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Adapter System Allows a 12-Gauge Shotgun to Fire 11 Different Types of Ammo

Tim Ralston, Survival Expert Founder of Gear Up and International Spokesman for NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers, reveals the ultimate survival rifle system…the X-Caliber.

WHAT IS X CALIBER?: X Caliber is the most versatile Gauge Adapter system in the world. It allows you to shoot 11 different caliber rounds from one shooting platform: a single-shot 12 gauge shotgun. Each X Caliber adapter is made from 7 inches of 4140 chromoly steel. Each adapter is also rifled to increase accuracy.

WHAT GAUGES X CALIBER FIRES: The calibers of ammunition that the X Caliber can fire include: .22LR / 38 special / .357 / 9mm / 45 acp / 45LC / .410 shotgun / 12 ga. shotgun /.223 / 7.62×39 / 308.

Here’s a video showing the system in action:

  • Ken

    Nice!…Gotta git me one!

  • Ken Kirkham

    Sand bag that beast to see what it actually can do.

  • Woobie King

    These things cold allow someone to get away with murder. Think about it.

    • Daniel Gray

      Oh cry me a river why doncha? A CAR allows you to get away with murder by either driving to the scene or a hit and run. A BOAT allows you to get away with murder by going out with two people and coming back with one missing. He!! even a bath tub allows you to get away with murder as you can drown a person in it. A Freezer allows you to get away with murder as you can cut up a body and stuff it in there till you can get rid of it. My point is that every freaking thing you have in your home or garage can allow you to get away with murder. Think about it and use your head for something then a musical instrument when the wind blows.

      Now think about that.

  • BH206L3

    Brilley been doing this stuff for years. Mostly in the Shotgun Sports like skeet, so one fitted to the shooter Over and Under 12ga, then tubes to shoot the other gages 20, 28 and 410. A friend of mind has a gun set up that way.

  • Daniel Gray

    I already placed my order for this!!!

  • rbeach

    How about a 45-70? A longer indert and O rings on each end might help with acceracy.

  • peterlake

    Interesting, but 5x longer than it needed to be.
    Good product but excessively long video.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    I see one downfall with this product, it is still a single shot. I do however like the versatility of this product as it is a survival tool, I wouldn’t like to use this for defense.

  • Clifford Ball

    Wish we could afford all this.

  • Ole Vet.

    Firing small caliber rounds (other than shotgun shells) through this adapter will sorely limit the accuracy, it would seem! the amount of spin imparted with this shorter adapter (obviously, much shorter than the barrel!) doesn’t give the control a long rifle barrel will! Shotgun shells of smaller size would seem to have a ‘reverse’ choke effect or a ‘spray’ effect! The smaller the shell, the wider the pattern!

  • Bob

    This guy is good at marketing, but not in telling the whole story.
    He is using a H&R break open shotgun. H&R offers a “barrel accessory” program where they will fit different barrels for different calibers and/or gauges to your gun. My .223 bull barrel H&R is currently in the hands of UPS coming back to me with barrels for .308(bull), .22 Hornet, .30/30 WCF & .44 Magnum. They will fit any caliber barrel they make to any current H&R rifle action, but they will NOT fit rifle caliber barrels (except .357 Mag & .44 Mag) to shotgun or black powder actions; they are WEAKER.
    If someone really wants to use this guy’s adapters, I would suggest buying a rifle and fitting it with a 12 gauge barrel for use with the adapters.
    Furthermore, the .22 RF barrel has to be offset for the firing pin to hit the rim. If the insert is not put back in the shotgun barrel in EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE, EVERY TIME, the point of impact will be different. That’s why when I bought my .223 H&R, I also bought a .22 RF H&R.

    And in response to rbeach’s comment below, they do offer barrels in .45-70.

    • Bob

      Something I neglected to mention previously is the lack of sights on the shotgun barrel. A simple bead front sight and no rear sight simply won’t do for a rifle. I’m not sure, but I suspect that the shotgun barrel may not be thick enough to be drilled and taped to add sights.

      I may acquire more barrels from H&R in the future, but I will surely pass on this.

  • pikemaster1

    Might be alright for survival ,but not for the average hunter ? as far as being accurate enough to hunt with,I’d give it 1 out of 10 at best. Wouldn’t waste my money on this .

  • Donald York

    post the price please.

  • True Blue

    Isn’t this the guy who blew off his thumb on ‘American Preppers’?
    It is simpler, cheaper and safer to use properly loaded sabots, and although die and press may cost about the same as this guy’s system, the die and press will repay your investment.

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