Black Activists in Chicago Tell Obama to ‘Just Quit’ After Watching State of the Union

Tuesday night, activists in Chicago were interviewed shortly after the President delivered the State of the Union address, offering their perspective and feedback on what the President had to say. Rebel Pundit has released video of those reactions, including remarks from J.R. Fleming of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, Joe Watkins, Founder of V.O.T.E. (Voices of the Ex-Offender), and Mark Carter, of V.O.T.E., among other activists. Mark Carter commented, “We’d be better of with you cutting off your presidency right now. Just quit.” Obama’s blame game is not selling, with Fleming saying “the reason why our economy is dying is because the President’s approach as always is to place blame.”

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  • SFWhite

    This needs to go viral! It’s the most informative look at the real Obama as we’ll ever see, told by those in the communities he supposedly served when he was representing them. They not only don’t like him now, they NEVER liked him! They know through experience he has no interest in helping them, or anyone like them.

    • JoJo58

      But it sure took them long enough to realize they’ve been taken once again by the democrat/progressive party. Imagine if those in the poor neighborhoods got a REAL history lesson about democrats/progressives…founders of the KKK, Jim Crow laws, founders of Planned Parenthood (to rid the world of its “weeds” aka blacks and poor women) filibustered against women’s rights, filibustered twice against the civil rights act (once during Eisenhower, the other before the bill was passed) but they sure know how to take credit for it.

      • rmwayne

        That was when the Democrats had their act together. After 1964 they made a 180 degree turnaround and backstabbed those of us in Dixie with forced busing and high taxes due to Lyndon Johnson buying the negro vote by stealing from middle class whites and giving to blacks with his welfare thievery. They also allied themselves with the communists, who were using blacks to start with the systematic destruction of this country.

        • JoJo58

          The democrats were on the downslide loooong before that starting with progressive Woodrow Wilson who segregated the military and government workers…created the fed, the IRS, League of Nations, all kinds of garbage that is damaging our nation today. What a legacy.

    • beowulf32

      I just shared it on 10 different Republican senators fb page.

  • USAgent

    Wow I’m impressed, this opposed to the nut balls in California. These people are actual individuals and think for themselves, they can read between the lines. I sure hope you guys get results and answers.

  • bulldozerbill

    His is the Sol Alinsky’s agenda. That agenda is to destroy the Republic and turn it into a socialist satellite. Doesn’t Congress get it. It didn’t appear so Tuesday night. They applauded their forfeiture of their Constitutional authority. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

    • schmetz

      I fear it may be far worse. Obama may want to keep the republic; but modify it to suit Islam. All it would take is just one nuke aimed at a major city. Martial law, food rationing, curfews, no legal internet and the president coming on the air and saying that our Islamic friends took out the perpetrators = a hard-line faction from Israel. Off the wall? No more so than him declaring that there is Man Made Global Warming during the coldest temperatures in North America in decades.
      Think about it. He has all of the characteristics of a sociopath. With the help of the MSM he has managed to keep his image squeaky clean despite six major fiascos – weapons to drug-running gangs, the raid in Benghazi, the Syrian nightmare, the IRS targeting conservatives, the NSA spying on our allies and of course OBAMACARE, which he virtually shoved down the throat of the American tax-payer. Make no mistake about it. This monster is not nearly finished.

  • JDH

    They talk as” AMERICANS”…..that’s what we need from the politicians!!!

    • charlie buck

      let us try to REALLY see what OBUMBLER said when he said “if I can’t get it done with congress-I have a pen and a phone”. OK -who is congress but the peoples representatives. so if he doesn’t need or care what the people want of him-then he is NOT the first DICTATOR to say that he doesn’t need permission of the governed to do what he wants! he will rule over us -not with us. “I am the ONLY law you need -I will decide for you and YOU WILL LIKE IT OR ELSE ” does it sound that way to ANYONE but ME?!! please wake up and smell the BULLSH*T coming out of this mans mouth before it is too late! IMPEACH! IMPEACH! IMPEACH NOW!!

  • jd1958

    Please oh please Sean Hannity put this on PRIME TIME!!!!!!!

