After Her HOA Made Her Take Down Her Flagpole, This Veteran Did Some Research

An East Tennessee veteran who was forced by her homeowners association to take down her flag is once again flying the stars and stripes. “It felt like there was an empty place,” said Delia Foster, “Not only in my yard, but in my heart.” Nine weeks ago, Foster took down the American flag and pole in her yard. “It just seemed empty,” said Foster, “Like I was going to pass by my house accidentally because I was so used to seeing it there lit up.” Her neighborhood home owner’s associated asked her to take it down because of a rule that says structures require permission, including flagpoles. It was a tough goodbye, but the 24-year Air Force veteran wasn’t defeated. Saturday, the flag and pole were back in place. “I am also a person who fight for what I think is right, I will do research, get to the bottom of things,” said Foster. Foster found out the HOA follows county codes, and through confirmation at the Mayor’s office she discovered the county does not define the flagpole as a structure. Further investigation of her HOA’s current covenant, and she learned they never voted to specifically ban flagpoles. The discoveries meant the return of her flag. “It’s the icon and the beacon for everyone in the military,” said Foster.

via WUSA

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