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Al Jazeera America Launches & Tries To Remove Its Terrorist Stigma

  • Onteo

    Goodbye dish network. This station on dish is my line in the sand.

  • ARMYOF69

    Muslim teachings and ideology coming to a station near you, soon, very soon. Time to trash your TV.

  • Beedogs

    Al Gorezeera TV, brought to you by Fat Albert Gore the hypocritical con man with a carbon footprint the size of a small city.

  • babsan

    Al Jazzera courtesy of Al Gore The WIND BAG

  • myfordtruck

    I do not watch this or shows about gays, black history being changed or athiests or obumer

  • Guest

    I will NOT be watching- or listening- to ANYTHING that is presented through, or in behalf of, Al Jazeera, Al Gore, Muhammed, or Islam.

  • phil62

    DirectTV is contracted out to the American and Jewish hating Al Jazeera news channel. This is the SAME news station that has/still is the primary backer of Al Quada. They espouse peace and understanding Monday thru Friday but on Saturday and Sunday they broadcast in their language so the majority of English speaking Americans cannot understand what they are saying. During that 2 day period each week they are doing the same ole thing; kill all Americans, especially Christians, andALL Jews. This news channel was our primary enemy during 9/11 and now they lie and say they want to be our friends? How damned gullible are you people that believe this crap? I am cancelling my contract and going with Dish Network. They have assured me they will not carry Al Jazeer, but if they do I will cancel them too. I would rather live without a useless tv before I will send my monthly money in to support these bloodthirsty American and Jewish hating MOOOSLEM PIGS. Any other TRUE American will do the same.

  • phil62

    BOYCOTT DIRECT TV AIRING AL JAZEER. Radical moslems are the ENEMY of this country.

  • OleDad48

    Ah, did we broadcast Tokyo Rose in America or did we allow Nazi Germany to air “glorious Fatherland PR” during WW2? Did North Korea have a radio station or North Vietnam during those two wars? Ah, what is different with America today? And who is responsible for this treason? Enemies broadcasting propaganda inside our own country? What nation on this earth would allow such a thing?

  • BigDog1702

    Muslims are at war with the USA and you want us to watch there TV station , have you all lost your minds I’ll never watch them.!!!

  • eganstew3

    Programmable to wear us down more so we do not see what is going on. Muslims lie and call it good. Just like the child with a cookie behind their back telling mommy there is nothing there. They are going to poison us a little at a time, but makes no difference when it is a lie it is a lie, poison is poison.
    Another thought, it is like the worm on the end of the fish hook. That is how to catch a fish and that is what they will do to us. They bate us then hook us then reel us in, we are toast-fried.

  • marineh2ominer

    Al Jazeera can easily remove the terrorism stigma if they really want to , just stop committing terrorism , I know that is difficult for natural murderers , but nothing is impossible under the one True GOD !

  • gavinwca

    I blocked jihad murders propaganda station from my station line up, no one will watch that Fascist garbage in my house, plus I complained about having to pay for a series of Chanel’s including this Fascist Propaganda.

  • Doc

    Funny skit but the network still supports terrorism

  • Freedomforall

    boycott this muslim piece of trash propaganda.

  • DM

    Some PBS channels (on Charter Cable) were carrying Al Jazeera (KCET was one) don’t know if they are now. Have not checked recently. PBS is government sponsored so, your tax dollars at work.

  • Guest

    Al Jazeera is now officially linked with ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and MSNBC, with an occasional nod towards FOX, all but the last which have no audience, and the last losing theirs faster than they care to comment on.
    So, Al Jazeera is simply another channel to ignore.

  • leewacker

    They needn’t bother!
    We know who they really are, and the fact they are NOT friendly to us in any way, shape or form!
    Besides, Al Gore pulled this on us, and I am down on him not only for the terrible environmental mess he left on his estate in Tennessee, but the disgusting way he has accepting money from foreign interests, such as the Red Army of China, and others, but disenfranchising our military! He might have won in 2000, but decided to overlook the military–just another traitor going along with other traitors!

  • Pat Nash

    It’s nothing funny about inviting your enemy into your front room. They wouldn’t would they? Political correctness is a killer.

  • PreacherCruz

    I’ve LONG said that Cable and Dish providers ought to allow people to create their OWN ala carte packages. I think it’s ridiculous that you get say 125 channels and only regularly watch 20! I personally would be glad to pay a little more for this privilege.

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