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Al Sharpton On Chris Lane Killing: ‘Nothing To Protest,’ Wasn’t ‘Racial’ & ‘System Worked’

Rev. Al Sharpton responded Thursday to calls for him to address the Oklahoma murder of Australian student athlete Chris Lane, saying he is not protesting because the killing was not racial and “the system worked.” Sharpton addressed the question in the Reply Al segment of his show, “PoliticsNation,” on MSNBC on Thursday, when a viewer asked whether he would be issuing a statement on Lane’s murder.

Notice that Sharpton basically states that Huffington Post is the only accurate news source, that the system only works when he agrees with it, and that Obama is being blamed for Hurricane Katrina!? I think Al is more than a little confused.

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  • chuck

    Sharpton is a racist pig

    • TonysTake

      No he is not! NI… er, I mean Blacks can’t be racist! There are plenty of crackers and we really need mo blacks on da welfare to save the economy! Obama says so.


        From his early age he was a race baiter Matter of fact he is a race terrorist. He should have been arrested along time. As a criminal against the white race. Hi is a low life disgusting vomit.

    • lucitee

      What a horrible and cruel post! I grew up on a farm and baby pigs was my favorite animal! And sheep, goats, cows, chickens, horses, ALL animals! They feed us, carried us, plowed for us, and gave us fresh milk and butter! Except for the horses and chickens! They GAVE much more than they received! Can’t say the same for this racist “wild boar (bore)! And even worse? There’s not a “reverend” bone in his entire body! He has “milked” the system shamelessly and has given NOTHING for the people who finance his lifestyle! We ALL need another Martin Luther King to bring dignity, compassion, unity, and PEACE between the races! “Someone” promised to, but has set our relationship back into the same condition that Dr. King tried to change! We need to start in our OWN communities building bridges can ALL walk across! Holding hands and singing “Amazing Grace”!

      • Holly Bentley

        Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a Republican who loved America.
        I can’t say the same about Jackson, Sharpton and Oblabber…

      • chuck

        Lucite I am sorry to the pigs lol

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Even the most brain-dead Obamabot can’t actually believe the Lane murder was not
    racially motivated. Nevertheless, if there was money in it, you can bet Sharpton would be making the most of it.

  • dandeman

    Hey Al! Did I hear you right.. You don’t go in unless someone ask you too?? If I ask you nicely how much do you charge? I’m sure your time is valuable..huh??

  • Hans

    He is not only a racist, he is a frickin’ RACIST. Shame on MSNBC for carrying this frickin’ NI66ER on this RACIST LEFT-WING TV CHANNEL !!!!!

  • Hans

    I am also missing the RACIST EXTORTIONIST JESSIE JACKSON who’s CRIMINAL SON now lives where his DAD also belongs: IN PRISON !!!

    • bkeller50

      I was criticized that I called the Austrialian baseball player killers a racisit. I got news for you Obama who is probably laughing at both the Austrilian and the WW II veteran this whole thing is racisit. Look at the USA and try to understand the outrage. This is insulting to have what he calls a black President. What would Martin Luther King think? Pretty thought provoking? I am disapointed in Obama and all his lackies. Where is the outrage?

    • bkeller50

      We need(whites) need to retake the country>

    • TXLadyPatriot

      And Jesse Jr. gets $8700/month for being bi-polar and depressed as well as his full govt pension from being a lousy congressman.

  • mardo123


  • randolph.poole

    Al Sharpton is a total POC whose existence is a waste of oxygen!

  • Tony Galano

    The report was that some folks in Louisiana blame Obama for the rection and response to Katrina.

  • Mts Jacksonville

    The facts are 15 year old James Edwards Twitter account show Blaten Racial Content!!! Al Sharpton yor are LYING…………..!!!! Just to protect you income!!!!!!!!! The Twitter account of one of the three teens accused of murdering Chris Lane shows graphic language where the teen talks about killing, smoking, and hating whites.Read more at

    • Hammer

      You are assuming sharpton can read…little presumptuous me thinks….maybe if it were in Ebonics he might know and I use the term might lightly. And if he is dieing he should do the black race a favor and do it already….

