“Activist” Unleashes Vile Anti-American Rant While She Desecrates The Flag

In honor of Eric Sheppard—a black college student wanted in Georgia after his gun was allegedly found on campus during a series of protests—a few black Atlanta women are making their own videos while they stomp on the American flag. As previously reported by Campus Reform, a group of African-American protesters walked on the American flag at Valdosta State University to protest white supremacy and the “genocide” of African-Americans in the nation. Sheppard, one of the organizers of the protest, went missing last week after campus police found his backpack unattended on campus with his gun inside. He is a member of the New Black Panther Party and describes himself as a terrorist against white people. But while Sheppard is still missing and his father pleads for him to turn himself in, several people are attempting to start a social media movement with the hashtag “#EricSheppardChallenge” featuring a series of photos and short videos uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. “F*** yo flag,” Erica Walker said in a video she uploaded to her public Facebook page. Walker then dances on the flag, which is on the ground, in the video.

via CampusReform

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