‘Almost Criminal’ Rollout Of Obamacare Denounced By…MSNBC Panel?

MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel roundly condemned the rollout of the Affordable Care Act federal exchanges Monday morning, calling the malfunctioning websites “outrageous” and “unacceptable,” and accusing the website developer of incompetence and Health and Human Services of deliberately misleading the public. “The roll-out is unacceptable,” regular guest Mark Halperin said. “The secrecy is unacceptable. It begins with not saying how many people have enrolled. I don’t understand why they can’t release that figure on a rolling basis. But in addition, you search in vain for answers to lots of questions. Tom Costello, lots of other reporters have asked them every day for basic information. When governments are in crisis, they withhold information, and sometimes they don’t tell the truth.”

via Mediaite

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