applicant we’d have fewer naturalized citizens. I don’t believe this was a fair sampling of the test questions. Just another blanket to put over our eyes.

  • Dennis

    Let’s ask Congress the same questions and see what results we get.

  • jd1958

    Now we know why Barry Soetoro was frauded into office.

  • henryknox

    It isn’t funny. These questions should be answered by any student passing the 6th grade. What a sad statement about our public school system. Unfortunately, we all know why they aren’t taught American history. The Progressives want to revise history and fundamentally transform the USA.

  • justathought22

    sadly not surprised. they don’t teach that stuff in school anymore. they are busy teaching 2+2=banana and it feel good.

  • Me

    This is a little skewed. The questions on the test have multiple choice answers, which makes it a tad easier than producing an answer out of thin air. Still, without the multiple choices, I would ahve gotten 8 right…. with them, probably all.

  • Al Chemist

    More important than asking who wrote it, but asking why it was written. How many would have known that?

  • Marc Richardson

    I knew the answer to EVERY one of the questions asked. Does that make me weird?

  • Gary

    Deport everyone who couldn’t answer these questions!

  • JoJo58

    TEN QUESTIONS???? Only have to get SIX correct? I thought the citizenship test was more difficult.

  • Marine68

    Untold Billions spent to dumb down our children. If we were to let them learn by experience like Animals, they would aspire to greater heights as a matter of survival.

  • grob103

    Ah…The wonderful benefits of unionized public education combined with indifferent parents.

    But what the heck. You don’t need to take that test to become a citizen any longer. Just sneak across the border and you’re in!

  • Edward Ebersole

    You know I at least got over half of his questions right and that is without studying the material. If I don’t remember something right off the top of my head I will at least admit to my ignorance and go ahead and learn it.

  • phil62

    I am a past English and American History teacher. Believe me, they no longer teach American History in the public school systems. It is no longer considered relevant to our well being as a nation. As Pelosi and Reid said “…You don’t know what to do… we will do your thinking for you…” The only joke is the fact that they were talking about their own voters. Conservatives are far more educated in politics and history. That is why the majority of these people think they want Socialism; because they have never studied what it is and the effect it has on the population. Keep them ignorant and make sure you bus them to the polls on time. That is why the ruling class of politicians consider us so dangerous; we are educated and we can think for ourselves. Oh-Yea, and a country boy can survive!

  • phil62

    My own grandchildren, ranging in age 16 to 21 did not even know what Labor Unions are and have never heard of the AFL-CIO. You can’t fight the socialist pigs if you don’t know what they look like. The day they stopped morning prayer in the schools…….

  • jjmoose

    i think the last question should be ‘ did you vote for obama’?

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