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8th Grader Suspended Then Arrested For Wearing T-Shirt With Image Of Gun

When 8th grade Jared Marcum got dressed for school this morning he says he had no idea that his pro-Second Amendment shirt would initiate what he calls a fight over his First Amendment rights. “I never thought it would go this far because honestly I don’t see a problem with this, there shouldn’t be a problem with this,” Jared said.

  • Holy Smokes

    The kid is sadly ignorant of the bias and opposition to free speech of those in the NEA.

    • rog363

      You are right, the young fellow may be ignorant of the bias and opposition to free speech by the NEA but that does not make him wrong. We are the ones who are wrong for letting it go on as long as it has. it has to be stopped and stopped soon.

    • Derek Schneider

      I agree with rog363. This young man is correct, even being “sadly ignorant” of the bias blatantly displayed by the NEA and our public schools in general. Their bias has been left to fester until they feel as if it is their right to determine what is right and wrong for all aspects of our children’s lives. The rights guaranteed by the Constitution override any bias or opposition the NEA may present…the fact that it has gone on this long is only because Americans have become complacent…allowing the government to do their thinking for them. This MUST end…or our liberty surely will.

      • areunuts?

        Isn’t that a form of bulling, buy the uneducated and liberal teachers we have entrusted our children with? What a yoyo, put them in jail…..

  • Mort Leith

    I would OWN this school with a lawsuit….

    Why would they arrest a kid for wearing a T-shirt that is protected by our CONSTITUTION 2nd Amendment ? ? ? !

    The school administrators that arrested this kid should be FIRED and put in JAIL for this !

    Just like our president for ignoring our CONSTITUTION 2nd Amendment, as well as our current AG hairlip criminal HOLDER

    • rog363

      I have to agree with you, the parents of this young fellow should take this as far and as high in the system as they have to. We must take a stand to protect not only our children but also ourselves from those who have no respect for the Constitution, not only administrators and teachers but also the officers, who arrested this youngman for doing absolutely nothing wrong, should all face a disciplinary review board and heads should roll. I, as an older American citizen, am sick at what I see being done to the country my father fought for and I had enlisted in the military to protect.

    • John

      Because there are rules at schools to stop right wing clowns spreading messages of hate.

      • Retired MSGT USAF

        BYE BYE John

      • bayman61

        Where do you see a message of hate, mr clueless?

      • duck

        Looks like it’s the left wing idiots that are the haters here

      • Ed Scott

        And what rules are there to stop you from spreading leftwing messages of hate?

      • Jane Scroggins

        Sounds to me the hate comes from the left. This kid was just wearing a neat T-shirt that states that he has constitutional rights. Hop on your ship and float off to live someplace that teaches kids how to do the goose-step!

        • panors77

          North Korea…..Viet Nam…….China…..Cuba…….he needs to pick one.

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Hasta La Vista Baby, DON’T COME BOCK!!!!!!!!! You stupid Liberal Moron!!!!!!

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        Y’mean like you’re doing here?

      • Jo

        John, something won’t let me give you a down vote like I want to, but you are the one promoting hate. Thar 8th grader’s t-shirt had no hateful thing on it and he should have been left alone.

      • CQ

        John, the only hate message here is yours.

      • Frank J. Austin

        Look at the pot calling the kettle black ! All you do is spread hate john. Excuse me everyone, I have to go to the John, OPEN WIDE JOHN !

      • voter suppression

        America has been the most prosperous nation ever in large part because it was established in liberty, free enterprise, entrepreneurship, equal opportunity and equal protection under the laws, not as you believe in socialism.
        You appear to be a member of the party that is destroying the prosperity of future generations, is keeping minorities trapped in inferior inner-city schools and is blocking protection to the innocent unborn is hardly in a position to lecture us on on anything. when you ideas of success is Detroit

      • panors77

        So “rules at school” are arrestable??? Besides…the reporter stated there was NOTHING about shirts with guns on it in the “rules”. Now….please move to North Korea where they’ll direct you better on how to think.

    • John Cherish

      1st amendment, he was not bearing arms, but the violated his right to freedom of speech and expression guaranteed in the 1st Amendment

  • John Paul Jones

    I hope that that school district gets sued but good and takes them for every penny and fires the libatards in charge!

    • John

      No it has intelligent people in charge who recognize that right wing parents are clueless.

      • Retired MSGT USAF

        Oh John you are back now trying to force your ideals on others again. What about First Amendment Rights? You espouse them in these blogs every chance you get. You are an IDIOT !!!

        • fiftysevenchevy

          He is BEYOND an Idiot! He should be arrested along with the principal & teacher of that school!!!!!

        • JP Jones

          Maybe John is just embracing optical rectosis.

      • Ranger5150

        You are an embarasssment to the real John Paul Jones: John Paul Jones (July 6, 1747 – July 18, 1792) was a Scottish sailor and the United States’ first well-known naval fighter in the American Revolution. Although he made enemies among America’s political elites, his actions in British waters during the Revolution earned him an international reputation which persists to this day. As such he is sometimes referred to as the “Father of the United States Navy.” You need to change your name to Panty Waste.

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          LOL!!! Is that for the waste in his panties?

          • 57girl

            Probably for the waste in his daddy’s panties, so many years ago. Sorry … I couldn’t resist. LOL.

        • Melia Sese

          Uh … I think you are aiming this at “John” not the one called “John Paul Jones” (who wrote in favor of free expression). It was the former who spat on the First Amendment. No one’s rights are violated when a youth is supporting our Second Amendment rights. Those opposed to that seem to support a dictatorship.

      • Louis Burrell

        You are the one that is clueless !!
        Look at the mess the left-wing liberals have gotten this country in.


        WORDS directly …..from the JOHN!

      • Jo

        This comment would let me vote up but not down which is what I tried to do. So please subtract those two up votes and add them to the down side.

      • Neal Gaylor


        • 57girl

          Nah. John’s a familiar troll, doing what he does best … showing his ignorance.

      • voter suppression

        The scientific term is albophobia: The fear of white people

        Liberalism is teeming with arrogant, close-minded, extraordinarily offensive people who seem completely oblivious to how habitually obnoxious and intolerant their behavior has become. Individuals who knowingly mislead others with false information for the purpose of advancing an agenda do not qualify as intellectuals, no matter how cognitively bright and well-educated they may be.profess to be.

        john do you not understand this quote:

        “My work here is done”
        “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
        its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”

        — Winston Churchill

        I would have to say that you racist libral cloud dancer from you statement.

      • caprock

        dont let your knees hit your chin too hard. JPJ you are sofa king wee todd did!

      • panors77

        Ok..John?? Name the charge the kid was arrested for? How is wearing a shirt in any way ANY kind of “against the law”??

      • Phil

        Not CLUELESS, They are gutless ! ! !

  • tom

    Suspended? Arrested? The schools have become bastions of stupidity and any law enforcement office who would arrest a kid under these circumstances should be suspended.

    • rs1123

      I would send my kid to school every day afterward with a pro-2nd-amendment shirt on, with a second note that says ‘My lawyer will file suit against this school or the police, over any denial of my Constitutional rights’.

      Question – where is the ACLU in this case????

      • tom

        I’d home school my kid. In fact we did. The school, among other things, referred to hunting a murder.

        • rosech

          I just keep going on that there was a teachers’ conference last year to teach them how to teach communism. Ain’t that sweet? NOT!

          • Sunrise2

            Why wouldn’t that surprise me? These teachers are endoctrinating your children with their socialist, communist ideas. The next thing that will happen is the turning of the children against their parents, which is referred to in the Bible, also. This is why they want them pre-schooled by around the age of 3. Young children are quick to learn.

          • RonW

            rosech: I agree……it is NOT sweet. But, just remember that the teachers, in most cases, have no choice if they want to remain employeed. Sad times we find ourselves in !!!

