Allen West: ‘How Does Anybody Keep Their Job In The Obama Administration?’

Former Congressman Allen West continued his never-ending assault on President Barack Obama and his administration, asking Monday night how anyone keeps their job in the administration after all of the mishaps over the past six years. When asked by Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren how head of the national intelligence community James Clapper keeps his job, the former Florida congressman asked rhetorically, “how does anybody keep their job in the Obama administration?” “How does Lois Lerner keep her job and still get a $600k taxpayer-funded retirement? How does anyone keep their job in the Veterans Administration? That’s the entire fallacy of this administration and that no one is responsible. We continue to see these failures, these misunderstandings, these missteps, whatever you want to call it, and no one is ever responsible,” the former congressman told the host. “How does Eric Holder keep his job after Fast and Furious? How does anyone keep their job when we abandon four Americans that died in Benghazi? That’s the big, million dollar question,” West said.

via DailyCaller

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