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400 lb. Man Choked to Death by Police In New York As He Yells ‘I Can’t Breathe!’

The New York Daily News is reporting a tragic story out of New York City involving video footage of the NYPD choking out a 400 lb. man, who outside sources say was only guilty of breaking up a fight. The asthmatic Staten Island dad Eric Garner, who is a husband and father to six, was clearly standing peaceably on the sidewalk when New York Police Department officers approached him and attempted to arrest him. The man complained on video shot by 22-year-old Ramsey Orta that he was tired of being harrassed by police officers. The NYPD stated their accusation after the news story broke that he was suspected of selling untaxed cigarettes.

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  • DrRGP

    Neither selling untaxed cigarettes in New York nor weighing 400 pounds is a good idea.

    • MichaelZZ

      That is true, but what is your point????

      • DrRGP

        Good question. I guess the point, if there is one, is that surviving in New York is hard, and this poor man didn’t seem to be risk averse. Successful urban street crime, for example, often presupposes a certain level of physical fitness. But, of course, there’s no excuse for choking a man to death while trying to arrest him. Something similar happened in Los Angeles a year or so ago, that is, police killing a very large man while presumably trying to arrest him for something relatively minor.

        • Edward B. Levy

          Bottom line is he is dead. Also bottom line, he resisted arrest, no matter what the crime is the police have the right to arrest. The citizen does not have the right to resist. Same situation with a 400 pound white man, no Rev Al, no march on the scene, probably officer would have desk duty, but would not have to lose weapon & badge. This is PC all the way

          • Eduardo

            Namesake: Did you not watch the tape carefully? This man was not doing anything and the police officers at no time instructed him that he was going to be placed under arrest. They just decided to assault him and choke him to death. Murder caught on tape. The police have no right to arrest without probable cause. Read your Constitution.

          • Janine Largent

            If you watch carefully you will see the officer with the cuffs. This man was resisting arrest. He was a large, intimidating, career criminal who had staged this event. A man being “choked” to death can’t say “I can’t breath”. Likely the efforts to subdue this perpetrator likely did trigger a fatal asthmatic attack” but this was not the fault of officers who appear to be trying to provide aid towards the end of the video. I understand that police corruption and brutality does exist. I din’t believe this video is an example of it. If police authority to arrest is not respected then we will live in a lawless society where survival of the most depraved prevails. The police don’t convict, they charge. This man would have had his day in court and should have complied with police. Our officers work in some pretty horrific conditions for working man pay, they deserve our support. Save the cop hating comments for the obvious abuses. This was not one of them.

          • Frank Zappa

            Maybe You are a martial arts Kung-fu master, maybe you are a worthless Can’t Get out of your own way Pig that should go through the lovely experience of being arrested?
            Maybe you should change your skin color and walk in a black mans shoes for a day and see how this works for Ya.
            Murder is Murder and no amount of cash is going to solve for the loss of human rights and this mans dignity. My ONLY hope is that the family Sues The Snot out of the Piggy Department.

          • Janine Largent

            They will lose. We are a nation of laws. The man was resisting arrest. Do you think the police should of said “oh, okay man you don’t want to be charged? No problem, sorry to have inconvenienced you”. The man was probably already having a heart attack before the police subdued him. He died from health issues that were aggravated by his agitated state. The police did not kill this man. The police followed procedure. The man should have complied and probably still would have died because he was probably already in the midst if a major asthma attack and heart attack. Stop throwing around the race card. There are plenty of black men who are not criminals. The real enemy of blacks is the liberal left and their castrating social programs that have destroyed the fabric of black families.

          • dick

            dr Janine you based his health on YOUR MEDICAL EXPERT training or from be part time RN? anyone can be r n. also are you taking MEDS? well if u say no then take them, because this is <BS The police did not kill this man. dr Janine did, just because u are a RN, big deal.i think I'm hitting the high 30s on this study that last statement

          • Alex

            The only thing I saw is a man Dead. Did he had any movement which is threaten to the officers? your word shows completely disregard for human life. They have lots of ways to arrest this man, and chose the worst one.

          • Eddie Rice

            I hope you get choked to death so we can say you were resisting arrest

          • Janine Largent

            Thanks Eddy. Perhaps you’d like to do it. Sounds like a fitting response for a difference of opinion. If I must choose to join sides with the likes of you or these officers then the officers win hands down
            You are the thug.

          • Julian R. Grace

            And you are a slug pig lover.

          • Janine Largent

            Tasteful and intelligent response. Where were you four months ago? Busy watching Jerry Springer?

          • Jason

            @ Janine Largent

            I did watch carefully… Technically this was resisting arrest. Per, § 205.30 – “A person is guilty of resisting arrest when he intentionally prevents or attempts to prevent a police officer or peace officer from effecting an authorized arrest of himself or another person. Resisting arrest is a class A misdemeanor.” He was not physically challenging the cops but on the first command to put his hands behind his back he would not comply. So it is still resisting arrest.

            BUT, there have been written rules since 1993 in NYC forbidding choke-holds within the police handbooks. Also, there are written
            rules about providing assistance once the safety of the situation has been confirmed. There are laws concerning excessive use of force and civil rights. With all the outrage, Officer Daniel Pantaleo WILL be prosecuted. As anyone can see, they are carrying tasers, so the argument that was the only way to bring him down will not be valid. The argument that he immediately posed a physical threat to them is also not valid. I see Daniel Pantaleo being charged with involuntary manslaughter in the second degree or use of excessive force. Civilly he could be have a wrongful death suit brought against him. The EMS workers or their hospital or company they work for could face a civil suit from his wife as well. He was obviously not breathing and did not have a pulse when the EMS arrive. The EMS was doing theatre work for the camera telling him to get up and subsequently telling the camera he was breathing. Recitation procedures should have been followed.

            Eric Garner is partially responsible for escalating things, but this is not the “ah ha” moment that the officer’s defense team will need to win over the jury in the case that will brought against him. If Eric had attempted to place his arms behind his back he would have still been alive and then could have then sued the city for unlawful arrest. Although he had been arrested in the past for the same thing, I think the selling of loose cigerates was a ruse to arrest Eric because they suspected him of being involved in the fight earlier. Officers are allowed to lie except in sworn testimony and on offical police reports under penalty of perjury.

            The problem is multi-fold here. On one side you have race baiters like Al Sharpton crying for a lynch mob and on the another side you have the police unions who hinder superior officers from disciplining and controlling the officers that are subordinate to them. The Chief of Police and the Police Commissioner are stuck between these competing forces. Then you have different angles to the whole issue. You have both liberals and conservatives hijacking the issue. Liberals arguing for redistribution of wealth and conservatives for less government control like the cigarette tax violation that he was charged with. This is not about white vs. black or liberal vs. conservatives. Its about wrong vs. right.

