Abortion Survivor Slams Congress: ‘If Abortion Is About Women’s Rights, Then What Were Mine?’

A 38-year-old woman who survived a saline abortion in 1977 shared her story before Congress on Wednesday, speaking out against abortion and Planned Parenthood’s continued slaughter of unborn children. Gianna Jessen was miraculously born alive at a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood facility after her mother sought an abortion while seven months pregnant. Her mother had been advised to have a saline abortion, which burns the child with a caustic chemical and then suffocates them to death. The dead child is then removed the following day. “Instead of dying, after 18 hours of being burned in my mother’s womb, I was delivered alive in an abortion clinic in Los Angeles on April the 6th, 1977,” Jessen told those gathered. “Thankfully, the abortionist was not at work yet. Had he been there, he would have ended my life with strangulation, suffocation, or leaving me there to die. Instead, a nurse called an ambulance, and I was rushed to a hospital.” It was soon declared that Jessen had cerebral palsy, suffered from the lack of oxygen to her brain during the abortion. “I was never supposed to hold my head up or walk,” she said. “I do.”

via ChristianNews

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