Obama Fears Shutdown Will Prove Non-Essential Government Is Not Needed


Only 17% of the Federal employees are essential?!? This highlights Obama’s biggest fear–that people won’t notice how much they don’t rely on government and don’t rely on him. Join Bill Whittle as he chides the Park Service and exposes Obama as a non-essential temper-tantrum President.

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  • Proudamerican

    Why would anyone hide from the truth??? you know the answer! OBLAMA IS A LIAR SAVANT!

  • texan texan

    Yes. We do not need parks, food inspectors, cancer research….all the things the Reps have been ranting about to open up piecemeal. And after the default when stock market falls heavily, interest rates skyrocket, unemployment rises who will care. The rep approval rating will co to id to plummet but Señor Cruz will be señor Senator for many more years. You can have so done to rally your dismal spirits. President Clinton and first man Bill will try.

    • Macjamm

      Too bad they didn’t cut government troll funding

    • Shofar threading

      For whom the “trolls” toll……

  • charles17121

    We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

  • jayleigh

    Ha ha! So he finally realized that his master plan to hurt the American people by closing parks and memorials has backfired? He’s a bit slow on the uptake, isn’t he? The problem with megalomaniac narcissists is that they overestimate their own power and worth. They can never understand why the scenario they play out in the mind never works out the way they wrote the ending! They never understand why they don’t come off as the “caped crusader” – they are so lost in fantasyland that they totally lose touch with reality. How sad for America to have to put up with this for another three years!

  • joepotato

    In order to fix a problem you first must acknowledge what the problem is. What we have here, is a post turtle (p)resident with sealed records… what has been presented (LFBC, Selective Svc & SSN) have been investigated and found to be fraudulent. That begs the question; is aka Obama/Soetoro eligible as an Art II natural born citizen? There has been no evidence to suggest that he is. So the congress is either in denial or engaged in a criminal coverup of monumental proportions. That is the greatest problem/ national security issue we face.

    • Lee Baldwin

      and once vetted (if ever) ALL the problems he is creating will be done and over with and labled as FRAUD. His presidency will be labled as FRAUD. They guy is a walking FRAUD in every aspect of his life. His daddy (whomever he is) must be real proud of his boy that never made it to manhood and trashed the family name before becoming the most powerful man in the world. ~GOD Bless America!

    • AmericaAwakens

      Has it ever occurred to you that bho IS an America citizen who perpetrated FRAUD to gain acceptance into prestige’s colleges as a foreign student (rather than on merit)? All of which explains his lack of knowledge of the American Constitution. [Must have credible credentials to be "someone important...like president of the United States" to socialize the country]].

      His fraudulent life started young with directions from his [real daddy?] mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Davis called in favors to his many communist connections to advance bho without personal accomplishments or achievements. bho misrepresented himself to the American people. His birth certificate issue merely distracted from his original heinous deception of being a foreign student.

      This man-child is constantly doing the exact opposite of what he says! Who in their right mind would believe anything this court jester says? His day will come and when it does, I doubt anyone will be sorry …he will reap what he sowed…

      • joepotato

        Your hypothesis is one of several possibilities… AND there are far more questions than we have answers… The only certainty, is that aka BHO/Soetoro is a fraud and con man… I still think that foreign citizenship is very likely, Indonesian … The forgery and election fraud issues are felonies and the complicit congress has too much invested in the coverup to put their azholas on the line (for a prison sentence) which is all the more reason for rooting out ALL of the treasonous b**tards…

        • AmericaAwakens

          You are correct about answers to questions that have been purposely evaded since bho came into the political scene. If ‘he’ was the chosen one, to take America down financially, morally, & disarming us…. who is his “master”? Is it possible the Illuminati, the NWO, or the Banksters props this post turtle up at the podium with their scripted mantra?

          I agree with the fraudulent elections also. Our entire government is corrupt with socialists, treasonous elitists, and the rest are just dumb as stumps who do what their told.

          • rbutkowski

            Dear AmericaAwakens…your vision is clear. This is precisely what all Americans need to get clear in their heads.