            As a lifelong conservation/libertarian, you won’t get any conservative brownie points from me stating that the officers involved are completely blameless here. Eric Garner committed a class A misdemeanor and paid with his life. Daniel Pantaleo violated written police procedure and violated someone’s civil rights. He acted as both an arresting officer, judge, jury, and executioner. He will pay with the loss of his job and eventually, in time, with a jail sentence.

          • Janine Largent

            I believe the officer will be vindicated. These situations are far more complicated then laymen can interpret. I din’t believe this man was choked to death. These officers were composed, not even really angry. The perp was agitated, imposing and resisting arrest. He was breathless during his agitated rant and the autopsy report still has not been released. I don’t believe the man deserved to die and manslaughter charges are appropriate by law, but I maintain the officer will be vindicated.

          • Jason

            @ Janine Largent

            Yes, they are far more complicated – that’s why there are trials where attorneys present evidence in front a jury. And even then there can be questions.

            I don’t see his chest moving up and down after watching two videos multiple times. Regardless, in what we do or don’t see, those officers and EMS workers will have to testisty under oath in front of a jury where any antics will work against them. They will be asked very specific questions by a very agressive, determined DA. If their testimonies conflict with one another or don’t match up with other evidence (autopsy report, other testimonies, other eye witnesses) then that doesn’t work in their favor. The EMS workers have already been suspended – without pay. The only reason the two officers get reassigned to desk jobs is because of POLICE UNIONS. With perhaps the exception of pay increases and benifits, Police Unions serve no legitimate purpose. They certainly shouldn’t be interfering in displinary action and the internal policies of the police department.

            Yes, Eric was agitated and did resit arrest. We’ll have to agree-to-disagree on imposing. I think the fact that he kept his arms and hands from touching the officers even while he lay on the ground dieing will work in the prosecuter’s favor in helping prove that there was no immediate physical danger to the officers or anyone else. The totalaity of various factors here, will come in play. How many times did the officers tell him to put his hands behind his back, how long did they give him to comply, was less lethal force availabe, was a chokehold justified considering the circumstances? As I’ve already stated there was less lethal force available.

            The composure of the officers can work for or against them. It could show they were just doing their jobs or it could show they were callous. Daniel waving to the camera probably will not go over well. But, the jury will get to hear both sides.

            If I get stopped for speeding a couple of miles over the limit the officer doesn’t get to take his gun out and blow my brains out if I argue with him. Police Officers are not above the law. They are subordinate to, among other things, to the law, to the constitution, to higher ranking officers and officials, and to the policy and procedures of the precint in which they serve. I’m not anti-police. Many graciously serve in their communities for decades without incident.

          • Julian R. Grace

            Turned out to be a pretty shitty DA.

          • Jason

            @ Julian R. Grace, yes. Something I didn’t realize a year ago when posted is the statical probability that a local DA would rubber stamp the officer’s actions. But then a year ago not many were calling for independent counsels for prosecution. I still agree to disagree with Janine Largent in that the officer was not vindicated instead it was prosecutory distrection not to prosecute. If the same incident were to occur today then the outcome would probably be very different considering all that has happened in the past year.

          • DrRGP

            It turns out, Ms. Largent, that you are right on the money. The officer in question was vindicated.

            Please consider a career in journalism or higher education. You actually grasp and competently explain the salient issues. In today’s world, that is no mean feat. I am sorry for the rudeness you encountered by some of the contributors to this forum. Civility in all circumstances is never wrong.

          • Tee Moore

            janine largent is a good example of a parasite that hides behind a christian lable. These so call christians have something to say on every topic ,and want to be right on every topic. It is tough trying to live in a world with parasite like this, My guess is ……that why guns were invented…just saying.

          • Janine Largent

            Sounds like another ignorant, cyber bully who can’t argue with reason, has no respect for the rule of law, dwells in some cellar somewhere hating anything to do with law and order and threatens physical violence to anyone with an opinion
            different then theirs. Blah, blah, blah.

            I think the police should just abandon your cities, put a wall around it and let fools like you administer your vigilante justice.

            Problem solved.

          • Julian R. Grace

            You’re as blind as a bat. They murdered him plain and simple.

          • Warren

            YOU WORTHLESS BLIND Liberal bstrd from hell. Come up and harass me, suddenly attack me and I’ll try my best to beat your gd brains out. I wish he had broken the necks of several of these godless murdering pigs.

          • braver

            actually you ignorant little shyt….. as an american citizen you have to right to resist any illegal activities, orders, or demands….. even if made by police…. in this case… false arrest… you have the right to resist wrongful arrest. you also even have the right to arrest the officer in this case for assaulting you and using deadly force its in the new york statute if a crime is committed in your presence and it is a felony you are authorized to make a citizens arrest assault and attempted murder are definitely felony counts. in which case not only could he have resisted… he could have arrested him (the officer) himself. your obviously a pig… Fu(k D POLICE!

    • Beachtennisguy

      which one is a capital crime?

      • stonemike

        Or allows a street gang of cops to “commit murder?

      • Janine Largent


    • scott

      the liberal nazi scum have no right to attack anyone anytime when their punk scumbag ass,s feel like it.welcome to niggerbamas afromerica

    • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

      The police are involved in cold blooded murder.

      • earlwatters

        just like the homeless man in albuquerque new mexico all he was doing was camping in a no camping area the dam cops shot him to death for no reason i have no respect for any cops any more

        • Ray_Downen

          But there are some good police men and women! It’s not true that ALL are evil and need to be stopped.

          • tm11999

            how do you tell the difference? when confronted by the SS, it’s safer to assume they are of one mind,

          • Hossmiester

            If there were any good ones they have long since gone away, Because if there were good cops they would not stand idly by and allow the corruption that there fellow officers have tried to insert into almost every law enforcement agency to violate American citizens rights. What happened to standing up for morals, principles, and just behavior? No my friend the day of the good cop is long, long gone.

          • Gabe T

            My son’s half-brother is a cop in Gainesville FL. He would have stopped this for sure. He has gotten citations on good merits in police work and he is still only in his second year. This kid actually became a cop to prove that you can still serve and protect. Of course that is rare but I commend him for it. There was no reason for that first cop to grab and try to arrest him. He was stating his case not being provocative or threatening to anyone. Every cop in this video should loose their jobs and their pensions immediately and make this an example of NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING TO STOP A CRIME. This was a crime — aren’t the bloody cop bastards supposed to stop crimes????

