“Absolute Power” America vs. Government

The founders would kick our prissy politically-correct rear-ends, six ways to Sunday.

We’ve allowed our federal government to all but destroy the constitution. If they were creeping before—they are marching now. The only remaining peaceful solution that I see, is for the states to exercise the 10th Amendment.

The Federal Government is so broken, it cannot be repaired…even if it would allow itself to be repaired. And the Feds AIN’T going to voluntarily let go.

They pass laws just to shut us up…with no intentions of enforcement. Case in point: The Border Fence Law passed in 2006. Despite it being law—-the feds have completed only 36 miles in 7 years.

A nation of laws that have become so numerous –we are all in violation of something at any given moment.

EXIT QUESTION: What was the last good law that congress passed?

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