  • Macjamm

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpation’s, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future”

  • Frank Vincent

    Seventeen percent of federal employee’s are not essential. Have I got that right? So we don’t need those who do the office work, the budget and management personnel. We certainly do not need anyone picking up the garbage left behind in the federal parks and federal buildings. I could go on and on but the point is we do need those people that the government call non-essential, who reporters and commentators think are actually and truly dispensable . What we really can do without are politicians and organizations that create conglomerates like the IRS and the Dept of Education. or even some of our leaders who go golfing one third of the time on the tax payer dollar or take excursion trips around the world,or a congress that passes laws that exempt them from the very laws they pass just to control and limit the average citizen. I could go on and on but to what purpose. The government has us chasing our own tails and instead of realizing where the fault is we blame federal workers. Let me say, we do need our Federal employees who are the glue that supports and maintains this government and has been essential since 1776.
    Frank E. Vincent

    • TheSunDidIt

      Frank, these people ARE non-essential if the nation can run along without them. How do you think they cut the military anyway? They look at the number of wars they think they may have to fight and the number they’d have to fight at the same time and then they CUT everyone else. They CLOSE our bases. They SELL the land and the buildings. Who made you and your sacred cow special? NONE of us is “special”. NONE of us is “essential”. NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT is “essential”. Try reminding him of that sometime.

    • Brenda

      Frank. As an ex federal employee we do not need the amount of federal employees we have currently. I worked for seven engineers at the Corp of Engineers, five inspectors at the them Dept of HEW, and three doctors under DOD. There is absolutely no need for secretaries to bbe tripping oer themselves. My position at HEW included auditing the budgets of inspected facilities in eight states in addition to routine correspondance. The government has multiple agencies doing the same basic functions. For insance, not only did we have an inspector for sea food, but they were also inspected by several other agencies. 800,000 employees were furloughed as non-essential, that is 800,000 that do not need to be there.

      • Frank Vincent

        I agree Brenda. We do not need secretary’s tripping all over the place, but we do need to do the work of our nation. We cannot do that if we lock gates and disconnect phone services. And you’re right, we have many overlapping and conflicting agencies that are detrimental to our nation, but we cannot make corrections unless we push for those changes. Shutting down our governments primary housekeeping is not an answer.
        Frank E. Vincent

        • Hermit

          Hey Frank E…. Ya Know some times when my computer is just acting up all time and won’t behave like it should I have a fix that works every time i delete my operating system and re-install a new one, works perfect for months and months till some files start to get CORRUPTED AGAIN sound familiar,

  • Guest

    Commie O’bommie and his corrupt crew of ultra dead weight all need pink slips!.
    Like the Donald would say “YOUR ALL FIRED” …

    • TheSunDidIt

      Why not? Most of them already wear pink panties (males and females).

  • regulus30

    Obam the imam is the non-essential.

  • Shofar threading

    Why are we allowing this boy child use this country like a Monopoly board game? That’s exactly what he’s doing !

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.bowman.773 Kenneth Bowman

    About time We the People throw the BUM OUT! Communist liberals love to build fiefdoms ever larger at We the People’s expense, of course.

  • longshorts

    3/4 of our Government is unnecessary, and un-needed. Congress should serve without being paid or having benefits. That is the way our Government started. I see no reason to pay our legislature to harass and punish us for being citizens of what used to be the greatest country on the planet.

    • Inspgad

      That or at least we should have control over their pay instead of them having control over it. The situation right now is like the employees of a business having control over their own pay once they realize that they can get away with paying them selves an exorbitant amount there is nothing to stop them from driving the business into Bankruptcy.

  • jvb1980808

    This is exactly what it’s showing. Obama grew a government that isn’t essential and shouldn’t be sucking tax payers dry.

  • mikeledo

    Cleaning up radioactive waste is a non-essential function. Defense research is non-essential. I don’t think this blogger has a clue about what he is talking about. The spin plays well with TP government haters, who don’t look things up.

  • yaki534

    Obama is not essential. Lets get rid of him. Impeach the bum.

  • guest

    Non-essential? Uh, yeah! There is a reason they are called that, doncha think?????

  • L Lehr

    Obama is a non-essential temper-tantrum President. (So narcissistic).

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Government shuts down for 2 weeks–Subtract 2 weeks of your salary from your income tax returns!!!!!! If they challenge you, claim conscientious objector status.

    • areunuts?

      they aren’t really shut down. Went past the IRS and their were people there working (sorry about the pun). The only think that is shut down is the minds of the lemmings following Harry and Obummer. What ever happened to this land is your land this land is my land I guess he took it seriously and now it is only his land, so he can destroy at will. How long are the military going to stand for this disgrace and they want to keep them longer in Afghanistan, how about sending POTUS there and let him to protect his Muslim bothers…..