          • Hossmiester

            Well your Son’s half brother is a very rare animal indeed. But as stated by:
            “Itbjj – Yes, there are some good cops, but it is getting more rare all the time to find them. I have known many cops over the years and what happens the vast majority of the time is, if they are good and stay good, they get out of police work. If they stay, it is because they have become corrupted like the others.”
            This is very true, they either leave the force or become corrupted by it.

          • Gabe T

            He indeed got into law enforcement to help people out because he thought there were many cops that let the power get to their heads..

          • Janine Largent

            I think your son’s “half brother” would probably prefer you not speak for him.

          • Gabe T

            Why? I have talked to him lot’s of times and he got into law enforcement to help people out because he thought there were many cops that let the power get to their heads… I know what he thinks of this indeed. What seems to be your issue anyhow.

          • Janine Largent

            They were trying to stop crime. Their job is to charge; it is the judge’s job to decide innocence or guilt. The man would not comply with arrest. What is wrong with all of you? If they had let this man walk he would have become even more bold the next time. The man has a lengthy record. You are all advocating anarchy. This was an unfortunate tragedy.

          • Eddie Rice

            you Are trying to make this victim look like he deserveD to die. tragedy my ass. This was murder. you should get choked out and have your head slammed around for jaywalking. then everybody will sAy this needed to happen to you so you didn’t become more bold next time. I really hope this happens to you for defending these Killers

          • Janine Largent

            I do not think he deserved to die and I do not think the officers killed him. Please describe how you would have handled this situation?

          • ltfbhh

            Yes, there are some good cops, but it is getting more rare all the time to find them. I have known many cops over the years and what happens the vast majority of the time is, if they are good and stay good, they get out of police work. If they stay, it is because they have become corrupted like the others.

          • Warren

            yea Ray, but 2 or 3 % of good ones out of 100% just doesn’t cut it, we need more.

      • Orrie Froloff

        Absolutely! May the punishment fit the crime.

      • Janine Largent

        Ray, you are usually on the right side of these things. Watch your reputation and remember Romans. These officers put their own lives in the line every day. This man was a career criminal very familiar to these officers who, in my opinion actually showed restraint in a tense situation surrounded by this man’s “homey’s”. This was a carefully filmed attempt at an arrest that actually used the least lethal force. This was an unfortunate medical emergency that occurred during a lawful action and was precipitated by this man’s own actions in not complying with officers. Calling them cold blooded murders puts you in some bad company.

        • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

          The evidence speaks for itself.

          • Janine Largent

            What evidence?

    • GQ4U

      Neither is being murdered by the police. An illegal choke hold provoked a response from the victim and five cops rush in to help the assailant kill this innocent man.

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      While you are correct that selling untaxed cigs and being overweight are not healthy habits, which of these two offences constitute a capital crime? You talk like an ambulance chaser. What part of “caught on film committing murder” escapes you?
      Ultimately, this is yet another of many cases where the cops turn out to be the bad guys and it supports my claim that the ONLY difference between the cops and the other criminals is that the cops have the law on their side.
      We are living in a thugocracy and anarchy abounds. For so long as people defend the bad guys–whomever they may be–the situation will continue to decline.

      • okihadit

        so true!

      • Frank Zappa

        Very simple WE THE PEOPLE are the enemy, The Patriot Act, (Not So Patriotic) Agenda 21, The NDAA. What this means is that America has been (Past Tense) Declared a War Zone, so the Piggy’s can kill Americans with impunity. While PresiDink Obungo has not declared Martial Law just yet this country is a war zone hence the “Emergency War Powers Act” Obungo signed into law Banning ALL importation of AK-47’s…..Hows that for starters?

        • Janine Largent

          If this perpetrator is an example if we the people then we are in big trouble.

    • Stacie Stevens Markham

      God forbid uncle sam not get his money. Why wasn’ t this man the face of police brutality instead of Michael brown?

  • libsbow

    you stupid NY liberals still thin a 32 oz drink is more dangerous to your health than Bloomberg’s gestapo police..

    • The Bobster

      Fat Albert is a career criminal. He’s been arrested 20 times.

      • Beachtennisguy

        So that gives 4 thugs with badges a license to execute him?

      • PatHenry

        You are an ass do you think they might have been profiling or harassing him 20 times

        do you know the verdicts in those case or are you just shooting your mouth off??

        • The Bobster

          Oh, I was wrong, cop-hating s hit for brains. The porch monkey was ape-rested 30 times. And I suppose he was innocent all 30 times.


          “Why you touching me? I di-int sell nuffin. I was breaking up a fight,” Garner
          shouted, according to witnesses.

          Observers said the incident *escalated quickly.

          “They ran up on him and got rough right away. He wasn’t fighting back,” said Gordon Benson, 33.

          More than five cops knocked Garner to the ground, witnesses said.

          Police said Garner had more than 30 arrests.

          • PatHenry

            You still didn’t give any info on his arrests you are going on hearsay typical troll.

          • Gabe T

            maybe according to troll squatter sources the guy was arrested 102 times… that might even sound better in your kangaroo court of equity ….Of what I saw the guy did not provocate a reason for the cop bastards to tackle and kill the guy… it’s right there on video for effin sakes!!!!

          • PatHenry

            It doesn’t matter how many times he’s been arrested they had no right to arrest him let alone kill him!

          • Gabe T

            yeah I meant that when I said he was arrested 100 plus times… due process means that does not constitute a friggin cop has a right to be judge /jury and bloody executioners

          • Me_in_Canada_eh

            So because he had 30 arrests before, he’s not allowed to be considered innocent before proven guilty? His record gives the cops the right to just off him? Why didn’t they just go to his house and shoot him?

          • Gabe T

            Spot ON!

          • Hossmiester

            Well we all know the police NEVER LIE, or try to cover up anything a all. And just because your arrested doesn’t mean your guilty of a single crime either. Prove your case or sit down and shut up.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        You can “arrest” someone until the cows come home. It is the “convictions” that matter. The police have an old saying “you might beat the wrap but you can’t beat the ride.”

        • Janine Largent

          I think is what thw officers where trying to do; arrest this very large man who was resisting.arrest.

      • Ray_Downen

        So KILL HIM! Really? In some ways that’s cheaper than arresting him again. But it’s apt to cost the police a great deal. Each who helped in the murder is guilty and should be prosecuted for murder.

    • Frank Zappa

      I’LL take my chances with Al-quida, rather than death by Pig.

