ESPN Compilation of Soldiers Returning Home is a Tear Jerker

Members of the military return home to reunite with their families in this video compilation by ESPN. Thank you to all our veterans who sacrifice so much for our protection and our freedom.

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  • Alice Hallock

    Welcome home to all our military. We are glad to have you back. Thank you for your service.

  • gwedem5995

    Sit here bawling like a baby

  • SheriffJon

    I tear up every time I see one of these “Surprise! I’m Home!” videos. I’m so glad these young men and women are receiving the welcome they so much deserve. What a wonderful way to surprise the families who have kept the home fires burning. When I came home from my second tour in Viet Nam I had to walk thru a crowd of anti-war protesters who called me and my fellow returnees a lot of things we weren’t. Some things DO change for the better!

    • Aristophanes

      Sheriff – I am so sorry for the reception you got. I was a teenager and young adult during the Vietnam war and I was totally against that conflict; but, I supported our troops. It made me very sad whenever I saw how the vets were treated, I thought it should be directed at the idiots who had sent you over there. I even wore a POW bracelet until our troops were pulled out. I do not understand the difference between Vietnam and all these wars now. Seems to me we are butting our noses in things that are not our concern in ALL these conflicts. And, no, I am not a ron paul supporter.
      Thank you for your service in a very rough time for our troops.

    • captdot

      Welcome home, SheriffJon!! God bless you.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    When I saw the “Indian Head [2nd Army Infantry D - the Warrior division who have been in harm's way for over 60 years] hugging his daughter, I could only shed tears.

  • skipgainer


  • Tom

    Made it about 60 sec in…. and still tearing up.

  • paravet

    ABN INF VETERAN 1973-80

    • Guest 3

      We miss, love, and need our Dads!

  • Marine Mom

    Wow ! I’m speechless, I know how they feel though, when my son came home each time, since Desert Storm to Iraq. Thank you for your service ALL of YOU. You all volunteered to join the military for that we are gratefull and honor you and especially the fallen Heroes and our wounded warriors. Those injuries can be profound.
    Proud mother and grandmother of Marines.

  • benfaust

    Very accurate title! I’m absolutely not a crier, but by the half way mark, had to get a tissue. Excellent job, ESPN. Thank you for honoring our heroes!

  • missnellie

    THANK YOU ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to our military and their families. What you do for us is beyond words. The Red Blooded American is so very PROUD of all of you!

  • Esther

    Thank you.

  • ort

    Not gonna cry, not gonna cry, not gonna cry……….dang. Crying.
    : )
    Great video!!!! To say “thank you” to all our military seems woefully inadequate, but nevertheless, thank you and God bless.

  • Popeye

    You will absolutely NEVER see the young jump for joy in such a way for Adam and Steve or Lezzie and Lizzy. PERIOD!

  • Rowdy

    That was hard, but oh so beautiful. I love it so much to see the vets being respected like they should be. It was really troubling for years the way we were treated by the public in general when we came home from Vietnam. The being spit on when we got off the plane was the easy part. Being shunned by so many in the country you had just laid your life on the line for, was a little more hard to deal with.

    Welcome home MEN. And thank you so much for standing strong for your country. Just like us in Viet. I think you have been lead down the wrong path. When you should have been much safer at home defending our borders rather than waging a war for political agendas.

    Oh in case your wondering why I just said men. Because the women that have served their country are more men than so many that set on their ass and claim to be men and patriots

    • Aristophanes

      I am sorry for your reception. Thank God, I was not one of those people. It really saddened me to see the way you were treated. Thank you for your service in a very tough time for you.


    Unfortunately, our family courts are SEPARATING dads from their kids at a record pace.

  • Blaine

    When you see what our men and women must endure to protect us and what their family goes through. Those who are in Washington who say they serve us are nothing but low life scum. President on down should hide in shame for what they do to this country. The people really serve to make this Nation great. God Bless America and its real Americans.God bring judgement on those who seek to take away our freedom with their greed and desire of power

  • Debby

    What a strong bond!! Honor and love your father while you have him…………… won’t always be able to put your arms around his neck or kiss him on the cheek. GO DO IT NOW!!!


  • mark oheron

    If this doesn’t bring a tear to your eyes then you are not a man, american or a PATRIOT. GOD BLESS ALL OUR MILITARY

  • pogo532

    I waited 12 years for someone outside my immediate family and fellow vets to say Welcome Home. After years of being called awful things I wasn’t I broke down in front her. Then I did the only thing I could do………I married her. Saturday will be our 22nd anniversary. I am so glad that we finally have a generation that can separate the war from the warrior. WELCOME HOME GUYS! From one old vet to all others.

  • BusyBee

    I watched this vdeo two times. First time tears didn’t let me see pictures… And comes reflection – EVERY soldier’s child should have their daddy back home…Every one…

  • Raymond

    Thank you ESPN for showing how much you care

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