How The Second Amendment Saved A Little Girl’s Life

What happens when two illegals do a home invasion against an 11 year old girl in Montana?

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  • PeaverBogart

    I live in Montana and I would say the chances of continueing to live are slim to none when breaking into anyone’s house that I know.

    • TAM44

      I prefer the NONE as you’ve done American citizens a favor and saved many lives.

  • rwdodgerblue

    Good for this brave girl! If she hadn’t had a gun to protect herself, she would have probably been raped and killed.

    • TAM44

      Those could have been obama’s son as he loves these kind of a holes.

      • Daigh

        They are the same. The only difference is the business suit and the method of plunder.

  • marineh2ominer

    I love poetic justice , especially when it is administered by an armed child .

  • hiskid1964

    i live in montana and i will demand that the state and federal reps do something to keep elleagles out of our state

  • from montana
  • LarryFrom10EC

    Just a small correction- just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they won’t still be voting Democrat.

    • TAM44

      That’s a given and not just once.

  • TAM44

    When obama was elected by those who’s brains were defected our country was neglected. obama is anti God anti America, anti our Constitution, anti our Military, anti Christian, and anti Whites.