      • Janine Largent

        It’s Al Quaeda

  • TonysTake

    This is murder. You just watched a man being murdered by the cops. No trial, no rights, just plain and simple murder by cops.

    • The Bobster

      No, he was murdered by his huge appetite for KFC.

      • Beachtennisguy

        So the arrival of 4 thugs with badges was just a coincidence?

      • Stephen Geiger

        Your comments betray your lack of respect for the rule of law and your lack of common decency. This man did nothing to deserve being choked to death. This is another example of the thug mentality of many cops these days. The mayor of NY expressed concern over the behavior of the police in this situation. If he is really concerned, then he should see to it that they are prosecuted for murder.

      • MichaelZZ

        Whereas I agree that we all have the responsibility to be as healthy as possible, you are light-years beyond disgusting.

      • Vin

        Your sickness knows no depths.

      • tenndoug911

        Bob you are one sick dude so much hate and so little sense.

      • Gabe T

        So like if you had a buddy that;s 400lbs that would be funny right? I got a buddy that;s 400 and I would be glad to introduce you to him so he crush your friggin head. Oh he’s pretty healthy for his size BTW.

    • MichaelZZ

      The officer applying the choke hold should be charged with manslaughter

      Any of the other officers should be charged with the use of excessive force, and if that is shown, by an independent investigation, should be required to take a week off, at no pay, undergoing intensive training regarding the use of excessive force, and docked one month pay.

      The officers would have the option to forego the penalties, if they quit the force.

      A strong signal would be sent that this “activity” cannot be tolerated.


    • colsooonscoorner

      Sure looked like it to me. I call it obama fever, out of control cops. Used to be known as LEO’s sure doesn’t seem that way now !!! Too much of it popping up all over the country.

      • TonysTake

        Welcome to the police state. Comply or die.

        • axmickl

          When the shooting starts because of the unbearable disgust with government, the thug cops will be the first targets.

      • Alupara

        Thank the Clinton’s “Cop on every corner” program for unleashing all these bullies with badges.

    • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

      Cold blooded murder indeed.

  • WhiteFalcon

    NYC’s finest at their finest.

    • Centurian2010

      Guessing the police in NY do not want citizens to have their 2nd Amendment rights either.

      • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

        America’s Predatory Deadbeats (otherwise known as the Albuquerque Police Department) are in the news again. Will it ever end?

        On April 21, Albuquerque police Officer Jeremy Dear shot and killed 19 year-old Mary Hawkes. She was suspected of stealing a truck, and allegedly was running from police when she was shot:

        • Me_in_Canada_eh

          Guess I won’t be visiting Albuquerque anytime soon.

    • Combatvet52

      They used to be at one time………not now.

    • roadking2000

      This is the same police farce that raped a man in a precinct station with a toilet plunger not too many years ago

  • Don Sr.

    Most of our society now days have NO disernment what so ever. There is NO excuse for what these criminal cops did. It is on film . It is on film for those lame brains who need to here it repeated. To the county farm with the cops is where they need to go. And the legal beagles ask why the general public does not trust them. These cops need to pay heavily for what they did here. But this will not happen as they get rewarded these days for acts like this. Sick, warped unlaw men.

  • tuvals

    Wow, I can’t wait to see the verdict on this one. It appears NYC will be making a payout for this blunder. No matter who was right or wrong this was sad and pathetic!

  • djw663

    Those Liberal cities! Nothing left to say besides this sh it the libs are doing crossed the line a long time ago and it’s time for good men to do something!

    • axmickl

      It doesn’t just happen in liberal cities. These blue shirted gestapo are all over the country and they are acting just like the scum in New York. Justice will be served even if the public has to serve it.

    • okihadit

      and where the hell are all the good men?

      • djw663

        I know quite a few, how about you?

  • PatHenry

    The cops wonder why the citizens hate them and look at cop killers as heroes, this shows whats wrong with many big city police departments. No amount of money will bring back a husband and father.!!!

    • MichaelZZ

      But, a strong signal must be delivered that this “activity” is excessive force and an abuse of power.

  • Alupara

    You voted for a liberal, socialist democrat for a mayor, now enjoy your police state.

  • colsooonscoorner

    Think they need better police training. The guy wasn’t causing a problem. Looked to me the cops were harassing him. End result one dead human being. Too much of this stuff, all over the country. I call it obama fever, infecting LEO’s. Except it’s looking less & less like LEO’s. Cause aforementioned. What a shame.

  • william russell

    Hey all murder is murder however in a liberal progressive democratic state they can no blame conservatives. What is the mayor going to do and i hope his family sues the pants off the city, police department and every officer. Just like the lady that was shot 8 times with a child in the back seat for making a long turn in dc. The officers were clear of all charges. This here is just another example of brutal force, and the guy was saying he could not breath. Letting him up would do no harm and where would he go. It is just horrible but that is liberal socialism new york city, glad i do not live there any more like so many others who have moved out

  • Captain America

    Will these police officers be charged?

  • MoralityandSense

    This is truly sad. That man didn’t look like trouble and I don’t know how those cops (especially the one who applied the choke hold) could live with themselves. It was rightly said, “When people are afraid of the government it is tyranny, when the government is afraid of the people it is liberty”, Thomas Jefferson. What’s ironic is that the Black vote in droves for democrats who bring this misery upon them, they cannot put two and two together.

  • Mathematical certainty

    AH!, I see the uniformed low IQ thugs strike again. They will all be promoted for their bravery in protecting society. The guy on the ground who was choked to death by these Neanderthals will be charged with resisting arrest, buried, and forgotten.

    • axmickl

      Buried maybe but not forgotten. The justice will come when the crap hits the fan over the tyranny of the federal government explodes in their faces.

  • axmickl

    Screw you DrRGP. There is no excuse for what the gestapo thugs did, none Every single pig that participated in that murder should be in jail.

  • teedoffatobama

    simple case of MURDER by cops!! they could have used taser or anything else to subdue him, they chose to gang tackle him and that is where they went WRONG! May GOD accept this soul into his kingdom and hand out justice for his murder!

    • Joseph Toth

      They should hang the SOBs

      • teedoffatobama

        no they should be sent to the same prisons as those they have sent and let justice be served

        • stonemike

          Oh yeah !

  • Foxmuldar

    If they wanted to arrest him, why didn’t they taze him first. This was clearly mob mentallity. The mob being the cops gone wild. Where is Eric the Red Holder when one of his own kind is murdered in bright daylight? These cops will be suspended with pay for a few weeks and then back on the force .

  • racindavid

    And cops wonder why people hate them… Really?

  • MAC49

    If he couldn’t breath, HE COULD ALSO NOT TALK! So again why should the Officers believe anything he says?