  • Paul Brown

    This guy is so right!!! This Osama the dictator traitor muslim pig is making everything harder than it has to be just to piss off the American people and to get the democraps railed up so they are all on his side and then they put the blame on the republicans. This pig is the worst this country has ever put in office and if we don’t learn from this and keep these bastards out of our government we are going to go through even worse in 2016 and beyond. I hope the American people are happy with what they have done to this country and our rights and health care and everything else this muslim Islamic pig has destroyed.

    • areunuts?

      How long do you think the Military will stand up for the loser?

      • Paul Brown

        It doesn’t matter as long as they move and take back the government from these pigs.

  • 1LTLos

    Right! Beginning with him in the oval office

  • jenjen

    I think he is absolutely correct!!!!!

  • ARMYOF69

    I only have a number to say….1776

  • sbruce1154

    Well I am one of the citizens that knows our government has perpetrated an enormous over reach with its power. I truly believe that would could continue on without any government except for the defense of our country and its people. Roads and everything else can be done by the states, and parks can be funded by private enterprise. private company’s would do a much better job than any government hack.

  • carlton goodson

    Key in this is we thepeople oun theses lands not the gov.

    • areunuts?

      Obama thinks it his I am the people and you will obey me.

  • ARMYOF69

    They are all NON ESSENTIL….we can live freer in a semi anarchy…for sure.

  • craig


  • gbandy

    Obama has expanded the Government both in people and power. Now we really need to cut-back this monster before it is too big to stop. The writing is on the wall and we must cut the size and power of government. After Obamacare it is the first time in our history the Government now controls the People and we all need to realize this will be the end of our Republic.

  • cae973

    non essestial workers….wouldn’t that be everyone who works in the white house

  • areunuts?

    What is the most pathetic is that they are mostly all non-essential. Obama being the most, he is never there he is not doing his job, he is not a president, he is not respected by other countries and most of all he is leading all the American youth down the same path he took, drugs, deceit and probably used a lot of abortion doctors to correct his mistakes.. He is the president of the liars club, he is not an American, he is an Muslim and worships Allah, he is making us a nation of hate, dependency, hypocrisy, deceit, destroyed the nation of strong values all in 5 years and prejudice any more questions?

    • rosech

      As a young adult starting work, the government had only 25% of people working for it. We know today it is much, much more than this and it cannot be sustained any longer. We want limited government and they do not. Tough. We will take America back!

      • areunuts?

        I certainly hope it happens soon. Can’t understand why anyone would believe a word Obama or Harry Reid say. I worked for the IRS prior to my retirement and I KNOW they are not essential. The union use to tell me I had to vote democrat and because I refused I was given a lot of s—. If we don’t take charge soon we will be in real trouble.

  • don

    From the very first day of Obama’s first term he started his promise to fundamentally change the United States into a Socialist and Communist country and from that first day the Democratic party has begun to change to the Democratic Communist party of the United States. Sense that first day in office for barrack Obama the Democratic party has begun to transform into a very Radical Party. I was a Democrat at that time but jest within jest a few months I left the Democratic party because I saw at that time what was happening. I do not like the Republicans any better than I do the Democrats but at least they still believe in America and not the Socialist party or the Communist party like what the Democrats have become. The thing that surprises me most are the way that the Democratic Public is acting and has become nothing less than Obama Zombies that gives Obama what he wants and that is there approval to destroy there lives. Every one of these Idiots thinks that Obama loves them but the only thing he loves is the trans he has them in and he will drop a bomb on them very soon.

  • K

    He keeps saying “the American people won’t notice this or that”… but what about all the people who aren’t getting paid anymore? They’ve certainly noticed. Also, calling people names is childish and makes you seem less authoritative and professional.

  • Dianne Molander

    you nailed it bill…people need to educate themselves on alinsky and marxism to open their eyes to the truth of what ‘fundamentally transforming” means to obama…he denyeth to much saying, ” I’m not a dictator” when his behavior demonstrates that he is performing as one. dictators don’t negotiate and his ‘red line in the sand’ with the american people is unlike his rhetoric with syria…where he moved that line.


    Its does not need to be proven…Its a fact that we dont need them.


    This guy needs to run for President….

  • don

    Barrack Obama the worst President in the History of the United States

  • servant1jkb

    Well let’s look at just the Dept of Agriculture which has some 20-25 different anti-poverty programs. Now this hold true also for many other Fed Gov. dept. and NONE ever bother to check for fraud or waste! What the Feds “Spill” in one day could keep my state in the red for a year!
    If any business ran as they do, the Justice Dept would throw the book at them!