Daily Archives: June 3, 2016

Eric Trump Finally Speaks on Hillary’s Trump-Bashing

Hillary Clinton thinks that Trump wanting to ban Muslims from America makes him dangerous and a threat to “world order.” Donald’s son Eric Trump speaks with Fox about Hillary’s lack of transparency, the trillions of dollars spent and the lives lost while she was Secretary of State. This is powerful stuff. Via Fox News

Ben Carson on Obama’s Veiled Jabs at Trump

Former GOP candidate Ben Carson discusses with ‘Hannity’ the veiled punch Obama threw at Trump during a speech at the US Air Force Academy. Obama claims we can’t be “isolationists” and let other countries fend for themselves. Why not, Obama? He even comes right out and claims to be a left-wing elitist! Carson speaks to…

“This isn’t protesting – this is violent rioting.”

Former Wheel of Fortune gameshow host Chuck Woolery joins Fox and Friends to discuss the CA anti-Trump protestors surrounding and attacking a woman who supports Trump, throwing bottles and spitting at her. This is not protesting – this is rioting. Chuck talks how Californians think Democrat, Hillary’s candidacy, and more…. Via Wake Up America