  • chetohimler

    What I see in this video is, Americans wanting to work!

  • Holy Smoke

    Wow! These are MY people! And I’m a white Chicagoan. We speak the same language. Chicago is “occupied” by one party.

    • Liberty

      Spot on!!!

  • Joanne Christie

    These People had this Fraud figured out before he entered politics. Why couldn’t the Drones get the message before he was nominated. We the People caught on to this Socialist Communist as well. Thank You to this Group for getting the truth out here.

    • sonny

      It is obamas PLAN to destroy this country. It was his plan before he was elected in 08.
      Why did it take some ppl FIVE years to see it. Are they slow learners or what?? And a LOT of people STILL DON’T “GET IT.”…And many of them are WHITE.

  • Taskmasterendgame

    Rahm Emanuel (Mayor of Chicago) and President Obama Take a hike you are worthless and a waste to the people.
    Rahm Emanuel and Obama are death to all the people.

    • Bob

      Holder needs to go with them. He should be tried for the death of one of our Border Patrol Agents.

  • marmo43

    I really believe most black men want jobs to support their families. Obama will not be the answer for these families until he opens up on the oil drilling and the keystone pipeline, and rebuilding the small businesses of corporate America. where the democrats are in control, eg Detroit and new York city, there is suppression of the American people. Obama is a suppressor. he wants all americans dependent on the gov’t. AND we want to be independent from the gov’t.

    • billmichael

      You are telling the truth. Most people WANT to work and that certainly includes members of the black community. Ford recently had a few jobs open locally (about a hundred or so) and several thousand people showed up and the black community was well represented. We all need jobs not double-talk. Jobs that will pay the bills; not jobs that keep us hanging by a thread attached to the government.

      • Bob

        Ford should be remembered as the only one of the “Big Three” American auto makers that didn’t take any Obama money and managed to survive on their own efforts and competence. It does not surprise me that Ford’s name came up as a potential employer for these people.

        • Rustytruck

          Exactly why I drive Fords Bob, I was so pleased when I heard about Ford not on the dole for fed. monies. Sears is another company who supports America at her best. They are holding the jobs for their Vets who went to fight in the war, how cool is that? We still have some of the Great America left, we need to support them like they are doing for us.

          • Bob

            Rusty, I agree with you, and I have another reason to like Ford. I have preferred Hondas for many years because of their reliability. I currently drive a 24 year old Accord that looks and runs like new. However the other day a couple of family members bought new cars, and I was disgusted at what I saw at the Honda dealer. The purchase was for a Honda CR-V, which came automatic only. The new Accords are slippo only as well. The Accords have a “contentiously variable” auto, which reminds me of a 1956 Buick Dynaflow. You can’t even feel it shift. The other family member bought a Ford Focus, and paid an additional $1,095 to get the slippo. In other words, the Ford was available as a real drivable car. I would be embarrassed to be seen behind the wheel of a car that was obviously made for someone that doesn’t want to learn how to drive. Hooray for Ford!

  • CaptTurbo

    I’m surprised to agree with him.

  • cdansreau

    These are fine people talking from their heart. their environment might be a bit different but i think they have been lied to for a long time and are in shock that leaders are betraying them. I encourage them to join the tea party and establish local voting control. refference the battle of athens, tennessee around 1946.

  • fort9erdon

    This is not news! Intelligent, non communist, non “on the public trough”, looking for freebies folks, those with an IQ above 37 have been saying this for 5 years now!

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Wow. This is HUGE!! No one except need-to-retire Harry Reid and some Senate Democrats are sticking by Obama’s side but even most Democratic Senators are running the other way because they know Obama’s presence will be a detriment for them in next year’s mid-term election.

  • mbnick

    Under Obama’s watch Black unemployment has virtually doubled. Despite this they re-elected him sending a message that they greedily prefer unemployment checks to jobs.
    Meanwhile Obama and Democrats are taking Blacks for granted and playing them for fools since Obama’s planned amnesty scam assures Black unemployment will stay high. Hillary will also take them for granted betting they will display their greedy side as they did in 2012.

