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Al Sharpton Defends His Racist Rants: ‘It Was Only One Jew’

In the spirit of Donald Sterling, shouldn’t Al Sharpton be banned from TV? Sterling’s racist rant was at least done in private while Sharpton’s bigoted tirades were intended for public consumption. But to hear Al Sharpton say it, he’s not racist because he was only disparaging one Jewish dude. Great defense there, “Reverend.”

via DailySurge

  • m141934a

    Why do you people give the race baiter publicity? He’s the lowest of the low, living off the fat of the land like he is a big shot. He’s nothing but a piece of crap. Please stop publishing articles about him.

    • Rick

      Amen to that.

      • TheBitterClinger1

        Indeed. +1

        • fiftysevenchevy

          Ditto here!!!!!!

          • sarcasticswede


    • Jayne Nielsen

      Sharpton is delusional; quite possibly in the stages of dementia. I love watching this moron implode. The more he opens his pie-hole, the more stupid he sounds. I agree. No one should give him publicity unless it’s his obituary. And then we’d all shout “Thank God Almighty we are free at last!”

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Where’s the KKK when you want them???

        • Jayne Nielsen

          You’re funny but since Sharpton is as threatening as dust, the KKK could care less.

          • fiftysevenchevy

            Jayne, You don’t know much about the KKK!!! They would lynch ANY black for ANY reason or NO reason!!!! Regardless of Age, Gender, etc. etc.

          • conchambassador

            obviouslytcplyler you know nothing about the kkk. They do not and never have lynched anybody, for any reason. You want to see a lynching?? Just look at what Osama is doing to this country!!

          • George Lewis

            You must be talking about a KKK unbeknowince to me.
            The KKKI knew about would never think of that kind of harm. Tar and feather a white living with a Black, yes.

      • Ovomit1

        Right on sister ..right on!!!

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      I don’t like sharpton any more than you but sites such as this are the only ones that give it to you straight. By way of example, you should have seen the way rolling stoned came to the defense of (c)rapper macklemore, who wore an anti-semitic outfit to one of his shows. Bottom line is the liberal media simply cannot be considered a source of objective journalism.

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Mainstream media is as worthless as tits on a board!!!!!!!!!!!

        • myfordtruck

          mainstream media is as honest as obama al sharpton or jesse jackson all of them are lower than a snakes belly and trustworthy as a rattlesnake

          • fiftysevenchevy


          • George Lewis

            Some people keep diamond back rattle snakes for pets, even knowing they can and will bite them with poisonous venom.
            That’s smart.???

  • jpatton346

    I think MSNBC is concerned that if they fire Sharpton, as they should , The liberal folks would object. Sharpton is the most raciest person in tv.

    • southern tom

      …AND HE displays that racism daily…

    • axmickl

      And, MSNBC only has a couple dozen listeners or watchers now. If they fire Sharpton all the blacks will leave leaving them with 1 or 2 idiots left in their audience.

      • MaxStriker

        Yeah when they say MSNBC appeals to minorities what they really mean is MSNBC appeals to a very small minority of people and they are just a few stupid people ..

        • TheBitterClinger1

          Yes but they compete with CNN for a majority of idiots 😉

          • MaxStriker

            Yeah and if they don’t stop it they will tear him in half.

    • stephen1337

      Amazing isn’t it? sharpton knows nothing about anything and is the biggest racist on tv as you noted. HIs “makeover” makes him look more anorexic and goofy looking than ever. …a complete clown!

  • southern tom

    …PER THE politically correct crowd, ONLY white people are racist…

  • uchsamin

    Why wasn’t good o’le AL Sharpton on PSA flight 1771 in Dec 1987?
    Did clinton miss one?

    • CQ

      I don’t get the Clinton connection to that accident. It seems to have been a disgruntled airline employee problem.

      • uchsamin

        Where have you been throughout the 90’s???
        Type: “the clinton hit list”

        Notice how many clinton associates died of “plane crashes”. The clintons hit men’s favorite way of making people disappear.

