Could This “Airbag For A Bullet” Gun Attachment Save Lives & Stop Crime?

In light of recent events in which lethal force was used by police (in several incidents across the United States), a new “less-lethal” alternative is being tested. Created by the company “Alternative Ballistics,” this “bullet attachment” hooks on to the front of the police officer’s handgun and provides a sort of airbag-like system for the first shot. Once the first shot is fired, every subsequent shot is lethal as ever. This is “The Alternative”, and according to the company that makes it, it was invented by a “retired sheriff police officer who did not like that people were being shot when the officers do have time.” This “Alternative” accessory sits in a pouch on the officer’s belt. When needed, the officer pulls the accessory out with one hand and attaches it to the front of his or her gun. This accessory is an attachment for the front of the gun. The attachment slides over the front and top of the gun, and blasts off completely when the first shot from said gun is fired. The front of the attachment is a big metal ball. Once one shot is fired, the bullet enters the spherical projectile, and the rest of the accessory flies off in a different direction.

via SlashGear


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