          • David

            Rosech: The teachers can ignore what was on the shirt. They can ignore it because of the fact they disagree with it and not right. Even if the school says otherwise. If someone told you to jump off a mountain because it was cool. Would you do it? Heck NO! Same thing. The school is wrong on there principals of right and wrong measures and teaching the kids wrong ethics on good ethics and instead teaching them communism.

        • rs1123

          I’d love to home school my kid but that’s not possible in my circumstances. However he will be going to the local parochial grade school and I don’t expect him to be indoctrinated in the ways of the Left.

      • Nancy Law

        While I was suing the school district, I’d have on the SAME t-shirt and my gun charm on a necklace.

        • rs1123

          Good coincidence, I ordered a 9mm cartridge (inactivated) on a neck chain the other day.

        • obhfwb

          Don’t get mad with the idiots sue them.

      • rosech

        He ain’t black nor a muslim!

        • Neal Gaylor

          No, but he IS a communist!

          • sandman

            Just who are you calling a commie? you can not be calling the kid with the shirt on a commie? the commies in this story, are the members of the school board!

        • Sunrise2

          Nor any other person of color, he is White, which is almost a sin these days.

      • Krazeehors

        You betcha!! I am wearing a red t-shirt that says “I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” in all capital letters. You should have seen some of the dirty looks I got from other shoppers at the grocery store. One gentleman, in particular, was standing behind me as I was unloading my electric shopping cart. I am disabled and usually have a store employee to help me or receive help through the kindness of other patrons at that store. This guy just stood there glaring at me and showing his lack of patience as I paid for my purchases.
        Next time I go shopping, I shall have to wear the one that says:

        • fiftysevenchevy

          Seimper Fi to you Krazeehors! NEVER give up on your Rights!!!!!!

        • EMIRCITNA

          SADLY, with our current corrupted electoral system….THAT may not be true!

        • Patriot10258

          You must live in a bastion of the loonie left. California maybe? Where I live people point at my shirt and say, “So do I.”

          • panors77

            In California it’d have to be in spanish, heh.

          • Krazeehors

            Northeast San Antonio, of all places!!! I think they must have been having a bad day!

        • princesssong

          Semper Fi Krazeehors, Thank you for your service, and your support of MY troops!!!

          see this website for explanation!

          • Krazeehors

            You bet. One of those troops is my son. I’m his mom.

          • princesssong

            Well you let him know that My goal with the music is to build a hospital for them. Past, Present, Future!! I will see one of the Col in a couple of weeks, and hope to do another radio show a few days after that. I always talk about “MY” Troops ! (I feel like they are mine! lol) My honey is over there too!!! Tell your SON THANK YOU for me!!

          • Krazeehors

            Send me the satellite station link, or the radio frequency, pls. Thanks.

          • princesssong

            You can go to right now, and click listen, then go to CHAT and Im in there now, and Norm will play my music, but if you search God Is Listening, Pamela Benton on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon you can hear part of each song.. Im played all over the radio on Gospel or Inspriational Country. The last song that charted was God Is Listening. and now out is He Touched Me With Love..

        • panors77

          This kid also needs the Hitler shirt that has a picture of Hitler and ths slogan “all in favor of gun control raise your right arm”. Wore mine around SoCal……not a peep from anyone yet, heh.

        • Boccagalupe

          That was ‘no gentleman’ behind you on that day…You sir are the gentleman, he is an azzhole.

      • mike j

        lets hope the NRA will help him out with there lawyers, cause the ACLU only helps those who agree with the left.

        • SallyE


        • Jon Weiss

          ACLU=Anti Christian Litigation Unit.

        • LongPurple

          Q. How does an ACLU lawyer count from 1 to 10?
          A. 1,3,4,5,6 . . .

      • Louis Burrell

        I’m with you on this .

      • Earl Hudgins

        He isn’t a muslim… IF he was, they would be all over it.

      • Garrey McVicker

        and i hope people do it. im tired of this b/s but they can wearanything that has nudy on it. shame on the schoo;s. get over it.

      • Paul Brown

        Thet’re hiding behind the 5th.

      • elmcqueen3

        The ACLU is only interested in representing minorities!

      • sargent rock

        He’s a white Republican don’t expect the ACLU to get on his side in this…

      • obhfwb

        Up obama’s butt that’s where.

      • afimedia

        The ACLU is for gun control.

        • rs1123

          The ACLU’s ultimate goal, stated by its founder, is communism.

          By the way, “Progressive Insurance”, the one with “Flo” in the commercials, is owned by a man who contributes heavily to the ACLU every year. Just so you know where your dollars go when you buy Progressive Insurance.

    • rosech

      Remember, most teachers are liberals and are brain dead. I hope the family sues the teacher and the school for violation of this boy’s legal rights. They were wrong; he is right and no po9lice record should be allowed but expunged NOW! Fire the teacher and the principal. I hope many parents get together and meet with the school officials and tell them they had better back off this garbage or a lawsuit will be filed and they must get the boy’s record expunged because they violated HIS RIGHTS.

      • AZ BOB

        You need a good Attorney that would sue for violations of his rights but also for the mental stress, embarrassment and every other law you can find, the only thing a Liberal understands is take his MONEY.

      • Daniel from TN

        Another possibility for the parents is to start recall petitions against the local scholl board members. That gets a school board’s immediate attention and takes the issue to the head of the class (no pun intended).

    • Ranger5150

      The officer that arrested him needs to be fired, he lacks common sense, and that is from a retired law enforcement officer!


        SAME HERE, (retired in 1988) I’ve yet to learn the ACTUAL LAW that was violated that caused the officer to arrest this young Patriot! ~ I see a BIG lawsuit with grinning attorneys and ending with very sad city officials and taxpayers over this absurd stupidity!

        • Garrey McVicker

          the tax payers deserve it, they are the ones paying these teachers and they pull this crap, on childernas young as 5, time for them to stop the chicken little bit.

          • EMIRCITNA

            GARREY, as a taxpayer, DO YOU have any control of where and HOW your tax dollars are spent?! ~ Most American taxpayers are totally DISGUSTED at how their money is wasted by government! ~ It is even worse with a corrupted electoral system that keeps these wasteful spending politicians in office, my friend!

          • 57girl

            Personally, I think we should ALL quit paying taxes until the Government gets its poop in a pile. Which will probably be … NEVER.

          • EMIRCITNA

            INDIVIDUALLY it would never work for lack of coordinated organization, BUT…at the STATE LEVEL it could be a possibility for states to withhold revenue to a corrupted federal government!

          • David

            57 girl: If you did what you stated. That would hurt the people who are on Social Security or any thing related to Social Security and the elders would not get no pay check monthly to live. Think about that.

        • tommie3761

          Sadly, even if the kid won a lawsuit, the only losers would be the tax payers. It’s doubtful that the teacher, principle, police officer or any city officials will loss anything over this absurdity.

          • Daniel from TN

            Actually, there have been a few cases where police officers forfeited their pensions if they acted inappropriately and that action resulted in a civil lawsuit. In each case, the police officer acted solely on the word of another person and made an arrest without obtaining an arrest warrant.
            I discovered these cases several years ago when doing some research for a college term paper. The cases had nothing to do with the term paper, but they WERE fascinating to read.

    • Melia Sese

      I didn’t see anywhere in this report the charge under which the young man was arrested. Seems to me we have the Sixth Amendment which states that we cannot be held without the “nature and cause of the accusation” being presented, which of course descends from common law and the principle of habeas corpus. This whole thing is simply disgusting. We have rights and I support the young man wanting to stand up for his.

      • glop

        Also, did they read him his “amanda” rights? I didn’t read that they did.