    • stonemike

      Dumbass , undoubtedly , you have never been choked into unconsciousness , it is TERRIFYING ! try it dummy !

      • MAC49

        Dumbass? Well Dumbass No I haven’t, but then again I don’t get my self in those situations. If an Officer tells me to do something he has authority and I will do as told, or pay the price. Lack of respect for authority, is a lost way of life and I’m sure you are right up there with the rest of the losers. Authority is anyone like your parents, officers grandparents, teachers and you elders. But then again that is a lost way of life! Just Please don’t tell me you are reproducing!

        • stonemike

          You, who feel cops have aright to kill citizens must fit in real well with obammis plans! Ive already got 15 grandkids who produce and support both themselves and the freedoms govt is killing! Im sure with your attitude, your family is either deranged progressives or the “welfare scum I hate ! Most cops are “power mongers”, now indoctrinated with “marxist ideology that the state is ALL POWERFUL, but it aint, not in America, buddy !

          • Frank Zappa

            Mac-49 is a deranged F_CK that has no clue about life. Maybe one of these days we could hope he is arrested for some BS Crime and beat within an inch if his life. YES being choked IS without a doubt terrifying, first you struggle then you fight, then you pass out from lack of oxygen, and IF you are lucky you regain consciousness. This is assuming the person knows what he is doing. Maybe there is a place for Mac in the CIA for the torture of animals and humans, He’ll be right at home.

          • stonemike

            Your opinion is very sensible , but sensibility and TRUTH are the very first casualties where a deranged ideology like “marxism or militant progressivism “is concerned ! I caution all these “blindless LAW AND ORDER NUTS” to remember , being a member of a “law abiding society” means not only obeying the law and its’ agents, but REFUSING TO OBEY unlawful commands and “oppressive and illegal actions” by govt , in any form !

          • MAC49

            Your politeness and mouth, well it leaves something to be desired. But that’s on you. Where I come from is a small town and everyone knows everyone and the officers know your parents, and if worse, came to worse our parents heard from the officers and we heard the rath of God from our parents. No I can’t comprehend people speaking of anyone in the manner you speak, Not from you and definitely not from an officer. Sure am glad you wished such horrible stuff on me, but if something should happen to you or someone you love PLEASE do not call on law enforcement . They are the enemy in your eyes. And I’m not real sure who you think you are to be so judgmental of me and say such kind words. But that’s on you, I sure hope it made you feel better. And as for HE, I am a 65 year old lady. with kids and grandchildren. And God forbid they ever disrespect anyone with a mouth like yours. GOD BE WITH THEM. Thanks for the kindness from Frankie and Stonie. I would really hate to be as angry as you two. Now you just have a great day!

          • Frank Zappa

            So Smacky Whackie i had to submit another post separately above this so dial it above for your favorite reply, a thrill to be had by all.

  • isaiah14

    There is one thing that police have to understand is that the weak spot for the black man is the joint where the jaw meets the skull. I know that professional wrestling is basically fake; but if you see a black wrestler get put into a choke hold of any kind, look at his response. He is gasping for air. This isn’t true of a white wrestler being put into the same situation. There have been incidents where a policeman will put a black man into choke hold, bring him down to the ground, release the choke hold, and than order the man to get up. The man doesn’t get up. Why? because he is dead. Squeeze the jaw/joint area, and it will kill the black man. The choke hold killed him. In boxing it is against the rules to throw a hay maker, or swing the fist into the side of the jaw. The reason? Most boxers are black, Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and so forth. Throwing a fist near the joint area toward the back of the jaw will kill the black man. The black man’s weakness is the jaw joint. Where the jaw meets the skull.

  • Gary

    Blacks don’t understand that when the gestapo accosts you, you just kowtow and take the false arrest. Of course, the whites in 1776 would have understood but these days we (white here) just acquiesce to the power of the state and hope it doesn’t find us. When they came for the jews, I wasn’t jewish…etc.


    SO SAD to see this unnecessary loss of life of one of our citizens who was unarmed but made the mistake of resisting arrest.
    As a long retired LEO, my advice from experience, is to NOT RESIST ARREST as you will surely lose the battle as reinforcements arrive on the scene.
    IF YOU KNOW that you are being unlawfully arrested, don’t even argue with the officer(s) but peacefully go with them without resisting.
    Once you are in booking and are given a phone call, contact your attorney immediately and reap your reward in court when you are found…NOT GUILTY!!!

  • pablo curley

    It’s time Obama, need to go To IMPEACHMENT. please ask you Congess put this on Ticket to VOTE IMPEACHMENT BARRACK OBAMA., in NOVEMBE 4,2014


    Wow, the state of our country is heartbreaking

  • Ednar

    He was fighting to breathe as people do when they are drowning. Police mistook this urge for survival as resisting arrest.
    Officers may not have been thoroughly trained for this specific scenario.

    • Pat Alexander

      A police officer must be able to do many things. They are to be professional and serve with courtesy, service and protection.. We have a lack of that today.

  • rocky63

    Murder, pure and simple.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    The signs of the end times are everywhere…

    As we witness such things as the spread of globalism, the building of a one-world church, the increase of wickedness, the breakdown of the traditional family, the destruction of that priceless bastion of liberty called America, the normalization of homosexuality, the callous murder of babies, the filthy pop culture, the breathtaking increase in governmental surveillance, we become fearful, uncertain, frustrated, angry, and discouraged, but this is because our minds and hearts are too focused on things of this world rather than things above. Too often we have the same short view that “conservative” unbelievers have rather than the long view that comes from the light of Bible prophecy…

    The devil is the god of this world, and his handiwork is evident everywhere, but he is not God and he is not in control of the times and the seasons.

    “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:20-21).

    We should stand in the confidence that the present evil is exceedingly temporary and will soon be cut down.

    Please visit my Bible prophecy website at: itshallcometopass dot org

  • nwyfzguy

    He should have just compiled, he’d just simple gone to jail and would have been released probably the same day. Fat Man wants to fight…he lost.

  • Mr Chan Mr Chan.

    The Goon quad strikes again.

  • Melia Sese

    A hole cops … ‘selling untaxed cigs’ gets the death penalty?

    • Pat Alexander

      Yes, like harry reid( D- Majority Leader)the land grabber, He take your land and cows by force/death when a court wood do.

  • Maria castro

    Are you aware that we are chaotic! No limits whether white or black….except, you will be “blessed” if you are a muslim. They will not touch you with a 10 ft pole.