  • brabbie2002

    Congratulations, people. Now convince your fellow neighbors to quit voting for the idiots in office and replace them with people that will actually DO SOMETHING besides tax and spend!

  • LroF5LFjiB


  • Mileaway

    The BEST video interview in years! I would like to hear more from these people!

    • craig


    • rwdodgerblue

      I hope this video goes viral!

  • craig


  • RandyRose

    This is why these guys should vote Republican.

  • MoDeVille

    Good for you guys. You stopped drinking the Kool-Aid!! Democrats destroy, they don’t build.

  • llellc

    I am absolutely dumb-founded! Did any of you expect this? How true these statements are, and I am happy that this segment of the population is being honest, when others are still carrying water for Obama, like the three lame stream media channels. Good for Chicago. Love the honesty!!

  • craig


  • carlton goodson

    Were not the only ones who think so. They must be racist to.

  • DustyFae

    We try to warn you from the beginning that Obama did not have a business head…And he just used the Blacks to get their votes , just like now he is going to use the Hispanics for their votes. Hillary won’t help you either .We all wish he will just leave , He only wants to line is own pocket… he has been doing that best..

  • ItalianScallion

    Want want want blame blame blame. Same old story. Things will never change if you expect the Gov. to take care of you

  • TheSunDidIt

    And these guys must REALLY like “amnesty”. Because THEY will be the ones LOSING their jobs. I’m glad they understand. Don’t care about their party. I could get behind creating industries and government that support and ENABLE (not a handout) them to make a living. But, hey, he has to pay for all that NSA stuff.

  • tarbella

    TAlk about wisdom. These people have learned much wisdom through their many problems in life. They all made sense and rightly so. This president and those helping him have gained nothing, but no respect, no trust, no nothing, not even love from the people of this nation.

  • Tony

    This just goes to show how out of touch the elitist in the White House is with his so-called brethren.

    • Bob

      His brethren are not the blacks. They are the Muslims.

  • Stealth

    Funny…. Too late now folks!

  • Bob

    It was eyeopening to see intelligent, educated, well spoken blacks that are not at all like the stereotype poor blacks that we are expected to believe are representative of them.
    The only thing that bothered me was when they said Chicago had no Republicans nor Tea Partiers, just Democrats. One would only think (or hope) these intelligent people would figure out the solution to that. It appears as if they may be one the way to that solution.

  • Walt

    Show me ONE fed. employee, that makes less than $10.00, per hour. This was just more BS, from this admin, telling the people more lie’s, as usual.

    • dontdoitagain

      Yes Walt and where does the money come from to pay the federal employees? Right out of our working class paychecks. That’s supposed to help us?

  • treilly0414

    Thank God the black people in Chicago are finally seeing what we Conservatives have been saying all long. I wanted to see a Black man in the White House but it should have been Herman Cain. Obama does nothing for anyone else…it’s all about him. He’s laser focused alright…on his vacations and golf games. He couldn’t lead a bunch of lemmings over a cliff.

  • FletchGuy

    Its the realiation that in Illinois the dems have run this state and this country into the ground. The dems and this president are so out of touch with the real people the poor the working middle class and they do not care about the people. They care about self and this shows those who supported the democratic party are now seeing they have been lied to and used. The states in the worse condition in this country are long time Dem run. It’s not pure chance that everywhere that is in the worse condition have been run by the left. They simply do not care. If Illinois could cut Chicago out and get a republican governor we could save this state but if the dems keep voting for garbabge people who care only about themselves then we are done.

  • outofsteam

    It’s about time regular people spoke out about this lousy President. Doesn’t matter their color, they speak for all of us. Their statements apply to everybody, we all need jobs. Obummer just licks the boots of the rich people that he claims he doesn’t like.

    • Sam

      He is our biggest enemy.

  • regulus30

    look at the pic and see why obam the imam plays muslim….

  • raynbene

    This has got to get posted everywhere ! ! These people are for real, and I listened to the entire clip – but will the obuma people cry racism ?? Probably ! !
    It is SO refreshing and even uplifting to hear this ! There is hope ! !