        • CQ

          I was in Calif in the 80’s & 90’s, where PSA 1771 crashed. No search hits relating to Clinton accidents West of the Rockies.

        • betterboy

          The hit list was from a movie.

  • Macjamm

    You know i am surprised old Al the racist Sharpton didn’t just say it’s impossible for me to be racist i am black you racist,. He seems to be able to say the most absurd things and get away with it,..

    • Combatvet52

      He’s like his Piason Obungo

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Maybe he belonged to the same Bathouse Club in Chicago as his hero, Odumbo!!!

  • Mad Mike

    Sharpton is a paracite, a serial liar and a biggoted racist. And those are his “good points”.

  • Combatvet52

    Al Sharpton the real horses azz

    • fiftysevenchevy

      More like what Comes Out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • junkmailbin

    as usual, al puts on the black face and tries to shuffle off to Buffalo. He is a racist through and through. He lives off race bITING.
    cRACKER refers to Florida Cowboys. In Florida, the use bull whips to herd cattle. I may get a grin as to why they are using them. The whips must have gone on fire sale a long tome ago

  • Seldena

    Al you are the biggeat racists in this country. Y ou have insulted just one Jew? You have insulted them all. You ought to be fired and move to N. Korea!

    • Combatvet52

      He belongs in a PIG PEN

      • DerangedTuna

        The other pigs would kick him out.

        • Combatvet52

          Changed my mind put him in with the Razor Boars.

    • Elmer Goetz

      Before you move please pay the millions in back taxes you owe the IRS.

  • bknh

    Hey Al next time maybe we should say its only “One Black” just a thought. What goes around comes around.Al. You actions speak louder than your words. I truely beleive that you are a racist.

  • Mileaway

    I never undestood why this guy was tv to begin with except to show his racisim to everyone.

  • USN

    al booby its only one jigger…. you who is making all the trouble….whats all the fluff!!

  • looneytoonsindville

    The worst racist I ever saw is a black city councilman in Dallas, Texas named John Wiley Price. WOW, can John Wiley ever denigrate and disparage whites and Hispanics!

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    …and if I said, “It was only one negro”…? Or worse?

  • monacall

    Sad thing is they let him get by with it.

  • Sharky

    He’s a bottom feeder just like Jesse Jackson – he’s a piece of human garbage

    • DerangedTuna

      Calling him a bottom-feeder is an insult — to catfish.

    • a_goodtarheel1

      He would have to improve two hundred percent to come up to being garbage.

  • 1catfish

    Kill Affirmative Action and the NAACP, the black caucus, Al and Jesse will dry up and go away. He has always declared war on whitey to suck funds from them to promote only his causes. Cut the funds and these racist will have no placed to promote their trash.

  • Pat Alexander

    It’s only little al sharpton spewing! He don’t got know- smart, just crow you know!

  • Elmer Goetz

    If Obama had a daddy he’d look just like Al.

  • jb80538

    And Sharpton is just 1 racist N!

  • Herman McCloud

    Al Sharpton is nothing more than a loud mouth saucer lip “Racist” himself, who does everything he
    can to influence violence through his prejudices lectures which he directs to the membership of
    people in his church and to any others whom will listen to his garbage, He instigates riots, threats
    and retaliation, even to the point of physical harm if necessary to get their wants and desires, It’s
    just a matter of time before “Sharpton” gets his just award and there’s others whom are as two-faced
    as “Sharpton”, Like Jesse Jackson and more, If these people are committed to the muslim faith as they pretend then they should go a muslim country and live, like the middle east.for example. The
    truth is “Al Sharpton” would last about as long as fart in a whirlwind. I just wish that “Sharpton” would crawl back under the rock he came from. Nobody with any Intellectual Intelligence listens or believes
    any of his philosophies and conspiracies of lies, interpretation’s and treacheries. Theres definitely a
    place in “Hell” waiting for Al Sharpton”. !