  • a_browning

    He was just murdered by NYPD “officers”. I hope they are charged and convicted, but all I really expect to happen is that they get paid administrative leave and a clear review. Disgusting.

  • 1PierreMontagne1


  • Pat Alexander

    This man should still be alive. A very costly arrest and I don’t just mean money.

  • BS Detector

    He died of a heart attack, not asphyxiation. Sad as heck. ‘Shouldn’t have resisted arrest.

  • URKiddinMee

    SUSPICION of untaxed cigarettes gets you choked to death. I guess you’d be SHOT for selling Big Gulps!

  • Janine Largent

    Tell it to the judge. The guy was resisting arrest. The cops used standard procedure. The asthma attack was tragic, but the cops didn’t kill him.

    • longshorts

      Involuntary manslaughter, at least. Every cop present should be charged, and the video is enough to convict them. After conviction, they should be put in the general prison population. No special treatment should be offered them at all…….

    • Frank Zappa

      Bull_Shift, you have no idea what the hell you are even talking about. Have you ever fought in any sport, or perhaps a “Martial Arts Instructor,” Probably not, and likely you could not even get out of your own way. He COULD NOT BREATHE, this is NOT an Asthma attack he was being choked to death. Where did you get the asthma crap from? Did you pull this out of your rectal cavity? Or are you just retarded?

  • jon

    this is nothing but murder and the cops have no right to murder anybody. but the first thing they do is try to cover up the fact that they where in the wrong as the video shows . yes he was mad he was being harried by the police for breaking up a fight outside his store ! but to be killed by the police is carrying the police power trip way too far !

  • robocop33

    All the guy had to do was submit to the arrest instead of resisting. When someone tells you he can’t breath, he is breathing as that is how he is talking. We will just have to wait for the autopsy to come back and then further investigate this incident. The cops are not looking to try and kill others, they are simply there to enforce the laws. It is very unfortunate that this man died but, it cold have easily been avoided had he simply submitted to the lawful arrest.

    • Marion Lee

      Arrested for what? You wanna make a bet we never hear anything more about this case just as we don’t hear anything about any of the rest when a “cop” is involved in a death.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Makes you sick!~

  • smartgranny55

    When did selling cigarettes or standing on a sidewalk or breaking up a fight become a capital crime.

  • stonemike

    These cops only amount to “legalized gangs”, which one of these gangmembers could have arrested this guy by himself, much less choked him to death? NONE, THESE GUYS ARE COWARDS ! Of all involved, none of these ‘egomaniacs” realized they were killing the guy, ILL NEVER BELIEVE THAT ! They are guilty of murder !

  • dan from ohio

    this is why people kill police officers.To many times unarmed citizens are killed by police and they get away with it.

    • GQ4U

      Hey, they usually get sent home with full pay for a little vacation time — ‘tuff’ punishment.

      • dan from ohio

        and they wonder why people shot police officers.People get feed up.

  • GQ4U

    True terrorism is New York by the “protect and Serve” team. What has Bloomberg wrought?

  • Harold

    Welcome to America’s version of the 1930’s Gestopo thugs, otherwise known as thug cops. I hope everyone of these creeps are charged with murder. That’s exactly what they are licensed murderers.

  • bayman61

    One on one these cops are cowards. They only get tough when others show up.

  • eganstew3

    Where is compassion? I am a care giver and I am trying to do something with my clients and they complain or say something. I listen and if necessary stop and reevaluate the situation before going on. These policemen need a heart. But they deal with riffraff and probably come up against lots of horrible people trying to get out of something. Then again, maybe policemen coming out of schools today are just cruel men. This is why Obama and the Dem need the illegals coming into our country as they will need them to gun us Americans off.

  • michael katz

    “choke hold” is the wrong term. Used properly it DOES NOT affect the airway. It is a Carotid control hold that causes resistance to stop, often by unconsciousness. No cop KNOWS that the hold will lead to death. It is approved by many departments. Therefore the intent to murder is NOT there, people. He DID resist “Get your hands off me”. It only boils down to whether they had grounds to arrest him. Not how they got there in the first place or if he did something good first.

  • No-Mo-BO

    His wife should get a lawyer and have the NYPD paying for everything she needs and putting her kids through school and college.

  • tenndoug911

    A sad commentary on law enforcement. Peacefully question the legality of what they do and you will find yourself thrown to the ground and choked out. Too many have delusions of godhood and think they can do anything they want. Actions that would send you or me to jail are overlooked or covered up by their peers.

  • marcdepiolenc

    When did the “crime” of selling untaxed cigarettes start earning the death penalty? Or was he murdered for being obese?

  • regulus30

    now now this is all part of Moochelles anti obesity program;; Margret Sanger/ Bernard Shaw would be proud of New York PIGS……..

  • okihadit

    this is dsigusting, so they choke the man to death and might be for selling untaxed cigarettes! dam, that poor guy, wow, if that would be one of mine i would make sure something would be done to those police officers.

  • 09dogg38

    Now Sharpton has something to do again.Not that he cares about the individual,but now he can get back in the spotlight.The cops should be jailed for life.What a clusterfuck.

  • Michael_IL

    Of course after a thorough investigation the Police Officers involved will be absolved of any wrong doing.

    And DHS wants to give these thugs armored vehicles to have ever greater control over the rest of us.

    God help you if you come into their crosshairs. Who does one call for protection from the Police?

  • MAVERICK7777

    The AH cop or cops should be removed one way or another…. and no pay when sent home but time in jail for murder….. Sue the Cop the police dept the police chief the mayor too…. This is total bs as the cops around the USA think they are in a war zone and they are not…but if they want to play rought then the people can and will start to fight them if thats what their looking for…. Hang the SOB.

  • Me_in_Canada_eh

    Seig Heil!

  • william g munson


  • jaminjayman

    Looked like an unprovoked attack as well. I hope these so-called cops will be punished severely.This thugocracy has got to stop – Remove and arrest, Obama,and Holder NOW! That’s a good start – Enchew evil and do good – Seek righteousness and justice. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

  • BDnSC

    Liberals create regulation on top of regulation and now we have a dead man lying in the street for being accused of selling untaxed cigs. Meanwhile, murderers are left uncaught, over half of all pregnancies in NY end in abortion, and the govt. makes it illegal to cook with salt, fry with unsaturated fat, and you can;t drink a 32 oz. Coke.
    You people are truly fu**ed up!
    Pull out your wallet NYers. Your gonna pay for it once again!
    To the poor dead man and his family, my condolences.

  • mary1160

    Pray they go to jail and pay for this!