        • glop

          Sorry, my comment should read “Miranda” rights, not “amanda”.

        • afimedia

          I assume you mean “Miranda” Rights. Miranda rights are utilized by law enforcement to make you aware of your rights as a US citizen. Unless you know what you are talking about, you should not post anything online…it removes any doubt about how ignorant you are.

    • 1_Eddie_1

      The police officer that enforced the arrest should be fired for incompetence.

    • 3006Al

      Agreed; however, I think the officer should be fired as well as the police chief. it’s also time to take the school to court.

    • Nomen Nescio

      Bastions of stupidity? No, they are festering sinkholes of liberal ideology. Teachers swear the same oath to uphold, support and defend the Constitution as I did. They violated that oath and should be held accountable for that. Next come the police who arrested the kid, either on their own or as the result of a complaint made by the school. Both are now liable to prosecution for acting to arrest the kid “…under the color of authority…” which is a crime. See the wikipedia article which says:

      Color of law

      Color of law refers to an appearance of legal power to act but which may operate in violation of law. For example, though a police officer acts with the “color of law” authority to arrest someone, if such an arrest is made without probable cause the arrest may actually be in violation of law. In other words, just because something is done with the “color of law”, that does not mean that the action was lawful. When police act outside their lawful authority and violate the civil rights of a citizen, theFBI is tasked with investigating.[3]

      The Supreme Court has interpreted the United States Constitution to construct laws regulating the actions of the law enforcement community. Under “color of law”, it is a crime for one or more persons using power given to him or her by a governmental agency (local, state or federal), to willfully deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. Criminal acts under color of law include acts within and beyond the bounds or limits of lawful authority. Off-duty conduct may also be covered if official status is asserted in some manner. Color of law may include public officials and non-governmental employees who are not law enforcement officers such as judges, prosecutors, and private security guards.[4] Furthermore, in many states it is unlawful to falsely impersonate a police officer, a federal officer or employee, or any other public official or to use equipment used by law enforcement officers, such as flashing lights or a fake police badge. Possession of a firearm also can enhance the penalty for false impersonation of a police officer

  • lks

    Another day another useless school district

  • monkeypox69

    Duh – he should have worn a Che or Mao t-shirt.

    • panors77

      Yeah..the school officials would like and accept THAT shirt.

  • Swed.

    Arrested on what charges, that is false arrest, I see a nasty expensive lawsuit in the schools future.

    Take the bastards for everything they are worth. Get the ACLU to stand by your First amendment rights and the NRA your Second Amendment Rights. Make it as expensive as possible.
    Then go after the Police department for False Arrest. You should be rich at the end of this. The School and Cops broke.

  • NymRod

    Arrested and charged with what? What crime did he commit?

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      It’s illegal to know anything about the Constitution, or possibly alert others to the Rights contained therein.

      • Ed Scott

        So, that is why John is so dumb.

    • Bos95

      He was probably charged with something dumb like disorderly conduct for refusing to take off the shirt when school officials asked him. He should sue the teacher, the principal and the school district.

      • kathleen

        My son got arrested for saying “hell” in school. He was charged with disorderly conduct. They keep these “resource officers” at the schools and arrest the kids of they don’t line up and drink the Koolaid.

  • David Veselenak

    Sheeple, sheeple, I’m not using hyberbole when I opine that a REVOLUTION is the only thing that will save this dead Republic!

    • jmark72

      Revolution sounds good to me. Lets do one similar to the French revolution. Storm the WH and Congress and SCOTUS, haul the commie/muslim/liberal crap out in the street. Hold court and HANG the Treasonous slimeball vermin. Tyrants/dictators and anti-Constitutionalists have NO Place in the U.S. except prison or 6 feet under.

      • John Cherish

        the french revolution ended up even killing the very people who started it as it became more repressive you should read “A tale of Two Cites ” and do some more study on the French revolution. What we need is another American Revolution to put back the Constitution as was intended and to get the corruption out of the separation of Powers. The Supreme court or any court should not be making laws by precedence they should only be judging based on the laws enacted by congress

  • Richard Brophy

    What I’m curious about is how the heck did this matter lead to his arrest??! On what grounds?

    • rosech

      The school probably got creative on offenses. No crime committed, but, hey, they got their say in first, didn’t they? Why the police did not contact his parents right away is another question.

    • bayman61

      I think because he refused to take the shirt off. Good for him. He needs to go back to school wearing the same shirt again. Along with the rest of the school.

      • Frank J. Austin

        So, if that is why, they were FORCING this MINOR into partial nudity ? There is another crime committed by the school.

  • semosig

    It is crazy that a kid would be suspended for wearing a shirt with a picture of a gun on it but what was the charge and arrest for. A lack of reporting here. If they don’t know what the charges were and the arrest was for it would be nice if they said so.

  • Tom Kon

    There has to be more to this because at the very worst he would have been sent home for the day! Anytjing more is cause for a lawsuit and I can’t believe any officer has a reason or cause for arrest! If did arrest it wouks bd unlawful! Also grounds for s lawsuit!

    • uptohere

      What do you mean “sent home for the day”? They had
      no business even saying anything to him!

    • panors77

      Future rich boy with a cool shirt. :)

  • GQ4U

    First, file a law suit against the school. Second, what law was violated that resulted in this boys arrest? If he was arrested unjustifiably then add the police department and the city/county to the law suit. This egregious action against the 1st amendment only strengthens the reasoning behind the 2nd amendment.

  • James N Sheila Baull

    I support His right to bare Arms ,,, but i’m really curious what was the charge that this young man was arrested under?

    • Fenderman52

      The sight of a (GASP!) GUN caused all the liberal twerps to faint thus blocking the fire exit.
      Also the destruction of property caused by the releasing of bowels into their underwear.

      • John

        No – it was the sight of an idiot right wing kid who didn’t follow the rules. I’m sure you would not allow Muslim shirts calling for the death of Christians? Such shallow thinking on right wing sites

        • Retired MSGT USAF

          Are you so stupid that you cannot understand the First Amendment now? You try as hard as you can to strike down our Second Amendments Rights. Now you are after the First Amendment, also!

          • panors77

            He’s not stupid…..he’s communist and HATES our 1st ammendment and the whole Constitution itself….dontcha John? Please………Cuba awaits you.

        • Bos95

          If you had paid attention the reporter said that there was nothing in the school’s rules about having a gun on a tee shirt.

          • panors77

            Beat me to it. :)

        • kaj


        • Ed Scott

          John, have you ever visited a Left wing site?

          They are filled with idiots with hate against everything.

          Perhaps, you should go to one, you will fit right in.

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          ‘s’funny, just where on that shirt does it call for the killing of anything? Unless, of course, you’re admitting that the primary reason the founders and the states insisted on Constitutionally enshrining the God given right of the people to defend themselves from tyranny, both foreign and domestic?

          • panors77

            Especially “domestic”.

        • panors77

          I’m sure YOU would SUPPORT muslims wearing anti Christian shirts huh? AGain…….WHERE in “the rules” does it say anything about a picture of a gun on a shirt?? Where in any city, county, state law does it prohibit the wearing of a shirt as an arrestable offense?? YOu’re way out there John. Please keep rowing to Cuba.

    • Ed Scott

      Me Too! I bare arms every day by wearing short sleeves…….or did you mean bear arms?

      Still he did not bear (bare) arms.

      He just wore a T-shirt.

      How did you get bear arms out of that?

  • Incredulous_one

    Logan County … where? Could you please provide some (any?) geographical information?