  • Sam

    Vote against democrat socialists if we are to save our country

  • Nikita63

    Finally, the black community is getting it. They have realized that this president is NO ONE’s friend, least of all, THEIRS. And, the comments I heard coming from these people I can agree with as a basically CONSERVATIVE voter and veteran sick of seeing the abuses to us all and our constitutional and rule of law by THIS man. May it bode well for the Mid Terms and the end of this reign and a return to government of, by and For the people ;ALL of us!

  • mallen11

    This is a very refreshing video that tells the truth about who and what -0 is doesn’t vote by color but by ability. I am impressed.

  • ARMYOF69

    All that concerns these people, is what Obama has not done for the blacks……go figure.

  • me1952

    I hope the black community does indeed understand where years of blind loyalty to the Democrat Party have gotten them in the end.

  • drattastic

    No Tea Party there ? Start one , sounds like they have the same core beliefs.

  • Rustytruck

    You people made me so happy to hear you all saying the exact same thing I’ve been saying for 5 years now. I hope and pray you can see your way clear to understand why us on the conservative side were against him, it had nothing to do with color. It was about doing the right thing for ALL of us, not just white America or black America, it’s about America, ALL of America. The saying we’ve used for many years now, “United we Stand, Devided we Fall” is what makes us strong. I know we all want you here with us, side by side and prosperous for each and every one of us, Americans. Thank you and God Bless you all, I see some hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Backgammon

    Only 30 million people watched. Lowest numbers viewing SOTU since 2000

  • The Old Chip

    Even Maxine Waters, or as she describes herself, “This old liberal”, is realizing obummer is a fraud. She’s also recognizing that obummer is taking the black vote for granted, that 90% of Blacks are going to vote for him regardless.
    He’s one of us, but he has done little to nothing for us. Black unemployment = around 16% and over 40% for those under 30. Why? One reason is the sky high, school dropout rate. What jobs can these dropouts get? Mostly low skilled, entry level or “McJobs”. Why can’t they get these? ILLEGAL immigration. (plus they can’t speak Spanish) Maxine is finally seeing that obummer is handing out the goodies to Hispanics in order to suck up, and there’s nothing coming to the Black community.

  • The Old Chip

    Even Maxine Waters, or as she describes herself, “This old liberal”, is realizing obummer is a fraud. She’s also recognizing that obummer is taking the black vote for granted, that 90% of Blacks are going to vote for him regardless.
    “He’s one of us, but he has done little to nothing for us”. Black unemployment = around 16% and over 40% for those under 30. Why? One reason is the sky high, school dropout rate. What jobs can these dropouts get? Mostly low skilled, entry level or “McJobs”. Why can’t they get these? ILLEGAL aliens. (plus they can’t speak Spanish) Maxine is finally seeing that obummer is handing out the goodies to Hispanics in order to suck up, and there’s nothing coming to the Black community. Now obummer tells us he wants to legalize 12 million lawbreakers to take the jobs of the unemployed citizens.

  • An Old White-Guy

    These black activist are the real black America that can bring change. Their living in the liberals wasteland and maybe they can bring a conservative Blackman like Ben Carson to the attention of people of the larger Black world, if Jess and Al don’t have them labeled Uncle Toms

  • Dale_G1

    Maybe part of the reason so many blacks have woken up to this black pretender in the White House is that Obama does’t really seem to care about the people of Chicago who helped him get to the White House. After abandoning Rev. Wright, he’s all but turned his half black back on the young black males in Chic-kill-go who are being murdered in record numbers by fellow blacks ( gangs ). Why has he been so silent on this racial tragedy? Not to mention the record high unemployment, crime rates, drop out rates, etc., that PLAGUE young black youth all over the USA. I think I care more about these things ( and I’m a middle aged white male Republican ) than Obama.

  • threebarrs

    These people are right on! Not just about and for the black and poor people and youn people but everyone who was even middle class before Obama was elected. And it is the same all over the USA, not just in Chicago. We are all losing ground at such a quick pace that it is unbelievable. Obama’s 2nd term can’t end soon enough, and I hope we can work our way out of the huge hole he has dug for all of us.


    Dig it


    Who is playing the background Music, Buddy guy?