    • Robert L Nipper

      What church? I have yet to figure out what church Pseudo-Reverend Al Sharpton is affiliated with….. Same with Pseudo-Reverend Jessie Jackson. They are in it for the money and if they can get Blacks to hurt or kill a few more Whites, all the better. Both are scum.

  • The Old One

    Incredible how some imbeciles manage to make a living by being stupid. Here is someone who has never done anything after the army, who is allowed to do what we, the majority of the “folks” would end up in jail for. Besides, please tell me how he looks dressing like a penguin, I though he hated anything “white”?

  • MoDeVille

    Al Sharpton is an uneducated clown. But he’s only one piece of the massive amount of liberal race-hustler, America hating scum walking the earth. Al Sharpton is a big peace of sheet.

  • author5555

    Trayvon Martin was only one black too Al so what is your point racist pig.

  • Ovomit1

    Brotha Alford the race baiting poverty pimp, racist, bigot conservativephobe, Jewishphobe, caucasianphobe, ….and Mafia rat

  • refuse2lose

    I’m still waiting for this “reverend” to quote something… anything from the Bible.

  • Ilene Richman

    Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama, Michelle are the biggest race baiters in the whole world. Al Sharpton caused the death of a young Jewish man visiting Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He had a black racist mob kill this young man. He chased Jewish merchants out of Harlem. And made up a lie about a black girl being raped be a white policeman. He was sued for this and got away cheaply. Jackson called New York “Hymietown”. Racial slur against Jewish people. Obama keeps on harping on Israel instead of on his own Muslim Brotherhood and the murder of thousands of Christians. Holder made a whole big deal out of blacks in prison when they commit the most crimes. And you talk about racism. All above should be shipped back to Africa with their bretherin.

  • chief1937

    So if you are black you can not be a racist. Sharpton and his crowd can do no wrong while whites are not allowed to say anything they do not like pray tell just who is the racist here. Time for this one sided crap to stop. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out my motto.

  • pittymax

    Hey Al, it’s only one black man!

  • Rodrigo Saenz

    Oh, okay Al. I’m glad we straightened that out, you lowlife!!

  • American

    Sharpton spoke like a true Moron!!!



  • Mary

    they should ship his ass to Jerusalem

    • DenisetheCelt


  • Old Time Mama

    Sharpton is a nothing but an anti-American cockroach, and when growing up we were taught that all cockroaches needed to be eliminated with massive spraying every couple of weeks, LOL.

  • oledriller

    Al NotsoSharpton, another professional race baiting extortionist thug. A model for Demotwits and their Digressive Liptard followers!

  • connie davis

    I would like to know what he is a reverend of . he does not worship the GOD I know. fact of the matter I believe if al died, JESUS would say away with you I never knew you.

    • DenisetheCelt

      He’s not a Reverend – and was not EVER. He was a loud mouther Negro child, and relatives called him “reverend”. He never went to Divinity school, or got a degree.

  • Stanley

    You morons let it happen! Now the blacks push you around! Now live with it!!!!

  • DenisetheCelt

    All the TV networks are owned and operated by Jews. Why do they put him on air?

  • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

    I would call sharpon a PIG, but that would be unfair to pigs as they serve a useful purpose

  • Ron

    Sharpton is a high school graduate. He has no further education. He has no doctoral degree yet they call him reverend. He never sent to a seminary, never studied the Bible in any formal setting. He was merely handed the title reverend when he was 9 years old. This guy is scum and he lives off other black folks. Sharpton is nothing but a fungus.

  • vega388

    Ignore him and jackson


    al sharpie is a race pimp from the git-go ghetto, surprise.

  • nightingayle

    The way the blacks are listening and keeping this idiot rich, shows me most blacks must be totally stupid…this guy is just a problem maker….
    I like blacks that are not racist like him, ones that have common sense.

  • harley93

    The guys an idiot and everyone knows it.

  • ActualConundrum

    Sharpton has always been a racist. He and Jackson were bought and paid for by the DNC to screw over their own race. To expect him to respect any other race is ridiculous.

