American Idol Contestant Butchers National Anthem, Praises Obama…Gets Through to Next Round

Zoanette Johnson of Tulsa, Okla., made it clear from the outset that she has a… vibrant… personality. In honor of President Obama‘s electoral victory, Johnson decided to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” for her audition.

At first, her voice was delightfully impressive, like an over-the-top Toni Braxton of sorts. But as the performance moved along, she became more and more bombastic — nearing a shout — with plenty of giggle-worthy vocal tricks thrown in. At one point, judge Keith Urban fell out of his chair, Randy Jackson laughed with what seemed like disbelief. And then Johnson ended the national anthem with what could only be described as an ugly, goofy, out-of-tune attempt at changing octaves.

via Mediaite

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