  • John

    Why did blacks vote for Obama, they judged his race and forgot his character!

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    Just remember the RINO’s want more of the same. They want us to move closer to the “center” which means more misery for more people. Unfortunately, what could have been an historic moment for the prez has been relegated to all show and no go. It sure does NOT sound like these folks want a handout. Is a decent job too much to ask? The Dems and RINO’s should all watch this and hang their heads in shame. Better learn Chinese because THAT is what is coming. We are selling our country for a few pieces of silver and the politicians are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • ECwashr

    Even liberal blacks are embarrassed by this liar clown in the white house…

  • JoJo58

    It’s nice to see activists in the black community of CHICAGO (!!) finally seeing obama for the first time. I don’t think obama ever considered himself black unless it furthered his agenda. He sees himself as being entitled and superior to everyone around him.

  • Stanley

    You goofs are delusional! Obama is on his last term. You think the blacks are turning their backs on Obama? No wonder these people push you around because you’re stupid! They don’t like you whites! You’re tooooo stupid to know it!

  • Rocketman

    They get it! Everything that these men and women are covering is right at the heart of the problem.
    It’s the beginning of the end for liberalism.

  • Carl Gottstein


  • phil62

    Thank God that leaders in the Black community can now see what some of us have been saying for the last five years. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with him being Black. It has EVERYTHING to do with his inability to govern in ANY positive way. You cannot continue to blame other people while your failures continue to pile up under your nose. Thank You Lord for the light.

  • deejay02

    If I didn’t know better I would say these individuals belonged to the TEA Party.

    • HappyG

      Many ‘belong’ to the TEA Party, who don’t even know it…the DNC may have shaped the vision, but they can’t shape the Americana in their spirit….

  • Keith

    Wonder how long it will be before these folks disappear like the gay ring at Trinity?


    The folks in Chi town deserve to hear the most sincere applause from the rest of this country! BRAVO! There can be no better TRUTH than that spoken by residents who’ve had years of LIES prior to what the rest of this country has been hearing for a mere five. To those residents of Chicago I can say that you are not alone in your sentiments. As one living in the deep south I can tell you that your brothers and sisters down here have taken to calling the man you speak of as: “A disgrace to da race!”

    • HappyG

      Standing ovation here…but they aren’t alone…it’s just that the MSM refuses to air them…

  • pjk40

    Republican candidate or representatives should be begging to speak with this group, but do you think they will bother????

  • Pat Alexander

    They do understand!

  • Robert Huddleston

    The people in this video are from Obama’s hometown and they’re honesty is overwhelming refreshing with hope! These people just want jobs, and there is no telling how long some of them have not worked. These people are so dignified and humble, they truly make America the great country that it is. I believe we as Americans will weather this Obama storm, and we as a nation will be stronger in the end…we just have to pull together as Americans and if you can’t do anything else, you can pray, pray that our nation’s leaders will lead this country back to prayer, and God will restore this nation better than it has ever been!

  • MaryAnnM1962

    They make far more sense and understand the issues better than the president. Wow, this was refreshing to hear.

  • 1josephg1

    This is really encouraging to hear and see that my fellow Americans understand that this is not an issue of color but an issue of what is good for America.I can tell you for sure if the Lord our God is with us and we treat others as we would want to be treated and fear God and obey his commandments there will be no stopping us.

  • cae973

    Finally black americans seeing the truth! Now they need to demand a stop to any kind of amnesty for the illegal aliens who have taken the jobs that are rightfully theirs!!!

    • HappyG

      Here’s to hoping…but their so-called “Black leaders” are pimping for the invaders…

  • Rue

    How wonderful to hear Americans talk.. to express their thoughts and worries. Doesn’t matter about black or white or any color.. just good honest people that want better life! God Bless each very one of them.

  • CalifTaxPayer

    Under Obummer Black Unemployment is at it’s highest. Even Bush had more Blacks working during his Presidency. OBummer only cares about OBummer. He is a cold person with a Polluted soul. Hopefully more will wake up and realize he is nothing but a Communist America Hater. He grew up with that Crap instilled in his brain. I just wish they all saw this before voting in 2008 & 2013, we certainly wouldn’t be in as bad a shape as we are in. Not only is America going broke but we are NOT safe from those who hate us. He is destroying our Military. If anyone should be given a raise it should be our brave soldiers.