  • pupster40

    Racist is TOO kind, he is no better than a hate merchant, which would put him in the same catagory as a radical terrorist.

  • downs1

    Al Sharpton is a real piece of work! He is as racist as they come, but because he’s Black, and because “political correctness” has taken over common sense in this country, he gets a pass! You see, here in America, only Whites are racist. Blacks cannot possibly be racist, because by definition, “only white are racist!” If you question anyone who is Black [e.g. the Black half of Obama] you are a racist. [Congressman Cummings seems to be infected with the same condition when defending Obama in the Benghazi scandal!] It is amazing and it is destructive when truth is suppressed for any reason.

  • DockyWocky

    Remember, Hitler said the same thing once upon a time.

  • Germansmith

    It just amazes me that racists are usually the one flinging the accusation of racism to other people
    Sharpton is a racist (and I understand it because his race are still facing some serious prejudice), Sterling is a racist ( and a Jew should know better , because his race was almost exterminate by the Nazis and now controls OUR Congress, the media and banking as they slide among us under Anglo-Saxon names).
    I do not like Sharpton, but I am not disagreeing with him when he criticize an NBA owner for making hypocritical disparaging remarks against blacks.

  • cathylovesyou

    Of course Sharpton defends rants that is his job, keeping Blacks divided. Sharpton is a bigot, a bad person who lives in America. Listening to him is like putting your ear to the sound of a sewer.

  • a.mann

    Out of curiosity, I routinely check out Right Wing Conservative /Tea Party media and social outlets to keep abreast of the latest buzz in “their world”.

    Next to President Obama (rather “Barry” as you Conservative/Tea Party folk like to refer to him.) Sharpton is the most discussed in many Right Wing social & media outlets
    And they call them both some of most disrespectful, stereotypical,nasty,vile,disgusting and derogatory names you can think of,just short of the n-word.

    Then in a astounding leap in logic accuse THEM of being the intolerant racist bigots!

    • Keith

      Blatant hypocrisy tends to bring out those kinds of things. Obviously, those who choose to keep the blinders on can never see that hypocrisy anyhow.

    • fiftysevenchevy

      Too bad you are too ignorant to see it!!!!! Go drink some more of your Kool-Aid!!!!!!

  • Bo_Kassa

    Who is the biggest Biggest racist in USA: Al Sharton or Jessie Jackson? Two worth;ess pieces of human fecal matter who have made millions of dollars and careeers out of “stealing” from the black population. Both of these bastards will some day be held accountable and be thrown into the eternal fire.

  • Guest2

    Perhaps he was referring to George Soros as the ‘interloper’. That’s one, and only one, Jewish person I can think of with that descriptive adjective.

  • UpLateAgain

    No, Sharpton should not be banned. And neither should Sterling. ANYONE who wants make a public ash of themselves should be allow-to. I’m really sick of the ‘politically correct’ assault on the First Amendment.

  • atn

    al sharpton is a rotten dirty rotten black racist, he accuse the white’s being racist’s yet he goes ranting the blacks invented all the scientific and education, there no records or any building structure that proves the blacks invented, build or anything in medicine. al sharpton got caught in a deal and he flip there on the spot, so he wouldn’t go to prison, he nothing but low life drug dealer he instantly become FBI informant. reverend in front of his name is an phony as a three dollar bill

  • sarcasticswede

    How’s that HOPE and CHANGE workin out for everyone?

  • minni

    Al Sharpton has always been racist, then he turns around and points fingers saying othrt people are racist. Sharpton should wear the crown with the label I am a racist and don’t care.

  • Stan Parrish

    Sharpton is just another race baiting poverty pimp. The only interest he has in race is how he can play it for his own benefit.

  • Ednar

    So … if this was ONLY one Jew … would he make the claim if this one Jew were also Jesus?

    That now comes in conflict with the title before his name as “REVEREND”!

  • coconuisse

    So the difference betweeen six million and ONE is obvious, numerically, however, the underlying intent is and was the same.

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