Abortionist’s BIZARRE Almost DEMONIC Behavior When Confronted By Christian

Micheal Ware from Constitution.com writes:

Many times when we feel harassed, we can panic a little. We will be tempted to show out and say or do things to scare off the one doing the harassing. But, there are limits that we should not cross, even when angered. This line was crossed by an abortionist in California.


As Written By Micheal Ware for Constitution.com:

Christian News writes

In an incident that some are calling “demonic,” a viral online video shows a California abortionist confronting a man last week wielding surgical scissors while declaring his love for killing babies and his refusal to turn to Christ.

The confrontation took place at Family Planning Associates in San Diego on Saturday as Zephaniah Mel stood outside of the facility preaching the gospel and calling those inside to repent.

For many, this will be seen as the doctor trying to be funny; trying to make fun of the preacher’s faith. It is an act. And even the Doctor would proclaim that he was just tired of Mel preaching to his patients. But, there is no doubt that the Doctor was not lying.

Christian News continues …..





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