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American Truckers Roar!

  • Linda Shepherd

    When I drove years ago, we knew that NY and other large cities would shut down within 3 days without trucks making their deliveries. Show them we mean business….

  • wolf2525

    Roll on truckers, and bikers, and those of us who are real Americans, show that liar and fraud Obama who America really is. Obama has the worst corrupt regime in American history.

  • wolf2525

    Shut it down, show Obama who controls who, I bet that fraud sends the feds after them, wait and see, there is nothing I put past the Obama Regime, I mean nothing.

  • davienne

    i drove for over 25 years… they dont all need to… and they wont… .. it would only take the tankers to shut down… if the trucks cant get fuel .. no deliveries… no gas at the pumps…

    • david

      amen brother!!

  • DavidTUSAF

    I say 5 days. make sure people and politicians really understand. 3 days just isn’t long enough.

    • dstemont

      Or even a week would be better.
      After the bikers and truckers, I’d like to see the military march on DC, drag the SOBs out onto the streets and start executing!

  • OzzWorx

    Roll on, Truckers!

  • frankie

    Our truckers have the courage to stand up to big government. The rest of us should stand with them. ROLL ON AMERICANS!!

  • Paul

    Do I TRUCKERS… Show Washington and Politician’s the power of the people are mightier then they are..

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