  • Dennis

    Doesn’t matter what the past record, if any, is or was. Did the police have a viable reasonable cause for arrest? Stopping or breaking up a fight is not a crime of no violence was commited during the process. The police obviously disliked their actions being recorded during their public “show of force” intended to intimidate the local citizenry. They need to subdue their supersized egos and remember their mandate to “serve and protect”. Not every person on the street is a perp and not every cop deserves to wear the badge and carry authority. Officials should determine a way to end this trend NOW!!!

  • Pclages

    Sux. Increasingly, it appears that cops are not worth the salary, benefits, and retirement cost associated with their employment. No sense holding our breath waiting for criminal charges to be filed against any of these officers.

  • Frank Zappa

    Hey New York:

    Ya just gotta break a few eggs once in a while RIGHT, I mean after all he looked like a hardened criminal, must have been selling drugs, he spit on the sidewalk?…No…How about that he robbed a 7-11….Ah No…What about a Bank? Hummmm nothing seems to fit. I know it was just a slow day and you had nothing better to do than kill an innocent man wrong place at the wrong time. Well another case of Police Brutality, I know all of the officers involved will be put on Administrative Leave (Vacation) until the department conducts “Damage Control” Oh I mean Internal Investigation clearing all you scum of any wrong doing. I Know you all were in fear for your lives…That’s it you were scarred. How brave. I hope this guy has family that will sue the crap out of all of you brave Pigs..Oh I mean Cop / Pigs..Well one of those has to be right.

  • mickey

    Whoever the cop was that choked this man to his death should without doubt be fired ASAP. this guy does not belong on a police force. PERIOD

  • mickey

    This cop is guilty of murder, slap this bad cop in chains for life.

  • SheNemo

    Coming to a city near you soonnnnnnn………………..
    They wouldn’t have done that to an illegal!

  • KittyKittyKit

    Here’s OUR DOMESTIC ENEMIES, America. They’re all wearing police uniforms of one form or another. You can’t trust a COP (Criminal Outside Prison) any farther than you can throw a train car.

    They are ALL LIARS. The PROOF……they all LIED when they took their OATH before becoming police officers. They are SWORN to protect and defend our U.S and STATE Constitutions against ALL ENEMIES both foreign and DOMESTIC. Instead, our Politicians and every level, Federal, State, and Local, have forsaken their OATHS too, and they make UNLAWFUL ORDERS, which NO ONE, is required by law to obey, and the TRAITOR COPS “enforce” all of these UNLAWFUL ORDERS and have turned on America.

    As Thomas Jefferson, one of our main Founding Fathers said, “The Tree of Liberty is watered with the BLOOD of PATRIOTS and TYRANTS”. He also wrote that there probably should be a WAR every 20 years, or so, to clean out the SCUM that gathers in the halls of our political institutions, that are trying to undermine the Constitution(s)

    Get a load of this, folks. Three or four minutes of reading this will EMPOWER all LEGAL gun owners to take action.

    If the nations law enforcement agencies, in their TOTALITY, decide they are going to “try” to enforce the disarmament of their states and the nation see how ONE-SIDED the odds really are.

    All of what you’re about to read is LEGAL, totally legal.

    Picture this for a moment.

    I have a “comb” that has 74 teeth in it.

    Counting each tooth to represent 1.16 MILLION legal American Citizens, consider the following.

    Using the first two teeth, on the left, their sum total is 2.32 Million American Citizens who make up the entire population of America’s Active Military Forces, ALL police officers, and ALL top echelon Public Officials. (includes the POTUS, Congress, all Governors, State Representatives, Mayors, and Community officials)

    The remaining 72 teeth add up to a total of 83.5 MILLION, Constitutionally LEGAL, American Citizens, the NRA, and other gun organizations, and individuals, who “legally” own guns. (let that sink into your brain before continuing)

    We the People, are allowing 1/10 th. of 1 tooth, (the politicians) backed by 1- 9/10 teeth (all armed military and police), to THREATEN and BULLY, 72 teeth (America’s LEGALLY armed citizens) into surrendering their RIGHTS under the Constitution, and they are OPENLY, and ACTIVELY engaged in the OVERTHROW of the United States Constitution, TO OUR FACE!!!

    This PUNY force of arrogant, CITIZENS, actually believe (because of false “media” coverage) they are the MAJORITY force and power, and are answerable to no one, especially the “private sector” CITIZENS and PATRIOTS that write their paychecks.

    Note this……….EVERY YEAR, the 83.5 MILLION citizens in the Private Sector, become the LARGEST armed military force in the WORLD.

    This happens on OPENING DAY of “hunting season” across America, when 83.5 MILLION HUNTERS step out of their houses, into the public, fully armed, with their guns loaded, and head into the fields and woods for a two week hunting period.

    There are NO REPORTS of mass shootings or homicides or an inordinate amount of “accidents” involving OUR GUNS during that two week period, EVER.

    We are Americans. We have been raised and trained how to use and handle guns SAFELY, and for the “right” purposes, from our youth to old age. WE ARE TRUSTWORTHY to keep and bear arms, as our Founding Fathers knew.

    Its time for WE THE PEOPLE to put a stop to all of this NONSENSE, and we can do it.
    NO LATER than Opening Day of hunting season, 2014, America………..PUT YOUR GUNS ON, and NEVER TAKE THEM OFF AGAIN.

    Are we going to let a MEASELY 1/10th of 1 tooth, (the politicians) to continue to dismantle the United States Constitution at EVERY LEVEL of government, when they have SWORN an Oath to “protect and defend” the very constitution they are actively engaged in destroying???

    OR…are WE THE PEOPLE going to strap on our LEGALLY owned guns, and armed with the BILL OF RIGHTS,( which have NEVER been repealed), MARCH down to our LOCAL government and City Counsel meetings, and DEMAND of our ELECTED officials, to STAND UP, one by one, and openly declare their own PERSONAL position on the American Citizens RIGHT to keep and bear arms, and to wear them in ALL PUBLIC VENUES, and to state, YES or NO, on whether or not ANY of the first 10 amendments to the constitution have been repealed.

    If the INDIVIDUAL answers in FULL SUPPORT of the Constitution, he/she retains their job.

    If the INDIVIDUAL answers AGAINST the Constitution and in favor of the continued Usurpation and Overthrow of our constitution through LAWS and ORDINANCES depriving the CITIZENS their constitutional RIGHTS, and ordering the local police forces to ENFORCE these laws, then that person is to be placed under CITIZENS ARREST for PERJURY, for LYING under their oath, (when they took their oath), stripped of his/her position of public office, and punished under the laws of perjury of the State, and an interim supporter of the Constitution is to be temporarily installed until new elections can be held to fill the seat.