  • Michael Clark

    Really what possibly could be the charge and what cop was ignorant to arrest him Not a big fan of lawsuit but seems the only thing that stops stupid stuff like this

  • ShirleyWarren

    All the kids at the schools should get the same shirt and alll of them wear it the same day of every week. You would just be standing up for your beliefs and for the 2nd Amendment. They had no right to even insinuate the kid was trouble. God gave us our Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE have a right to its policies.
    If it were me I’d do the above. When these people learn that kids are going stand up of the Constitution things MIGHT level out a little. Some people just carry things to far.

  • kirkaloan

    So now you can get ARRESTED for a shirt? What is going on????

    • John Paul Jones

      Your GOD given rights are null and void under obozo people in charge!

    • kaj


    • Marilyn Brenden

      It’s just like the little boy who got in trouble in school because he ate one corner off of his pop-tart and somebody thought it looked like a gun.

  • Nancy Law

    SUE the school district. That is the only way to stop these Nazis.

  • Hussein

    Welcome to commie cockroach Obamaville

  • lockdoc85

    The anti second amendment teacher should be fired and any one else involved. the cop that arrested him should be fired too.

    • Guest


  • GQ4U

    Next time he should wear a shirt with an image of Kermit Gosnell and he’ll receive accolades from the teachers and staff.

  • Tim Martin

    Really arrested? What’s the charge, wearing a shirt offensive to Communists? Free Speech is effectively dead in America. Communists created the whole idea of Political Correctness as a tool to silence people. Is there any doubt the Commie Libs have created a hyper sensitivity culture towards guns. After Boston, where are the cries to fight “Pressure Cooker” violence? Hmmm?

    • texan texan

      Against school regulations. Check with your school. Sure they have lots of rules.

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        All you’ve explained is why he was suspended. I want to know why he was arrested. If he truly became violent and/or threatened to do something of a violent nature, that’s one thing. Then the local law authorities have the responsibility to arrest him. If, however, it was some sort of campus police force that arrested him for violating the school district’s dress code, then that is an unconscionable abuse of their limited authority.

      • panors77

        “Arrestable rules” over shirts??? I think not….and I’m in SoCal.

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    This is what OUR GREAT DICTATOR has done ! People it is time to take OUR GOVERNMENT BACK from the LEFT COMMUNIST MUSLIMS !! WE the people have allowed this to happen and it has gone too far! This kid BROKE NO RULES and who suspended him should be fired and the Police who went this far should be fired and put on a NO possession GUN LIST !!

    • John

      What a raving idiot you are. The schools are run by people in your area NOT the government.

      • Retired MSGT USAF

        They are a Government entity you idiot. Even school boards are Government!

      • Bos95

        They are run by state governments. So, I guess that makes you the idiot.

      • Ed Scott

        The Schools are ran by left wing nuts.

        are you trying to say everyone is a brain damaged insane left wing nut?

        I hate to tell you this, but we are not.

      • Robert Anderson Sr

        Educate your self IDIOT ! Schools have to go by GOVERNMENT RULES ! Yes school districts set certain guild lines BUT in the end the GOVERNMENT controls us all !! -0IDIOT !

      • Skeletor X

        So if they are not run by the government then why can’t they teach about God and creation?

      • 57girl

        The Federal Government funds the public schools. And they obviously get what they pay for.

      • panors77

        Those “people in your area” work for the government….the state government. Get a clue…..and again please….Viet Nam awaits your commie ass.

  • jr1776

    Yeah what was the charge, ????

    • RedMeatState

      white conservative offspring in a liberal public school!!!

  • Marte Cliff

    Sounds like he was arrested for saying NO to the teacher who told him to take his shirt off. I hope the parents have an attorney who will take the school, the teachers involved, the police department, and individual cops for all they’re worth.

    Meanwhile, if I was a parent in that city, I’d be taking my kids OUT of that atmosphere immediately.

    • jmark72

      Fire ALL the School Board Members who allowed this travesty to occur. They are the ones who hired the teachers and principal who are anti-American and Anit-Constitution. They should all hang their heads in shame for allowing such blatant rights violations against “We The Peole’s” Constitution!

  • mwl

    The socialist school system is producing criminals they think are against their agenda. Its no longer a institution of learning. Its an institution, period. The school administrators have determined that if anyone who speaks out against their leftists socialist agenda they will ruin the childs life at all costs. The interviewer stated the school administrators refused to speak on their own behalf. So…Its Ok to demolish a child and his life but they’ll do it in secrecy and will not justify their actions. The police arrested this kid for….WHAT. What felony did he commit and if it was a misdemeanor against what ordinance, law??? Where this is going is to court and the actions of bothg the school and police will be settled…probably with taxpayer money. Whereas the individuals who charged this kid should be paying from their own pockets.
    Schools are not law enforcement agencies and they cannot make it all up as they go along.

    • John Paul Jones

      This would be nice if some one would help them sue the hell out of that school and fire all that were involved and make sure they never can teach again.

      • rosech

        Another reason to get rid of teachers’ unions!

    • John

      The school system is RUN by a school board that reflects the local populace. Right wing school boards want the kids taught creationism and religion. Presumably you are too lazy to know how your schools are run. It’s common among the right.

      • Retired MSGT USAF

        Look at what you wrote here John. You want to take the First Amendment away from all of us now that your side lost on the Gun-Grabbers Illegal, Unconstitutional Bills in the Senate! You are about as STUPID as a ROCK!

      • Ed Scott

        The Schools are ran by left wing nuts that want to teach we all spring from primal mud.

        Now, in your case, John I do believe that is correct.

        If the Schools reflected the ideas of the population, they would not be teaching the garbage they do.

        John, one question! Are you in Watertown, Mass?

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        So, whatever the local Gestapo decrees is Constitutional?

      • panors77

        Even if what you say about “right wing school boards” was true,(which I highly doubt. Never seen one in reality) there is no statute, no “law” anywhere that you can be arrested for wearing a GDm shirt!! Your communist power hungry assinine thinking is showing. Again please move to N. Korea where you can wear a uniform that’s issued to you by the state.

  • Marte Cliff

    If parents would begin pulling their children out of schools that are this brain dead (and we’ve seen numerous examples lately) they might start to think twice. After all, each school gets money depending on how many children are in class each day. That’s why they insist tha parents send their kids to school when they’re sick. (Another bit of stupidity.)

    • texan texan

      That’s very intelligent and good to teach your kids to quit if they don’t like something. Why not take part in your school and see what regulations they have. You can make your voice heard. Read your kids school manual. Most schools have them. Duh

      • panors77

        Because in THIS case……you’ll get arrested.

    • RedMeatState

      should also demand a portion of your property tax back to refuse support of anti-constitutional schools.

  • Tom Thygesen

    Jail? Since when does clothing justify police arrest? The police confirmed he’s been arrested and charged. CHARGED WITH WHAT? Tom, schools have become far more than bastions of stupidity. They’re the harbingers of anti-Americanism and socialist thought. Teachers who hate this country as it is and want Obama’s visions of a top-down socialist authoritarian state are politically indoctrinating kids and parent’s aren’t doing NEARLY enough to fight this outrage.
    rs1123… The ACLU is anti second amendment. They’re not about to support this family.

    • Ed Scott

      Well, sometime when these people are wearing saggy pants and showing their butts, a day or two in jail might do them some good.

  • Tom Thygesen

    Now if he’d been wearing a “I support Dr. Kermit Gosnell” t-shirt, I’m sure the teacher would have smiled approvingly and used him as a prop to teach the other kids “correct” ideology.

  • vicki

    Interesting. They are no longer hiding their attacks on the 1st Amendment.

    • texan texan

      Check any school in your area. There are most likely dress codes. It’s a school. There are lots of rules and regulations. Duh.

      • vicki

        Last time I checked the article was discussing a PUBLIC school not a private one. That would place the 1st Amendment in full effect. Also of note had you actually listened to the article the boy did NOT violate the published dress code.