  • Landon Rothstein

    Al’s a piece of crap who believes the only racists are white! White 88 year old, WWII vet just killed by 2 black men…where’s Al? Really, where’s Al? F*&k Al!

    • Hammer

      Not me …you can if you want but if you look at him I think he is dieing with aids…I think to much of my junk to even think about “F*&k Al”…..HORIFING THOUGHT…..

      • Honorary

        That’s what I said too. He is dying with aids or syphilis got into his brain.
        And Jesse Jackson and obama already F.king Al.
        In 1911, T. Booker Washington stated “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly, because they do not want the Negro to lose their sympathy partly because it pays.”

        • Hammer

          All they did is switch places with the white slave owners and now they are the slave owners…When they abolished slavery the took away the only job africans were any good at……

  • Mileaway

    You ignorant twat, Geoge Zimmerman wasn’t white but you sure changed his color to suit your BS! I guess any black thug that states they want to kill a white “BEFORE” they go out and kill someone isn’t a racially motivated crime? Sharpton you are such a lying racist old duck!

  • Shofar threading

    How anyone can believe ONE word or action of Sharpton’s since the Brawley lies ad nauseam amazes me. And it’s black on white verbal crime.

  • bkeller50

    Maybe Obama and the rest of the blacks ought to look at the facts. Black families are nonexistened and family values are the same.Why are whites considered inferior when they have family values. Gangs are not the answer.

  • ForrestByers

    With Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama, there is no hope of rational common sense, not with the three of them, standing around in a circle, with each one of their heads, locked tight up each other’s backside, on behalf of of their mutual collectivist, Marxist utopian, daydreams!

  • s

    Al not so Sharpton…not even a real Rev….it was a gang initiation…and it was racial….

  • Miley

    The Negroes and muslims are tearing this country apart and we, the Caucasians and Orientals stand by and allow it to happen. Look at all the former great cities that are now ruled by Negroes and you see the future of the Republic.

  • Txmrs

    You can’t tell me, nor can you ever convince me, that if these three had seen a black man jogging along they would have shot him in the back. Do any of these Al Sharptons, et al know for a fact that they didn’t pass up a black jogger, walker, vagrant, etc., and wait for a white man to come into their sights?
    Hell no they can’t.

  • artarlo1

    Satan is hiding it Sharpton body

  • u.s.patriot001

    sharpton is NO reverend not any longer he has sold his soul to tv, but he IS a racist and and riot inciting bigot.

  • rceschi

    I’ve had bowel movements with more character and integrity than this effen clown. That goes for the rest of his race pimps friends… Jessie (mumbles) Jackson et al…That goes for B.O and M.O. as well.

  • jiluvjen

    Dumbass Sharpton is about as stupid as they come! To say that This was not a racist killing is about as stupid as well as ignorant statements as I seen or heard in a LONG LONG time!Only Sharpton would be stupid enough to come out with such a statement!

  • gipbmac

    OMG!!! PLEASE someone THROAT-PUCH THIS DOUCHE BAG PLEASE!!!! What a hypocrite racist biggot piece of crap!!!

  • Privatejetsetter

    Of course Al… Doesn’t fit your agenda so it’s not racist. Your time is coming because people are catching on to you

  • Mr Lucky

    Everything Sharpton is doing is working! He has you morons buffaloed! It didn’t take much as stupid as you people are!

  • trueright

    sharpie is a pure nig, in it’s purest form. political correctness, in the toilet. This was definitely a racist agenda, to get even for that punk martin being now deceased.

  • AmericaAwakens

    Al is a opportunistic horses arse! Never knows which way he wants to go until he smells it.

  • billconner

    He tried to push the narrative in the martin case why is he so quick to dismiss this?

