Al Sharpton: Knife Control Comes Next After Guns

  • . stick

    What a joke. reverend my hind leg.

    • Darla T.

      Maybe Rev. of the church of Satan?

  • Patrick Henry

    I reckon he will want to take away everyones ropes also!!!!

    • 57Chevy

      What’s after Knives? My right arm? I can kill a man with ONE BLOW! This piece of Scum is dumber than I thought! I put him in the Obozo, Chavez, Holder, Biden, Pelousy, Feinstein, Reid & ClintonS category!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob

        Watch out baseball fans! Soon the democrats will require the “batter” to throw the baseball because the bat “could be” used as a weapon.

        • Gene Leone

          Uh, it already IS being used as a weapon. Where have you been?? (A little gallows humor here!)

        • Sol_of_Texas

          Baseball bats were one of the weapons of choice during Chicago gang violence of the 1920’s! I wonder if “Senor el Presidente” knows that? 😀

      • Chemiker

        Sharpton is NOT dumb. He just thinks that we are. He loves to hear himself yap.

        • d rash

          He’s a LFN. you figure it out!

          • 57Chevy

            GOT IT!!!!!!! AMEN on that one d-rash!!!! Always has & always will be! AND a Scum Bag to boot just like his Brother Jesse!!!!!!!!

      • Jonathan

        I put them in the piece O$hit category.

        • Rodney

          they look like somethin i flushed this morn.

      • John Zoslocki

        your hands after one gets strangled

      • LocalYokel35

        Question should be “who is next” rather than “what is next”. His liability to dwindling network respect can’t be expected to go unattended with long lines forming for boycott “assistance” to remedy their refusal to admonish his outright lies. Such brazen belligerence can only exist among the media protected elect. Ignorance of his supporters has to be already stretched thin by emerging internet truth intervention under the cloud of looming violent retribution witnessed by continued firearms and ammo sales.

    • 57girl

      If I were one of the Traitor’s in Washington, I’d think ‘rope’ is the first thing they’d want to dispose of, considering the majority of today’s leaders should be swinging already.

  • BOTA

    I still don’t get how he isn’t in jail for so many things – least of all Brawley.

  • Pizzed Off

    This arse is an embarrassment to the human race, let alone the blacks. His corruption, violation of judgements against him, harrassment of attorneys, knowingly pushing a fraudulent rape case, ad infinitum.
    The reason HE wants to ban guns is so all of his “homies” can rule the country, with him as the high priestess, albeit with a puny mustache. My suggestion to him is to continue staying out of his “homies” ‘hoods, cause he might mistakenly get himself wasted intentionally.

    • Patriot

      He is an excellent candidate for an old fashion hanging.

      • Sam W

        Maybe Tar and Feather him and tie him to a telephone pole and run him out of town (preferably the USSA).

  • Ilene

    How about liberal lies control.

    • Bob

      While our Bible tells us that it is a sin to lie, in the Ten Commandments; the Muslim’s “holy book” says it is appropriate to lie to non-Muslims if it furthers the goals of Islam. Our Muslim-In-Chief is obviously well aware of that.

  • shannon853

    next swords, spears etc> soon you will not have a knife, fork or spoon to eat with.

  • walt

    Tell a black man you are taking away his knife, is like telling him he can’t rap

  • KJ

    What comes after you regulate guns, knives, baseball bats, sharpened pencils, electrical cords, string, any toxic liquid, and everything else into oblivion? You’re left with a room full of stupid politicians who have made life unbearable and greatly diminished our freedom. But then the murders will just have to choke and strangle them while a formerly free people in shackles look on.

    • ff_emt

      good list, but you forgot pens & pencils!

  • ccnova67

    Another brainless Goober!! You can catch him on the same liberal immoral media that flaunts Kathy Griffin!!

    • Patriot

      Ya, and isn’t she a real moronic treat? :)

  • Ranchman

    This turd should have been laughed off the public stage years ago. Why does any media outlet even give him the time of day, let alone airtime? Get people like this out of the limelight, it’s the only way to get rid of their stupid message of socialism.

