‘We Should Be Able To Rape Girls in Video Games’: The Morality of Grand Theft Auto V

As the entertainment industry continues to embraces mankind’s deepest, darkest, most vile fantasies will you support it? A number of students at Colorado State University said this week they were all for the violence and misogyny depicted in Grand Theft Auto V, a game that crossed the $1 billion sales mark within just three days of its release, according to Reuters. “In Grand Theft Auto V you can hire a prostitute… have sex with the prostitute and as she gets out of your car, you can kill her and get your money back. Do you think that is acceptable?” “The video game isn’t a representation of real life” said one student. “It’s like a fantasy.” What is the difference, morally, between the prostitute scenario and a video game that allows the gamer to rape women? When juxtaposed will students see the filth behind the commercially successful video game franchise?

via CampusReform


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