      • panors77

        Yep…..rules and regulations…….none of which in any “dresscode” are arrestable if a kid breaks one by wearing a shirt.

  • Debbie Radziewicz

    This shirt could have killed someone……what idiots these schools have become…how about take your kids out of public school and lets fight for a bill that gives those people who has no children in public indoctrination programs a tax break.

  • Norman Janowicz

    Lack of common sense is becoming a school administrator job requirement.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      As I always say: “If common sense were, there’d be more of it.”

  • klsparrow

    Hope the kid and his parents file a lawsuit in federal court over this. There is something in the constitution about free speech. I also thing the courts have said that just because you are a kid does not mean you lose your rights. Where is the ACLU. I forgot this is not a liberal cause.

    • StephenFR

      Actually the law suit in question stated that your constitutional rights do not end at the front door of the school.

      • klsparrow

        I am old but I had the right thought.. I also noticed another mistake “thing” should have been ‘think”. Maybe i should stop commenting all together.

  • Irma

    I wonder what would happen If the Home Ec class wore aprons with Pressure Cookers on them!!!???

    • StephenFR

      Under this adminstration nothing would happen as the two know to be involved are Muslim.

    • texan texan

      If that is prohibited by school regulations, he she probably would be suspended. A d RHEY don’t call it home ec anymore. Don’t teach sewing..

      • Ed Scott

        What do the libs call it?

        Making your own bombs?

  • lovestoread

    If I were President, my first Executive Order would be to defund any school that practiced zero tolerance about anything.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      ROFLMAO!!! “I have no tolerance for intolerance” sounds like it’s straight out of a Monty Python skit.

      • RedMeatState

        yet that’s exactly what the “tolerance” crowd says every day!

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          I played music for a living for twenty years from the mid-’60’s to the mid-’80’s in Calipornia’s two major entertainment centers. Tell me about it.

          • lovestoread


          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Just what do you think the “Tolerance” level for conservatives is in the entertainment industry? That’s why so many of us [well, them actually] “keep their own council”, as it were, and say nothing so they can keep working. {Yes, Mathilda, the left has something they all railed against in the ’50’s, a “Black List” of conservatives. Of course they see nothing wrong with this, as they are the one’s who “Care”.]

          • lovestoread

            You’ve got to be kidding me. You have to go back 60 years to gripe about something? Let’s see, the entertainment industry keeping their opinions to themselves. Hmmm. Michael Moore’s “documentary” about George W Bush. Will Ferrell and his “play” about George W. Bush. No sooner does Mitt Romney get on the political bandwagon and suddenly there’s a play about Mormons. Alec Baldwin’s rants. Barbara Streisand’s rants. And I can’t tell you how many concerts I’ve gone to where I had to listen to the performer’s political commentary somewhere through the show. I do remember a book out a while ago called “shut up and sing”. Good advice. And I believe the conservatives in Hollywood are the quiet ones so they can get jobs. Nice try buddy.

  • Jim

    Arrested? On what charge?

  • Jay Markes

    What could he possibly be charged with?

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      “Incitement to Liberty”, o’course.

    • RedMeatState

      exactly! there has to be a law, written down, before anyone can be arrested and charged with “breaking the law”.

    • texan texan

      He was suspended for violating school policy. duh. Schools have dress codes, manuals. It’s well known.

      • RedMeatState

        yeah but what was he arrested for you Texas Dipsquat??

        • Ed Scott

          Violating School policy, and refusing to remove his T-shirt.

          • RedMeatState

            habeas corpus. show me the law!!!

      • Ed Scott

        Is that what they teach you in Liberal Schools? How to say “duh” to everything?

      • Skeletor X

        Did you not watch the video? He did not violate school policy.

    • Conservative Grampa

      Displaying the truth. Liberals and dumb asses can’t stand the truth. Why can kids wear a Black or Mexican orientated shirt? But, a white kid can’t wear an NRA shirt. The liberals that can’t get a job any where else that they can bully people (kids) into their sphere. Smart parents teach our kids to be thinkers and achieves not sheep. I applaud anybody who stands up and speaks their mind and holds to their true core beliefs.

  • Willik

    It’s amazing how abysmally ignorant the nations’ school boards about the US Constitution. All they can do is spout PC rhetoric which means nothing.

  • RedMeatState

    this is more than nuts and more than beyond insane. What short of unhinged liberal hysteria would cause him to be arrested??
    The people who did this shouldn’t be trusted to drive themselves home!

  • texan texan

    There are dress code restrictions at most school, implemented by the local school district. It’s part of the school manual and shouldn’t be a surprise. If you dislike, take part in your school board meetings and make your voice heard. Not smart to protest Fter the fact. Schools are the lowest level of government. Take part. As you guys advocate, home school and your kids can wear whatever. Not allowing guns, knives, bombs on shirts is very common. Check your school. Protest of y like. Quit whining and blaming it on communists.

    • RedMeatState

      they arrested him you texas dingbat.

      • Ed Scott

        texan texan is a disgrace and shame to us real Texans. I bet he is a transplant from N.Y.

    • Skeletor X

      Now wait a minute your buddy John there said schools are not part of the government, but you say they are, you libtards need to get your lies straight before speaking publicly.

  • Jose Nunez

    Is the USA on its way to a dictatorship???

    • RedMeatState

      60-40 against in the Senate the other day says “no”!

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    I wonder what the reaction of the school would’ve been if his T-Shirt had pro first amendment, “It’s Our Right” statement and a picture of Brad and Bruce, or Betty and Belinda kissing? (Rhetorically speaking, of course.)

  • tthan43

    Extremely ridiculous.

  • areunuts?


  • pikemaster1

    Wonder what they would have done if he had been Black and Gay ????

    • Mike Slaney

      forgot Muslim.

      • pikemaster1

        Sorry , What was I thinking ??

  • wminaz

    There should be some kind of psycological test out there that those who apply for a teaching or school admin position should have to pass. We often hear of these stories but never hear the end result i.e. the dismissal of the charges, the results of law suits, the termination or suspension of teachers/administrators, etc. I hope this site can post the subequent events.

  • Spyder Dalton

    There goes the freedom of expression and speech…

  • dagriz

    When the “rug-riders’ COME INTO TOWN, the young man would be BE-HEADED for disagreeing with the “ONE”. Shariah law is NOT forgiving

  • VietVet6960

    Neither the Arresting Officer, nor the Police Department Booking Sargent, the teacher or the administration of the school and the School District Administration were awake when classes on the Constitution were given in Civics or American History, if their “Liberal” Arts school even had such a thing.
    The only possible charge I can imagine they could apply would be “Incitement to Riot”, with the teacher, principal and administration being the rioters. Ah, I know. The second charge was probably “resisting arrest”!

  • areunuts?

    its obvious that he shouldn’t be a citizen, how can some one be framed if he is seen by hundreds of people walking with his brother (or behind his brother), he was seen shooting, being shot and firing at the Officers as well as his brother. Guess his father didn’t train him well enough so he’s blaming everyone else. Do you think this was planned when he was given his citizenship on 911, very interesting, Obummer, why don’t you jump on this as you allowed it to happen, by your radical and ridiculousness as POTUS should be piece of S—-. Don’t know about you all, but we are in serious trouble as long as the entertainer in Chief is in the oval office, he is one scary idiot.. OH bring back Bush, or mickey mouse.

    • Ed Scott

      And what does your ramblinmgs have to do with the subject at hand?

      • areunuts?

        Tell me what your rambling is about, don’t you have any toys. Get a life

  • rennyangel2

    The father says he’ll sue. Good for him. Sue the teacher, the principal, the superintendent, and the school board. There’s a lot of deep pockets there and schools hate to pay off.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It’s right there in the Constitution – “Separation of school and sanity.”

    • Ed Scott

      Good one1

      Then again you could say the same thing about Liberals and sanity.

