Obama Admin. Does ‘Reich’ Thing by Deporting Religious Refugees


Trifecta discusses a family that fled Germany because of the European nation’s anti-homeschooling laws. This evangelical family is now forced to comply with Nazi era educational laws that run contrary to their Christian faith. In deporting the family, Obama argued that this law, enacted under Hitler, was fair. Why is Obama defending the German educational system? Find out.

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  • jenjen

    If I believed in reincarnation, I would say Obama is Hitler, returning to finish what he started!

  • standtallall

    If this doesn’t wake people up, then nothing will. With the crap that is seeping into our childrens’ classes, it is no wonder that Obama is mandating their attendance. Our morals and history are being perverted in our schools today

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001252230649 Frances Campbell

    what a shame to deport a lovely family who will be law abiding, educated citizens..obama needs to explain why his illegal aunt and uncle have not been deported even though his aunt has been a public charge aka full welfare, housing ,medical,phone and food benefits, since she snuck into the usa and the uncle is a drunk who drives carelessly. people who are not here legally are not by law supposed to get these benefits. could it be—bath house barry is protecting family–he is rich–why does he not pay all of the social expenses to keep these illegal aliens here?

  • shaggie

    it’s not that the Obama administration defends Germany it’s that this administration does nothing in support of white people, Obama’s realatives are still illegally

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.bowman.773 Kenneth Bowman

    The Kenyan’s administration is a FASCIST criminal organization in the model of NAZI GERMANY. These anti American communist/Fascist SCUM think they own everybody and everything including your children.

    Thanks to this SCUM American Public Schools have become communist indoctrination camps.

  • marjorie

    Where is Obama’s relatives. ILLEGAL. Right?

  • Mattfish11

    Put the petition on YouTube make it available for anybody who wants to sign to sign to save that family from being deported

    • sebastian

      I don’t think petitions of any kind will change this government’s mind. The powerful avenue we have is to vote out of office all RINOS and DEMOCRATS, put true conservative, Consitution loving people in their place. Petition to “get out the vote” in 2014. We are dealing with highly “dumbed down” voters who are “low information” by virtue of their own willingness to be such. They and the “free loaders” in our society gave him the office again. There were enough Republicans alone, who stayed home in 2012 to overturn the results we now face.

  • crowtoe

    In the metro area in which I live, the usual school board elections attract only 1% of the eligible voters. Common Core has been adopted by 45 of the 50 states, not because it is a good educational program, but because it not only indoctrinates and dumbs down, as capitalism is denigrated and communism is exalted as history and traditions are treated to the changes that Michelle Obama declared must happen, but because huge amts. of money have been promised ONLY to those states that adopt this program. Race to the Top the first “carrot” extended to school dists. The Gates Foundation came out in support of CC. I find it ironic that those who have made their fortunes under capitalism are so committed to its destruction.
    This CC disease must be fought at the local and state depts. of education. Texas refused CC and got CScope that was just as bad. But once truly committed parents became aware of the educational travesty called CScope in Texas, quick and determined action was taken and that program will be gone from Texas next year. Of course, the challenge is for the parents to remain diligent so that some equally bad program doesn’t take its place.

    This administration is committed to controlling education as seen by Obama’s call for a free, nat’l preschool program and the insidious attacks being taken against Charter schools and Homeschooling. If the courts rule in favor of the DOJ in the Reimike case, in which the DOJ asserts that the state has every right to dictate the educational choices or lack thereof of parents, then parents will no longer have ANY say in the education of their children,

  • sebastian

    I think this deportation leaves a message to homeschoolers in America. The Obama administration has been targeting “Believers” practically since he took office. This is just the beginning of what I believe to be a more open attack of believers. Buckle up!

    • raynbene

      And sadly, obuma and his brain-dead liberal implementers and supporters think he’s doing the ‘right’ thing, of course, up is now down in their world . .

  • Sarah Conner

    If you wish to live the American dream,be free,work hard…then you are Not welcome here and will be deported…however,if you are a terroist,an illegal or a piece of garbage from a 3rd world country wanting to destroy the American dream from within,obozo will welcome you with open arms and open taxpayers wallet to support you while you concoct your evil plans to kill Americans on our own soil…why have we let this happen,in the greatest country on earth…make no mistake,we have been asleep at the wheel and are now paying a huge price…it is not too late to re-direct our country back to our moral and religious compasses which guided our founding fathers…we must or all is lost…