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A Liberal’s Worst Fear: God and Country

  • John

    Sure – let us know where we can find this clown who kills people for fun – over 20,000 dead from his Tsunami. You get him anywhere near me and… Oh I don’t have an AR15 handy – guess I’ll have to take him to the judge and jury for crimes against humanity. Not sure how you are going to ram a country down people’s throats since it really belongs to the Native Americans who you stole it from.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Actually, maybe that’s why the white guys want to allow the hispanics to invade the southern borders. They’re afraid we might start demanding that they give everything they stole from us back or maybe they’re afraid we’ll just make them pay for it. Fact is, if they offer that worthless paper money, I’d turn the deal down.

    • gtm615

      How interesting how the left loves to blame God for everything wrong and credit self for everything right. I suggest you read Deuteronomy ch 28 which very carefully explains that God will protect, provide and sustain a God seeking, righteous, obedient nation. However, it also explains how God will turn against a nation with His “curses” like debt, national disasters, failed businesses, drought, poverty, confusion in leadership, etc. for a disobedient, unrighteous, God rejecting nation. By chance could the latter be today’s description of America and it’s problems? Try putting God first once again as our founders did and you might see better times ahead.

  • Controse

    This should become the Tea Party theme. Quit running, start chasing. If the perpetual criticizers don’t like our beloved country and our founding faith in God they are welcome to leave. It is time to change the narrative to love of God and Country.

  • Dempseycoleman

    Great Idea only problem Republican’s allways start off with someyhing
    like I like Obama he is a nice guy and then ramble on this is NO way
    to start off your oppositation to your enemie

    • TheSunDidIt

      Obama is NOT a nice guy. He’s a dangerous and tyrannical usurper guilty of treason and sedition. Now, if you can STILL call a guy like that a “nice guy”, you need help.

      • Dempseycoleman

        I know Obama is a Tyrant I was trying to get the point across as to how the Republicans all ways start off their conversations. I wish they would never say any such thing like that
        I think they are being Stupid saying such nonsence Obama is an Evil Man he even let our people in Benghazi get killed he wanted Hostages so he could offer the Blind Sheik in exchange for their return I think Obama orchastrated the whole operation with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood they want the Blind Sheik Released and Obama wants to do it

  • eganstew3

    Amen, Wild Bill, I am with you.

  • Bighoss

    Just one more theocratic rant by a wing-nut bleating out the standard warped guardhouse lawyer version what the First Amendment is about and how the country is allegedly being into socialism.

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