    • 2alt

      He should have to pay the networks, instead of them paying HIM

      • Patriot

        I think he should pay his tax bills. He’s a dirt-bag race hustling, racist jerk.

    • CQ

      I am not racist, honestly, but I think Sharpton and Obama both got in the public eye because they are black, and have mesmerized the Media.

      • Bob

        CQ (are you a ham?)

        Being racist and being observant are NOT the same thing.

        • Gene Leone

          I don’t know about “CQ” but:

  • jb

    What a bunch of idiots. Knife control! What next baseball bats ice picks, bricks duh! Yes control is the answer…lol… control of what all humans…. what an ass!

  • Susitna

    Al Sharpton’s tongue will be banned soon, as it is sharper and more dangerous than any knife.

  • Phillip Gray

    After knives, its baseball bats, so the entire sport will have to be outlawed, & lets not forget about hockey, rugby & omg even golf! criminals will always find a way to commit crimes & hurt people, even if it means picking sticks off of trees. Trying to regulate everything is incredibly expensive, complete insanity, and not to mention impossible

  • Bill Johnson

    The problem that has resulted in a very sick society is the liberal agenda that rules against what is normal and healthy and supports whats is abnormal and unhealthy.

  • HappyG

    And then of course cars, stones, sticks and everything else…Make no mistake, Sharpton and those like him are ignorant fools.

  • Rev. Al Dungton

    the brain trust of sharpton, why do we have to always hear what he has to say? if I wanted a stupid opinion, I’d watch cnn or msnbc.

    turn it off.

    • Sol_of_Texas

      Does Sharpton still have a show on MSNBC? I’m asking because I don’t even watch cable “news” anymore I’m so ashamed of the majority of my fellow Americans.

  • Les

    This is what happens when you do drugs for too many years. You actually believe your own BS. Hey Al how’s that law on drugs working out for the country? I know it’s working really well keeping millions of federal employees gainfully employed fighting a crime they actually created.

  • Don

    Al Sharpton the original Moron Racist Hypocrite and worthless pile of “Donkey Dung” that claims to stand for the same values that Dr Martin Luther King stood for. Al Sharpton is a Liar and a disgrace to the Black people and takes from the Black people while he Say’s he is there to support them jest like Jessie Jackson. I Marten Luther King were alive today he would never allow these two Jackals to use his name and would never be seen with them.

  • Joel Patti


  • Barbara

    He must be crazier than I thought! Guess he’ll want our kitchen and hunting knives too.

  • olduglycarl

    Socialogical retards, Idiots and Imbelcels are now fully out of the closet. Don’t we have a bug spray for this problem. Maybe the perscription drug addict industry can give us a pill for these creatures.

  • Dalesbest4

    Better not come after my finger nails, I’ll scratch him good.

  • Russ Fowler

    I wish I was an idiot and then I could get a job like Al Sharpton has.

    • Reverend Rick

      What “job” would that be?

  • Eddie

    What we need is a DICK CONTROL on all the blacks to keep them from reproducing ! ! ! What a bunch of IDIOTS (check the white house, for example)

  • Bob

    This man says he is a Christian Minister. Yet he is a democrat that supports abortion.

    That makes one not want to believe anything he says.

    • 57girl

      Sharpton ranks right up there with the Politicians that put their hand on a bible and swear to uphold our Constitution, while at the same time voting ‘yeah’ on such bills as “The NDAA” and the “Patriot Act”. Sharpton, like our leaders really does take us for fools. Then again, can you blame him/them? Look whose sitting in the White House … again. Although, I admit, I think dishonest elections have a lot to do with our illegal POTUS receiving the remainder of the 8 year term, he campaigned for in 2008. I don’t think it is going to be long before history repeats itself.

  • Eddie

    What an IDIOT (just like the one in the WH)

  • Gene Leone

    It’s true! Before changing his name to “Al Sharpton” he was born “Al Dimwitty”!!

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Since the beginning of time, there has been violence committed and no amount of new laws will change that. It is already illegal to commit murder, whether it is committed with a gun, a knife, a baseball bat or one’s bare hands. Blaming the implement used will not stop the violence any more than left wing whining and crying. It has always been with us and will continue because we do not live in a perfect world.