  • TJ Goforth

    As a former resident of Chicago, I know what has always been the situation there. Unions, taxes, political corruption and onerous regulations are doing terrible damage to that city as well as our nation. I’m glad that the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. isn’t fooling these people one bit. I have often wished the man would just leave, but then – Biden? I can’t decide who is worse.
    Unfortunately, it isn’t just one man, the entire Democrat party has a hand in creating the devastation. Consider all the places controlled by them and the condition these places are in. Can anyone say Detroit, Baltimore or Los Angeles? Think about it.

  • winki

    I just want to say “Thank you” to each one of the people on this video. I knew there were blacks in this country who were intelligent enough to see through this imposter. We just haven’t been hearing from them. I wish more would speak up. I am so proud of them and hope that they get the jobs and respect they deserve.

  • HappyG

    They didn’t even mention that Obama’s solution to their unemployment/low wage plight, is to add another 20-30 million low skilled illegals, who disrespect our nation into the work pool…Sadistic comes to mind…

  • HappyG

    Those who knew him best rejected him…thank you for seeing through his manufactured persona…

  • Grumpy old man

    VERY WELL SAID, I am impressed especially because these are his base support.

  • Carolyn415

    But…when did it become legal for a person convicted of a crime to vote? I found it interesting that the one guy said he didn’t vote for him because of his non-action as a state senator, etc. He wasn’t allowed to vote for him anyway. But I have to agree with their assessment. Odrama has not been a friend to the poor or needy, cuz they can feed their families with an obama phone or contraceptives, right?

  • luci

    everyone, everywhere needs to see these comments… this is how most people really see obama

  • USPatriotUno
  • Amfer Ferg

    The truth, the bad, and the ugly. Each and every one of them spoke of the reality that plagues all of us; unfortunately the president does not care.

  • RightStuff

    The Democrats, and especially Barkey Obama, are killing the blacks by every metric.

  • AFS1970

    At least one of the speakers thinks he wasn’t being wither socialist enough or enough of a dictator. I know politics makes for strange bedfellows but we still need to be careful who we choose as allies.

  • James Maxwell

    This is very sad in many ways, Black Americans are finally waking up to the fact that “SKIN”
    was not in their best interest and that the Socialist Democrat party has Used them as
    Canno fodder to push its own agenda. After they voted for him twice based upon “SKIN”
    all he has done is thrown them under bus since he knows he has their vote in his pocket
    any time he needs them to sway a vote his is way. Since the Civil Rights era the Socialist
    Democrats have played the Black community to their advantage, but that is also the fault
    of the Ol’ Guard GOP for not openly recruiting Black members to their side and addressing
    some of their concerns and issues.

  • Jane18

    Guess what my black sister and brothers, your white sister has felt, and still feel, as you about the guy sitting in The White House(or golfing in Hawaii)… You really need to make yourselves heard, all over America! It isn’t just you(as black people) that want jobs, white people want them also!

  • darlingrats

    Well Well Well, It’s about dam time! We have BEEN WARNING about him when he first announced he was running for potus, See? yall DID NOT WANT TO LISTEN, and NOW you are seeing for yourselves.

  • pitter43

    I’m glad to hear the things they say but the truth is, they all most likely voted democrat and brought all of this on themselves. Like I said, ‘m glad they woke up.

    • Garx69

      The major blame is obama’s but he is a puppet for the democrats and soros. Please everyone start listening and thinking.

  • reefseeker

    See now this makes me want to help, this makes me want to hug them and do something. This makes me feel human and care. This talk can makes me want to run to help. This IS what America should be about.

  • blogengeezer

    Truck driving during Chicago’s productive years, I met these traditional people on the loading docks, operating the lathes, grinders, milling machines and in the offices. There was NO Minimum Wage. Everyone was payed according to their productivity. Slack off, show up drunk and you were Fired. Then out of the utopian pipe dream world of the Liberal Left came ‘The Great Society, War on Poverty’.