  • Honorary

    Al Sharpton looked so sick, he has aids or syphilis get into his brain. We can see from his actions that his brain was damaged by this contagious desease. Well! it sad but he deserved it, the way he and Jesse Jackson engaged in, yucks! These two and obama and David Axelrod, Eric Asshole-der always in the hot bath for homosexual gather club, yikes.

  • Sheileagh

    I really can’t think of any polite words to address this piece of yesterday’s left-over garbage! We need to rid our country of vermin like him & the only way we’re going to accomplish that is to boot the illegal dolt whose usurping our Whitehouse. Please locate the OB impeachment petition that is now being circulated & sign on – & pass the message along too!

  • Holly Bentley

    You’re an A-Hole, Al Sharpton. You can’t tell a spade from a spade.
    The shooting of Chris Lang in Oklahoma and the murderous beating of Shorty, an heroic, WWII veteran who survived the bloody battle of Okinawa, were RACIST. Any thoughts to the contrary are incorrect.
    You are a blind, idiotic racist, Al Sharpton. As are your pals in conspiracy against America, Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson.
    I will never believe or rely upon any utterance from the lips of you or your allies, you racist, black SOB.

  • barkingbird

    Why is this nut bag not in a padded room ????

  • popham

    MSNBC should be so ashamed to allow an insane black racist like Al Sharpton on its network.
    Chris Lane was allegedly shot in the back…..three times and left to bleed to death by the side
    of the road, where he had been jogging. The crime was committed by two black teens and a
    17 year-old mulatto boy, who drove the get-away car.
    All three are going to be tried as adults, and will soon discover what ‘boredom’ is all about as
    they spend most of their lives in prison.

  • al green

    we have evidence that these 3 youths hated whitie by their postings online but their was zero evidence zinmmerman was a racist at all,but that dont stop al from lying his azz off

  • al green

    because mulatto is a white black man the blame has to be put on whitie, like in the zimmerman case

  • Kookie

    What a nitwit. The killer just got through saying he hated white people. So, it clear it was racist. Send all blacks that are racist back to Africa. Then they can kill each other.

  • craig

    Just another white guy killed in the black mans struggle…end of story

  • ScarletDove

    Al, you have no idea what is an injustice! Unbelievable fool! You undermine your own race, how pathetic!

  • babsan

    How is this country ever going to be”normal” as long as we allow race baiters like Obama,Sharpton,Jackson and ilk spew hate and murder every minute of the day.Do we need to start a white race baiting group?

  • TPS12


  • carolrhill814

    I couldn’t agree with Chuck if I tried he is a racist and all he cares about and he wants everyone that is latin or white to be arrested if they protect themselves against being killed by a black even if they attack you.
    We hear more Trayvon Marin then we hear our Dear Lord who brought us all into this world.

  • Art Hock

    Who would listen to this ugly moron. I bet his IQ is in single digits.

  • Chiefbuck

    Does anyone know where the “Reverend” Sharpton got his Degree? Was it at “Bob’s Bible College”? Just a suggestion here but maybe someone should do something about these savages before people start taking things into their own hands. These punks actually think that they are slick and really tough guys. Imagine, beating an 88 year old little skinny guy to death. Hopefully they will be locked up in a cage for the rest of their miserable lives although I’d prefer to see them working on a hard labor gang during the daylight hours and then being returned to their cages.

  • robertrobin10 .

    he’s got a face for radio and a voice for newspaper.

  • Nana

    Look at Sharpton closely. I think he is seriously ill, looks very frail to me!

  • LittleMoose

    How can anyone believe anything he says. He’s been lying before Tawana Brawley.

  • Guest

    I want to be on the jury when they bring this piece of camel excrement, Sharpton, to trial.

  • ChristianMan

    One of them was white? Does that mean Obama is white now?

  • Tallfritz

    I love the prominent Republican, Martin Luther King Jr., as a picture at the end of Sharpton’s rant.

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