  • John

    This is the problem with having stupid right wing parents who don’t read the school rules. The message is clearly political and threatening.

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      Get a life! He was doing exactly what you just did in this article. Using his 1st Amendment Rights. Do you not understand the difference between a silk screened picture and a piece of metal?

    • Johnnygard

      If supporting the second amendment is “clearly political”, is it also “clearly political” to support the first amendment? How is it threatening to express ones agreement with the second amendment?

  • dagriz

    Agood reason for home-scooling—————get our kids OUT of SOCIALIST INDOCTRINATION

  • Luckyme52

    You know i go back to the good old days I’m 81 years young have been an NRA member since i was 16 i wore different tees with hunting scenes and rifles on them, what the hell is going on in this once beautiful country the likes of the liberals want to see us all in poverty and begging for free S–T

  • RedMeatState

    Jared, wear a shirt with Jesus Christ on it next time and watch them go into a total meltdown.

    • Luckyme52

      You can bank on it

  • Luckyme52


  • johnhorse

    Were this kid was arrested the cops and principle should all be fired for being to STUPID for words to explain and you Can’t FIX STUPID.Home schooling should be NUMBER ONE on every parents list in this School District.

  • jaxb

    Does anybody know what state this town is in?

  • Cuz

    Picket the school, sue the school and the head of the school, fire the police chief and may he lose his pension. All these liberals must go.

  • Leonard Legg

    I have heard of his coming executive orders in several places now and he hinted at it in his
    speech when congress voted his gun registration legislation down. The
    people have said no loud and clear so much so that congress listened and
    they said no. Now he is going to bypass congress to force it on the
    people. I say he is about to put forth one executive order too many.
    If he forces gun control on the American people, against the
    Constitution and against the will of the people and against the vote of
    congress. It will prove it is time to remove the tyrannical dictator.
    He does not know better than everyone else in the United States what we
    must obey. Notice I did not say a word about impeachment, just plain
    out removal of him and all of those that support him and have voted
    unconstitutional votes against the PEOPLE.

    – – – – – – IT’S TIME FOLKS – – – – – – – –

  • Pizzed Off

    These “schools” (better referred to as Socialist/Progressive Indoctrination Centers) are out of their fr8king minds! They can’t educate, they can only attack anyone who’d stand in their way of a complete takeover of their lives and thoughts.
    This kid, and a good attorney, can turn that school district and the people responsible inside out in a court of law. I hope to hell that they do- and making the taxpayers foot the bill for it might wake them up and toss the cr*p out.

  • Earl Hudgins

    OUR society is DOOMED! We will never get back to reality.

  • marineh2ominer

    Every constitutional rights organization needs to get behind this kid and his family and sue the indoctrination institute and the Gestapo together for enough to make this kid so wealthy he will NEVER need an education .

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      No, no, no! Enough money so that he may set himself up in the profession of his choosing after he successfully completes his pre-paid four to six year curriculum at Hillsdale College. (I sense a brilliant, Conservative, Constitutional Scholar and/or Lawyer in the making.)

  • bayman61

    Ok, all the other students, get some shirts with pictures of firearms on them and wear them to school on the same day. That will stop that stupidity. Will they arrest every student? If so, let them. Next day you are in school, wear the shirts again. And keep wearing them until they leave you alone. Fight back. They have no right to stop you from exercising your rights?

  • Rick Woodland

    Charged with what???? My God what is our country becoming?

  • 2506Al

    Time to sue the school and the police department. The parents need to, if at all possible, move to another state. What an image the police have formed for young people! An image of fear and disrespect. They are the radicals.

  • dagriz

    Right wing/left wing Libertarian??? Gun-rights/anti gun groups, I have friends in ALL of them. It’s time Americans recognized th REAL enemy and that’s JIHADISTS,.. We have many Islamists in Our gov’t TODAY supporting the Muslim Brotherhood including our Residents right hand gal, Jarret with links to an organization SWORN to overthrow the US. If the people of the US don’t figure out who the ENEMY is, we’ll end up like Europe is

    • Ed Scott

      And the Liberals let them in.

  • Jane Scroggins

    If I were a lawyer I’d make a career out of suing idiots esp. school systems. And it would be fun!!!

  • John Cherish

    I would sue them for the violation of his 1st amendment rights, it is time to push back against these commies. Where is the ACLU

  • Brendajanetorres

    AND You wonder what is wrong with our young people now days….It’s this kind of indoctrination, brain-washing by their educators … That is what is wrong with our young people now days!!!


    I THINK IT’S TIME for Americans to take their public schools BACK from the Commies who stole it through Karl Marx’s method of “Gradualism” along with Commie-corrupted courts!!! ~ Lest we forget that THE TAXPAYERS own the public schools…..not the anti-American Commies!!!


    CHARGED WITH WHAT???? ~ Exactly WHAT did the police “arrest” the kid for??? ~ Lousy news reporting!!!!! (as usual!)

  • randsue80

    As a retired police officer I’m ashamed of the current crop of officers, it seems that they are agents of the political correctness leadership, and not of law and justice. I’ve been trying to figure out what crime this kid committed to get himself arrested? Perhaps rather than just talking to the school district and school, the police department should be held accountable for this outrage!

  • Jo

    Why did they arrest him? Does anyone know?

  • Just Me

    People have gone insane! Teachers are exposing their degree of stupidity everyday! This country has gone to the crazies, and nothing makes sense any more. Children traumatized in the midst of functioning within their civil rights must be stopped! There is no logic to these incidents and no brain power used by adults. Arrested? For what? The teacher should have been arrested and fired! Bring in the School Board and if the members holler, get rid of them, too. Enough!

  • CQ

    What law called for arresting the kid? Sue, Sue, Sue the officer(s) responsible, and the school board/school district for calling in the police.

  • tommyee

    Is the First Amendment missing here somewhere? Do cops understand the United States Constitution?

  • Dave Mell

    NOw the true picture is revealed! It is the administrators who are destroying education. The teachers are only pawns in the game of do what I tell you to do!

  • budman

    His father should not only file a lawsuit against the school but also the police department and request compensation to the tune of one million dollars. That will take the air out of their sails and may stop this stupidity among the police, local schools and administrators.
    I believe the insanity of all this comes from the very top in the Obama administration who feel as if they can disregard the constitution and ignore laws which protect the citizens,


    BOTH the NRA and Thomas More Law Center ought to jump on this one like bees on honey!!!
    The days of Conservatives quietly allowing Liberal-Commies to shove them around is ….OVER!!!
    It’s time to FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT them in court until they dare not ever trample upon our Constitutional rights again!!!

  • truthbeknown

    so where is the ACLU now? Why aren’t they protesting about this boys rights? I think they are maybe a lame goup

  • scrambo

    stupid ass website…what were the charges? what state? if you are gonna try and give us a glimpse of what is going on out there then atleast do better than half ass it like the lame brain main stream media…

  • Big Dummy

    stupid is as stupid does. As Forrest would say.

  • jvb1980808

    A Gay Rights or Pro Abortion shirt would have been considered FREEDOM OF SPEECH….liberals are so twisted it’s not even funny.

  • thisis4real

    his is the indoctrination of our kids by the liberal educators and thepolitical correct crowd. It is time for Americans to stand up and say NO to the liberal agenda!

  • missnellie

    Our entire educational system is a sham. Who should be before a court is the teacher…funny that the name is not mentioned. Stand tall Jared with your family and know you have many people are standing for your rights as well.

  • skipgainer

    And we allow these cops to carry guns, frighting thought, even worse we now have bonafied knuckle draggers for school teachers and administration officials. How can we expect our kids to get an education from people who really are not well educated themselves?

  • Neal Gaylor

    Welcome to NAZI AMERIKA!!!