  • Take 2

    How about Internet License for Reverends after kicking Barry Dunham out of
    office comes next.

  • Fat Head

    Sharpton is a piece of crap always has been always will be, he belongs in a ZOO with the rest of the creeps

  • boccagalupe

    @administrator,… Having read some of these comments, mine seem mild. I wonder why mine were removed, are they not profound enough? Is there a specific person in your office that I tick-off? will you at least answer my question?

  • Dwightmannn

    Sharpton is a racist S O S

  • Sheffield Swearingen

    How do you get Sharpton out a tree? Cut the rope

  • Mardene Patton

    Where does the media or life in general come up with DUMB ASSES like this??????????????

  • VA Patriot

    F’ing idiot!

  • LLinLa

    The problem is DOPE. Yeah, the drug kind but more so the politician kind. Control the politicians. Problems solved. And that, folks, is why weapons are “bad” for them and their minions. Take the “gun” out of “control” and we are subjects not citizens.

  • firesale

    Sharpton your a real azzwhole and next you’ll want to ban tar&feathers!

  • bayman61

    Your a problem with America so we can get rid of you now, right? Mr. so called reverend.

  • DaveNTejas

    Well he is right about one thing, he is too stupid to be allowed to use a knife.

  • Bob Marshall

    Al Sharpton has one agenda. That is to keep things stirred up between African-Americans and Caucasians.

  • Don

    The British must be rubbing off on the #2 Negro.


    How is this criminal still around..we are way too tolerant of these scum bags.

  • Wolf-Talker-1

    The best thing the Current Regime in Washington could do would be to ban any and all weapons that anyone could ever possibly use to assult anybody up to and including a ban on people for we all know people kill people with assult weapons!

  • d rash

    Want to solve the problems in this country? The what we REALLY need is some “N word” control! I hope someone puts this “Rev-rund” out of his misery soon, ….. like yesterday! Troublemaker?? You bet! How do you say “Tawana Brawley”? Effen, lying, N word”!


    Appears the old boys are getting paranoid.

  • Arizona Dude

    Sharpton is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • djw663

    All I have to say is they better be a better shot than me or my kids because there is no way I will give up my Constitutional rights and I am willing to die to protect those rights for my family and the country. I can throw a knife pretty well also and a blow gun can come in very handy and is very easy to make.

  • Dwight Harrison

    Each year Al gets ugliar and sumber.Just a clanging gong!

  • Wayne Graff

    So how are we supposed to cut our steaks? Or even slice vegetables? Kind of hard to dress out a deer with a spoon or a fork. In the Bible Jesus even tells people that “if you don’t have a sword sell your cloak and buy one.”

  • panors77

    Then scissors……..chain saws…….hammers…….name your construction tool,heh.

  • Ralph

    I say disarm Sharpton, get rid of his body guards and make him walk the streets without any protection. Since this is what he wants to do to all law abiding Americans. Also advertise that he is unarmed. Let him live the way he wants the Average American to live and make him live down town in a high crime area. Although after the government disarms all citizens, all places that the average American lives will be a high crime area.

  • Tonto

    There are still “Jim Crow” laws on the books restricting knives in some states….and at the time of their passage, were aimed totally at blacks. The last group in the USA that was forbidden guns here was, after all, the blacks.

  • DocJimmy

    As much as I hate to admit it, “Big Al” is right. If the guns go down, the next thing will be knives and swords and then bows and arrows. May-haps not in that order, but; that’s what you can expect. A Time magazine, when rolled correctly, can be used to kill someone. Be ever so careful of what you ask for – you might get your wish…………

  • DCW16

    Maybe we need a little “Sharpton” Control . . .

    • VirgoVince

      That’s easy, flush the toilet!!

  • sly311

    Then forks, then sporks, then shovels, then pitchforks, then chains, then tire irons, then socks filled with coins, then then then then then. Someone please stop the madness before it stops us all.

  • pointdan

    I will be buying all the baseball bats I can now. Per FBI, they are most common “weapon” used in assaults. I’m sure Rev Al has them on his “to do list”. What a moron !

