After Hillary Calls For GOP Governor to ‘Resign’ Over Flint Water Crisis, She Refuses To Say This About The EPA

Hillary Clinton on Sunday called for Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder to resign over the Flint water crisis – but stopped short of saying which EPA officials, if any, under the current Democratic administration, should also be held accountable. But when asked whether federal EPA officials within President Barack Obama’s administration should also be held accountable, Clinton stopped short, instead calling for a “full investigation.” “I think that the people here in the region who knew about this and failed to follow what…the law required have been eliminated from the EPA,” Clinton said. CNN anchor and debate moderator Anderson Cooper followed up, pointing out that so far, one person has resigned in connection to the water crisis. Clinton responded by saying that she doesn’t know how high it goes, but called for a “full investigation” into “who knew what, when.” “Yes, people should be fired,” Clinton said, without pinning blame on anyone else in particular.

via TheBlaze


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