    The Only historically sustainable society, ‘Traditional Family’ with it’s Faith, role models, productive self motivation was Demonized in favor of the perpetually dependency addicted, chemically anesthetized Feral Associations with their undesired dysfunctional Spawn. Said Spawn was then systematically aborted in the name of women’s rights. Pendulums Swing both ways. History proves nothing is forever. Gives a bright outlook for the future…. eventually.

  • Herman Vogel

    All BS,,,not enough money in the right hands. If they Knew anything they would say,”Mr. President,,,get the Gov’t out of our lives and out of our way”. not, “He didn’t do enough to help US”…why would you want FREE help,,,you should want FREEdom. If these “leaders” got a little on the side,,you would NEVER hear from them again,,,It’s all about Free Money, Pay-Back against the Whites and Power…I don’t believe a word of this vid,,,I have heard it all before. They KNEW him as a State Sen. They voted for him..why,,because he was Black and they thought Free Money would be coming in,,so save it.

  • Kyle Merritt

    Macroeconomics is WAY MORE COMPLICATED than who is president people!

    The president cannot create jobs unless he signs some crazy executive orders like were created by the WPA ( By far the biggest job creators are private citizens.

  • Kristi17

    Powerful True Video!! Obama is a Failure!!

  • John G. Gault

    There is some one to blame, Ozero just needs to look into his mirror. He will see the person screwing things up.

  • KC

    Maybe there is Hope for this Once great Nation….

  • luciteehee

    What he has done to the blacks, I can understand WHY they feel hat way! He used them as an organizer to HERD them together in order to make HIM look like he CARED for their legitimate complaints and would resolve them! He used them as stepping stones to keep his feet dry on the way to our White House! He gave them HOPE like no once else had since Martin Luther King Jr.! And even those of us who DIDN’T vote for him carried that same hope! We still had race issues when he came in, but NOTHING like we have now! The healing balm of Dr. Kings message was replaced with vitriol, well-hidden hate, denigration, demeaning blame for every ill he SWORE came from the “other side”! The divisive language not only reopened wounds that were slowly healing, he JERKED the scab off revealing what HE promised to heal from the INSIDE! Instead, he hurriedly covered it with a dirty band aid without even an antibiotic on it! I was a small, but determined part of the civil rights movement and saw with my own eyes the horror of RACISM! And WHO instigated it? Aggressively isolated us? REFUSED to compromise one iota or admit they were being destructive? And it was NOT Conservatives or those who espoused decency, honor, compassion, love, and unity! ALL because someone has a different skin color? THIS is SICK! The “BLACK HEART” of RACISM is the the biggest problem our society has, NOT skin color! Diversity is one of God’s amazing creations! NO two things he has made are exactly alike! Even ROCKS are not identical! Yet together they make a universal display that transcends ANYTHING that can be “man-made”! If he can create a world of humans of every color, ethnicity, origin, sex, nationality, (AGAIN) no two alike, don’t we KNOW in our HEARTS it was for a reason? For us to recognize, appreciate and respect the awesome differences while embracing the likenesses, and LOVE each other the way God intended us to DO! Those who don’t or won’t accept Gods message of love, compassion, acceptance, and unity, you may want to rethink your plans for your eternal destination! Heaven will be FILLED with ALL of us! Rejoicing and fellow-shipping in a way we NEVER could do on earth! We need REAL Leaders who help us HEAL not HEEL!

  • K2mbs

    People naturally believe, and want to believe that a leader is trying his best to make conditions better for all people who have given him this trust. The overwhelming evidence is that B.O. does NOT have any intention of helping America become great. This man is hell bent on bringing America, and Americans to its knees. People HAVE to recognize that this man…for whatever reason is diabolical, and a pathological liar. He has absolutely NO conscience and the cards have ALWAYS been on the table clearly to see. The disconnect is NOT on the presidents part. The disconnect is clearly on those who absolutely refuse to see what the evidence shows….no matter what it shows. Those who are ignorant, and submissive are handing our heritage, and future to a imperialist, dictator who is growing increasingly more confident, and powerful. We are willingly becoming his serfs.