Allen West’s Blunt Response After Liberal Claims It Was the ‘Guns’ That Killed 9-Year-Old in Ferguson

Former Republican congressman Allen West clashed with liberal commentator Richard Fowler on “The Kelly File” on Tuesday night over gun violence and the death of a 9-year-old girl who was recently fatally shot inside of her Ferguson, Missouri, home while doing homework. West delivered a blunt response after Fowler said that the key to stopping people from being killed is to advance gun control measures. “How do we stop a stray bullet from killing this young girl?” Fowler rhetorically asked. “We get illegal guns off the street, we provide more background checks, we limit high-capacity magazines — all things we can do to make sure that another little young girl doesn’t die.” But West wasn’t buying into this explanation, saying that this is “always the fallback and the excuse,” and claiming that there are other structural issues that are truly at the root of the problem.

via TheBlaze

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