  • Chuck Fowler

    Marcum family, get a lawyer and sue the you-know-what out of the school and the police department for violating your son’s First Amendment rights. You can rest assured the liberal ACLU will not be offering their services pro bono. They usually only do that for other liberals.

  • 57girl

    Seems to me Jared as more knowledge of our Constitution, than the people running the schools. He should absolutely be able to use his 1st Amendment rights to defend his 2nd Amendment rights. If his teachers had any brains, they’d commend him on his choice of clothing and perhaps hold classrooms discussions as to why these two rights, in particular, are so important. Without them, we’d have already lost the rest of our rights, I have no doubt.

    Of course we are talking about public schools, funded by the Federal Government who is trying every way possible to erase our borders, so I’m sure young Jared is making it difficult for the teachers to dumb down his fellow classmates. I hope all of the kids are paying attention to Jared’s punishment, and realize that he is a victim of attempted socialism.

    Back in my day, a lot of the kids drove pickups to school (once they were old enough to drive) with gun racks mounted in the rear window. Of course way back then, the Government wasn’t so obvious in their attempts to erase our borders in favor of the North American Union.

  • terr e

    where is this school district what if he had a gay right or abortion t shirt on

  • JP Jones

    It seems to me that both the school personnel and the cops are fraught with a pernicious plague of misinformation. The strident polyphonic creaking of liberal assertions they spew forth have filled their ears with such left-sided pap that they can’t hear anything but their own thinking. The sad part isthat it’s probably easier to teach a snake to tap dance than it is to overcome their firmly entrenched paradigms.

  • diana

    there is nothing wrong with his shirt if they had a dress code, like a Catholic school then maybe but this school is way out of line, and yesterday, and today proves we need the 2 amendment protected from obama and anyone else who tries to change or take it away, we as Americans should not allow no one in office, or in any part of OUR GOV. that dose not really up hold OUR RIGHTS, AND CONSTITUTION.

  • copret

    The school district and the police department should be sued into bankruptcy.

  • Ruby_Con

    It’s obvious that the leftist progressives have been at war with America for some time now, unfortunately, most Americans haven’t figured that out yet.

  • 32eagle

    welcome to communism-this kid went to school -he was not playing hooky-he showed up and his teacher did wrong-he was not naked nor obscene-evidently this teacher just plain disliked this young man and saw the jim dandy design and like a big crybaby felt threatened-maybe the kid could have taken it off and shown teach his machinegun tattoo on one arm and his dreamlady on the other and a sherman tank on his back

  • Hawkerone

    Where the H is logan city , logan county ?

  • Pegs Palmer

    Whats the name of the school? We all need to call them and speak our minds and stand up for the 1st Amendment

  • rifftop

    But when a moron wears a Che Guevara T shirt…that’s okay? A murdering thug. This is just a warning of what the left plans to do over time. And you reelected these bums?

  • forrealcommonsense

    To the liberals he is a greater threat than a muslim who uses our resources against us (such as the Boston Bomber), welcome to O’s America.

    • rifftop

      So true. We import muslims who kill us, but a kid with a shirt is made to look like a monster.

  • rifftop

    I noticed a statue in front of the school with A WWI(it appears) soldier carrying a rifle. Maybe the kid should have simply have the same shirt with a picture of a Springfield rifle on it and see how that flies.

  • rifftop

    We need to monitor and “vet” who is hired to run these schools. We know that the left wing hacks have taken over most of the school systems, time to remove them and get back to reality.

  • Byron Potter

    Woow, what kind of school is that?! Its a t-shirt , for pete’s sake.

  • Jim Duncan

    I wonder if there is a shirt out there that has on it “My 1st Amendment Rights give me the freedom to support my 2nd Amendment rights”? My lawyer is waiting for your denial…

  • jb80538

    TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT of the liberal indoctrination centers called public schools!

  • Linda Tucker

    Did they say what they charged him with?

  • don

    This shows that the Liberal Democrats and Radical left at work again but the problem is where is the dirty words what is the real reason for his suspension.

  • Ronald Christopher

    Any clue yet as to why our kids are not very bright?

  • saddlebroke

    Dumb ass school—-why would you have a kid arrested for expressing his rights under the 1st
    Amendment—–the teachers (not all) are a bunch of stupid idiots with a stupid agenda—fire all of them.

  • akoby

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Arrested for what? Since when does a T-shirt supporting the second amendment become an issue. The second amendment is about guns, Wonder if the same idiots would have suspended and arrested him if he wore a Che Guevara T-shirt???? This has got to stop.

  • keepyourpower

    what were the charges???

    I am a former police officer….What Charges?

  • Floyd

    Charged with what? Really!!!

  • Dawn M. West
  • Dan Williams

    The First Amendment allows one to express one’s opinion regarding the Second Amendment. Jared is correct.

  • whitebird

    The 8th grader should get all of the school to wear the same shirt in support of the 1st amendment and take a copy of the Bill of Rights to hand their teachers. Apparently the faculty has never read it.

  • Mike Young

    Any police officer that agrees to arrest this kid for wearing his shirt should be arrested him/herself for conduct unbecoming an officer. What were the unlawful charges filed against this kid, any details would have been helpful in this article.

  • AZ BOB

    I hope the student body rebels as the parents do not give a s^*t

  • Paul Brown

    This is what this country has come to today, you can be arrested for wearing a T-Shirt of your choice now. What are they going to arrest you for next, not believing the same way they do!!!!!
    Don’t laugh, I think its coming!!!!!!!

  • pysco

    That school Administrations are a bunch of a sorry Sons of Bitches, If I was the parent I would deffinitely be in front of the school board, or at least picket it.

  • Sunrise2

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard yet from the anti-gun, anti-Constitution crowd, including teachers. What right do these teachers have? They wouldn’t give a ratz azz if the kid had a T-Shirt on showing a baby being aborted – that’s okay.

    I think this teacher should be arrested for being an enemy of America and our Constitutional rights. I think that T-shirt was pretty tame, not showing any threat at all. Arrest the rappers who sing about killing cops, etc., which is okay by these liberals too. These liberals have rights, the rest of us do not, which is what they think and would like to happen, along with Obama.

    I think ALL parents should get together, pull ALL their kids out of these places they call “schools,” until the teachers shape up or ship out. Go on strike with your kids. Do them a favor. LOL.

  • Magnum

    You can bet that if this boy was a student in a Christian school, and was suspended for wearing a Gay Pride, Black Power, or La Raza T-shirt, The ACLU, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, a few “Hollyweird” types,a and a gaggle of other lefties would be there in a heartbeat to take up the cause in his defense. My guess is that the ACLU won’t come close to this one fr fear of losing the funding they get from the leftist groups that contribute generously to support them. It would be nice if the NRA, as an example had a fund raiser for him…if just to aggravate Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi, BIden and the rest of those crazies!

  • sarcasticswede

    How’s that hope and change working out for you?

  • porterv

    I checked and found Logan counties in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, and Oklahoma. I then stopped looking. Can anyone tell me where this took place?

  • mari

    We have two radical Muslims bombing children in Boston, a democrat sending ricin to our president and senator, and a mysterious explosion in Texas, yet this school is afraid of a t-shirt that supports the 2nd amendment. The facts aren’t important to these educated idiots, they only care about their politically correct propaganda. The ACLU won’t be any help so sue their pants off. That is how the left has helped transform our schools into the Godless edifices of a failing education system.

  • panors77

    I still don’t get it. How is wearing a dang “shirt” any kind of arrestable offense?

  • 1_Eddie_1

    How does the local police department justify the arrest of this young man for wearing a shirt that expresses an opinion? Does this young man not have his first ammendment right to freedom of speech? I hope the young man files lawsuits against both the school and the local police department. This young man has been wronged and should recieve compensatory pay for damages.