    We can STOP THIS MADNESS without having to fire a single SHOT, if WE THE PEOPLE, will simply put on our guns,

    (like the “Oathkeepers did at the Alamo last year,(2013), and the cops didn’t dare step up and do anything because they knew they had no LEGAL, authority to do anything),

    and NEVER take them off again, and go to our town meetings, DEMANDING IMMEDIATE CHANGE, and the INSTANT REPEAL of all LOCAL laws contrary to the Constitution, and declaring unconstitutional laws as UN-LAWFUL ORDERS only, and NO PERSON, public or private, is required to obey or follow an unlawful order. They are VOID of any legal authority.

    CLAIM YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGAIN, PATRIOTS and the State and Federal officials HAVE NO POWER to continue overthrowing us.

    THEN we march on our State Capitals, demanding the same. KICKING OUT OF OFFICE, immediately, those who have perjured themselves.

    THEN we march on Washington D.C. and take back the Capitol.

    It’s a PIECE OF CAKE, patriots, and the PUNY 2 teeth are absolutely CRAZY if they decide they want to start shooting at us.

    Its time for WE THE PEOPLE to put a stop to all of this NONSENSE, and we can do it.
    NO LATER than Opening Day of hunting season, 2014, America………..PUT YOUR GUNS ON, and NEVER TAKE THEM OFF AGAIN.

    We can have our nation BACK TO IT’S ROOTS in less than 60 days, and ALL of OUR actions, are Constitutionally LEGAL .

    It’s once again time that the public officials, and police, FEAR the CITIZENS instead of the citizens fearing the politicians and police.

    An armed American citizenry is a FREE American citizenry.

  • conservmrs

    Well, I guess they figured it would save the taxpayers money to have a trial and possible imprisonment! Is it not wonderful that they have that power now???

  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    Well, in the first place this guy should not have battled the Police. In the second place this is common to holler abuse and harassment every time they are caught. This guy like so many think that because of their size he can intimidate others by his size. No matter what the police did they would be cast as the bad guy. If the tasered him they would be criticized. If they used their wands they would be critized and even if they decided not to arrest him, they would be criticized. This man’s obesity was the most like cause of his demise. His weight made i hard for his lungs to function. However had this guy had not fought with the police he most likely would have been cited. However, either way he could have his day in court. .

  • Boiling

    So selling untaxed cigarettes in New York is a “kill on sight” offense?

  • cathylovesyou

    This big man is a criminal, when a man this size resist arrest and is attacking sometimes what you have learned is forgotten in the heat of doing your job. Notice how smaller the police are today. Unfortunately this was to help are newer smaller immigrants become policeman and policewomen.
    Hard to win in our new society. No one pays attention to the fact the guy is a hood and shouldn’t put himself in these situations. The family will sue get plenty of $ $ As Rodney would say ‘why can’t we all get along” Oh ramble rouser sharpton you got some more meat to exploit.

  • Ted Crawford

    Man these “Guardians of the Public” , while they can’t stop the Murder, Rape, Assaults (I’m referring to the ones they don’t initiate),muggings and Robberies , They are hell-on-wheels about those Tax Dodgers. aren’t they! de Blazio needs the Revenue!

  • harley93

    Cops are killing to many people lately.

  • Ken Osborn

    Maybe the citizens should organize a hit squad to take care of this type of behavior by out of control peace officers. This is outrageous!

  • Eduardo

    It is clearly seen that this man was complying with police officers and one of them decided to assault him and put his hands on him, at that point the other officer jumped him from behind and put a choke hold on him and murdered him. He was clearly saying “I can’t breathe.” What part of “I can’t breathe” did these abusive police thugs, er, I mean officers did not understand. This is murder caught on tape perpetrated by the Gestapo type tactics of the new police force.

  • Germansmith

    Guilty of selling untaxed cigarettes, being obese, using bad English and all these while also being black.
    Death Penalty carried out by our thugs in blue.
    In all fairness, there are very few options available to subdue a very large man that does not want to cooperate…..

  • Susan Heneghan

    a.) he was selling loose cigarettes, a crime, that’s what he was arrested for. b.) the police used proper & LEGAL take down tactics c.) he wasn’t “choked” (actually that’s not the right term, but, hell semantics) that long, nor hard enuf to kill him. His weight killed him. Not the police.

  • Susan Heneghan

    Can anyone post videos to this page, or are these actually posted by some sort of reporter for Liberty Alliance? Is someone from Liberty Alliance looking at these videos for credibility before they’re posted?

  • Stan Parrish

    It looks like doing the right and moral thing is a capital offense in New York.
    The witnesses on hand seem to believe that the only thing this guy did was break up a fight. That was the right thing to do. The man asked pertinent questions as to why he was being harassed. The only answer he got was being choked to death. The cops were warned that he was being choked. They did not stop.
    This selling untaxed cigarette thing doesn’t hold water. There were no witnesses saying anything about untaxed cigarettes. Only about stopping a fight. Stopping a fight does not seem consistent with somebody selling untaxed cigarettes. I know that cigarette taxes in New York is nothing short of robbery by the state while using armed enforcement but still executing this man even if he was guilty is morally unconscionable.
    It seems considering the circumstances that one or more police officers should be charged with murder. Maybe it wasn’t premeditated but the alert was given that this mans life was in danger and it was ignored.

    • mtman2

      500,000 illegals(both kids+adults) are+ have and are going to come into the U.S. this and next year and will get appearance summonses. 1/2 won’t show up but will live off taxpayer stolen money by WH+ilk.
      Why couldn’t they give this man an appearance summons to pay a fine, they know where he lives and is hard to miss!?

  • Dick

    there was 75 police on him heck they claim he was selling lose smokes,(WTF) #99 is coward, a killer, all those police should be sent to iran and placed on front line, look how fat those cops are.To server the people that’s sure there future will reward them with karama…NO CPR?

  • dcnrmn

    This is a perfect example of the reason why I went from a ‘law and order police supporting conservative’ to a conservative who thinks the a lot of police are just thugs with a badge. They hire young gung-ho punks who are ‘looking for action’ and find it. I live in Albuquerque where the streets have become a shooting gallery for the APD. In the suburb of Rio Rancho – quite possibly the most over-copped city in the country (it’s not unusual to see four police cars sitting at an intersection) they ticket you for the crime of driving. The police made the public turn against them in the old fashioned way – they earned it.

  • Sad

    15 years ago people would riot for this, now we just pull our phones out and back up.

  • Argent Furor

    Just to clarify it wasn’t choked to death , it had a heart attack.

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