  • VirgoVince

    WHY is that ugly arsehole pic on this site, have you gone to porn??

  • Mg


  • Joanne

    Who the hell watches this guy, how can MSNBC still be on the air? They don’t employ one sane credible person as far as I can see.

  • TheTexasCooke

    I’m the weapon, Al… idiot….

  • Lowell Earl Sharrah

    shut up you stupid GDMFN

  • StarDust Dolittle

    He is the worse person to preach of God. God lead his people into battle and if this guy is starting to dictate to the people and start judging them he is bound for hell. Cause the Bible clearly say that by which way you judge so you will be judged.

  • louise

    Has he paid his taxes yet??????

  • gator

    doesnt he remember throwing spears and poison darts as a child in deepest africa? will those be next?

  • Frank

    There is no cure for stupid. This is a classic example.

  • Charles


  • buckofama

    If I were a black person, I would be highly embarassed to have this buffoon speaking on behalf of, or in any way representing, my people.

  • Jed54

    He is nobody with any weight.. just a head full of grits..

  • 57girl

    With all of the stuff we’ve already put up with, why not just bend over and get the Vaseline out?

    Seriously folks, these guys have jumped the ‘gun’ a bit, it seems. Maybe we should go ahead and exercise our 2nd Amendment rights while we still can, according to the instructions set forth in our Declaration of Independence. You know … the paragraph about ousting a tyrannical Government … I think our Forefathers had this current Administration in mind, or maybe even the two ,or three, preceding it. The corruption in Washington has gone on way too long already, from what I’ve seen. I wonder when enough is going to be enough?

  • Garrey McVicker


  • Jim

    He talks about “Civilized Society”. In today’s society everyone is supposed to be civilized. He mentions several cities. He never mentioned other countries where there are people being killed every day on the streets of the cities by bombings, shooting’s, beheading’s, etc.He makes it sound like America is the only country that has problems. Gun control is not the issue. The issue is making people accountable for their actions. The only thing stricter gun control will accomplish is to make more people victims of criminals. Criminals will still have illegal guns. Quit making NEW laws and ENFORCE the laws already on the books and do away with plea bargains especially when a gun is used ILLEGALLY! God bless America.

  • stombut

    When will we finally pass a law banning his face from the public!?! He injures more people daily than any knife or gun ever could!!!


    He is satan himself, big mouth racist from hell.
    Never seen a racist as big as him,
    Trouble making freak.
    Why doesnt he go home with his walker and recline and read somme good books, start with the BIBLE

  • DaveNTejas

    I agree that he should not be trusted with a knife, he is too stupid to use one.

  • DaffusJay

    Hey rev. , I wonder when you visited the white house to see the Big O , did you guy’s talk about the long overdue TAXES YOU AND YOUR FIRM OWES. It’s the Law Bro., PAY UP!!!! Even the Bible say’s render unto Caesar which is due to him. Don’t you follow the good book, Bro.. Hey you better get with the Program man, it’s the road map to heaven, BIBLE. Maybe you don’t want to go. OR DO USE ANOTHER ONE ???? Or perhaps you’ve torn out the pages you feel doesn’t apply to you guy’s.

  • Soldier/Citizen

    When have laws EVER STOPPED CRIMINALS?? What an idiot. Deal with the problems…the criminals. NOT change the laws and restricts the law biding citizens safety or rights. PERIOD. Don’t let criminals out of jail who commit violent crimes, rape/murder/pediofiles etc. PERIOD. Don’t feel for violent criminals because they had a bad childhood or make excuses for them regardless of RACE, RELIGION(and that includes suddenly finding God in Prison!), Gender. INCARCERATE. PERIOD. I’ve never committed a violent crime and came from a poor family. Never felt the need…took responsibility and led a responsible life. PERIOD.

  • Paul Shipper

    What happens when criminals go to knives… we stop having mass murders through guns and have normal crime. The problem isn’t that guns are just dangerous.. the problem is you can kill way mroe people with a gun than you can with a knife.

  • Donald York

    What about welfare control Al? Have you got a solution for that?

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