  • freebirds

    Just when I thought liberals couldn’t get any dumber. I’m so glad I was born with brains and logic. The administration should get the daylights sued out of them . What if the gun on his shirt started shooting someone? Lord forbid. Better put him in lock down.

  • grmarshallpe

    More “educated” derelicts. Education is just tools. If you can’t or won’t use the tools correctly, you’re not a journeyman…….you’re just another fool pretending to be something you aren’t and probably never will be. The liberal philosophy is unadulterated stupidity hiding behind ego.

  • Leslie Haveman Rish

    All I can say is I hope his parnets sue the hell out of the school and the police deparment for this, since when is it against the law to wear a t shrit, that is showing a gun, thats crazy. The Officer should be fired for his actions. Talking about rights being violeted

  • Gringo Joe

    For what crime was he arrested? Not obeying an illegal order from his, I wonder if she is, teacher. Home school or private school is the only answer to what is happening in public schools.

  • SallyE

    Another reason to get involved in your local school and find out what your kids are learning. Go to parent-teacher conferences. Find out what they are teaching about the Constitution. Remember that people like Bill Ayers are teaching “education” courses in our universities and this is where our teachers are coming from. We can’t just turn our kids over to the school system and trust them to educate the next generation. Speak up and get involved and find an alternative if you need to. I speak as a preschool teacher in a Christian school.

  • kathleen

    When my oldest was still in public school, the principal told him that “school children do not have constiutional rights”. It was shortly after that I pulled out all 3 and homeschooled for the remainder of their K-12 education.

  • tophtml

    It always amuses me that cities and counties are going bankrupt but they have millions to pay out in civil judgements.

  • Stealth

    I sincerely hope this family SUES THE CRAP out of the school district AND the idiotic Police Department!! If you do, I will CONTRIBUTE towards the suit!!!

  • marion tinsley

    the schools,what about the dumb @$$ cops who arrested this kid,joeupyoursMF’S!

  • bonnie

    Keep your kids out of the Goverment schools.

  • oat21

    The whole incident with this boy was totally blown out of proportion, his parents should sue the school and the police department. I can’t believe the he was arrested and what were the charges, wearing an NRA shirt? If that’s true, we’re in big trouble in this country…. Hey Dad, sue their pants off…….

  • Mys77

    Arrested for what??? This is ridiculous…. and this so called “teacher” needs to be fired ASAP.

  • John

    From the time of the Viet Nam war higher education has been a problem with the colleges teaching a liberal adjenda and causing problems of all kinds against our freedoms! This young man did absolutely nothing wrong and I would like to know what he was charged with after being arrested! I think there should be a false arrest charge initiated by someone! Also the teacher should have to attend a seminar on the constitution!

  • Kristin Wdowicki

    What were the charges? The schools and law officers are acting as rouge agents under the influence of hysteria.

  • rs1123

    It looks as though the goal of the Left is to just ignore the Constitution and to teach kids to do the same, so as to eventually walk away from it. Imagine being ruled by Obama Executive Decree.

  • Bradley Jones

    America is going to hell in a hand basket, I would have never dreamed this could happen in america

  • raccman

    The parents should file a lawsuit and charge Harassment !

  • Daniel Gray

    Sounds to me like someone is going to be paying a major payday to this kid and some left wing twerp is going to get fired over this

  • Billy Bob Johnson

    I think the school did the right thing. The second amendment rights are not absolute. Any constitutional expert will tell you that.

  • Susan

    The emasculation of our boys continues! Without strong, principled men, who have a true understanding our our Constitution and Freedom and “Rights from God”, not the State, we will collapse. The schools condition children to be dependent, stupid, addicted zombies who can’t think.

  • Mocha10

    The Democrats Blame the driver of the car when caught driving under the influence. The democrats blame the gun when someone gets murdered? Go figure? Can this administration get any more stupid than it is. Put God back in our schools and this type of stupidity will disappear.

  • David

    That kid who got suspended and arrested. This should of never -ever happen. First off the teachers are all brain dead and so his the ones who run the school system. I would sue there behinds off and get as much as I could. That is totally crazy and violates your rights to wear a shirt of your own choosing.

    Hey everyone! don’t go to Olive Garden. They hate any one who wears a American shirt saying the USA and they hate anything with Any kind of emblem saying about supporting our soldiers or anything regarding the word of God. And they really hate is a American T-Shirts. Look when you go pass a Olive Garden Restaurant. You won’t see a American flag flying. And you won’t see nothing in regards of supporting our country either. If you walk in to there restaurant wearing these shirts or jackets etc with those emblems I mentioned. They -or the manager will ask you to leave immediately! And did I mention that the Olive Garden was owned by foreigners. Actually owned by the French people who live in France and hate Americans. Yet they love our money here. And have restaurants here in the USA! Just image that will you? Funny isn’t it. Not really. But true facts here I have stated.

  • lara eisenberg

    un freaking believable

  • 1947rhoda64

    I have never heard such outrageous things in my life that these idiots have come up with to arrest a child or anyone else. The Devil is on the rampage and he has gotten into these evil corrupt people and they have lost their minds. What in the world is our country coming to. I don’t think it will be long until the Lord brings his wrath down on everyone of these idiots that have treated our children like criminals. This did not start until we have what we have in the WH and they have caused all of this and racial bias that it is unreal what they have done. I think every parent in the nation needs to stand up and go to the WH and throw every last person out of that WH including the Republicans and start over. We have to put a stop to this. Also looks what is happening now since we have a wimpy president and won’t do anything to these terrorist and have let all the Illegal Immigrants into the US, so no wonder there are so many terrorist that is going to bomb everything they can.

  • Mr Lucky

    Don’t they call it expressing themselves! More of your rights you have let them have! Soon they will teach the kids to hate guns just like they are teaching everything else they want them to know!

  • JIM


  • Jon Weiss

    So, what was he charged with? Wearing a T-shirt? I was unaware that such behavior was criminal in nature. It appears more like a case of school officials going off the deep end on a power trip….AGAIN.

  • Richard Rothschild

    Perhaps we need a “National Protect you 2nd Amendment RIghts T-shirt Day” in our school systems.
    – Commissioner Richard Rothschild

  • John Zoslocki

    What Law was Broken? if he had a picture of a MJ Leaf and the words “love 420” would the teacher had a meltdown?

  • servant1jkb

    The dumbing down of America has now reached the teachers and administrators as well as law enforcement? Well is this not the ultimate proof of Liberal pudding headedness? No wonder they accept evolution’s “The Dead Stuff created Life”, ideas! I guess they think that pictures can influence the populace, ONLY if it’s on a T Shirt, but violent games and movies, have no cause and effect, right?
    Now P.L. D’s [Progressive Liberal Democrats} remember you can’t have it both ways!

  • Persuasive

    It’s gone that far! No coherent message from the nations capital. Division and confusion among citizens. Go to for some clarity. I’d Much Rather Laugh! How You Can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin. A timely message of hope. God bless.

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    Every single child in that school who loves freedom and guns should wear a similar shirt every day until those charges are dropped.

  • Dirty Daug

    Maybe it’s about time to knock the Holly Hell out of these people who would have a kid suspended and arrested for wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a gun on it. I’m 74 years old and I will never put up with the crap these people do.

  • Sasquatch

    Just go to “Reston Virginia, officer Wesley Cheeks” on YouTube if you want to get sick about the destruction of your First Amendment rights. Picture or not, you can say what you like unless it does not conflict with community standards for vulgarity. But watch it And see how the officer twists the law to suit him, how disgusting.

  • Mark Fazio

    I believe that Jared has a great opportunity to sue the School District and the Police Department for such a STUPID incident. All in the name of the 2nd amendment.

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