Bill Whittle Gives Pro-Gun Virtual State of the Union Speech


In this segment of his Virtual State of the Union, the Virtual President talks about why politicians want to talk about gun control rather than crime control, and delivers the factual evidence and historical truths that make the case for the Second Amendment self-evident.

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  • Virtual Citizen

    Absolutely great common sense talk by Virtual President Bill Whittle!

  • Tony Chaney

    Please view this video. this is what should be said.

  • JimBo

    If only they had the smarts……..God help us!

  • Dwightmannn

    It is treason to even suggest changing the 2nd amendment. . .

  • Gunwall

    Mr. Bill Whittles is one of the few to tell it like it is. How more logical can you be than with the presentation he gave.

  • geneww1938

    Don’t just stare at the comments, cut and paste the link and send it to your entire mail list. You know he is right!

    • DrSique

      He is right up to the point where he suggests that a repeal of the Second Amendment will give the government authority to ban guns. Our Founders were clear that our rights are God given and/or natural and were merely acknowledged by the Bill of Rights. Therefore, only God can take them. This is not to say that, through abusing someone elses rights, you cannot forfeit your own. Commit a crime with a gun, you have proven not to be trust worthy by the people and cede your right to a firearm.

  • Not One Word more

    That was absolutely brilliant. I would have actually watched that State of the Union.

  • har82

    I only – wish – ,, there was a true American politician who would would bravely speak like this. But In the real ,, world if he spoke like that he would not be living and breathing long.

    There is an – evil – that has grown in America. It is silent , aggressive , and deadly. JFK found it, the people of Athens Tennessee in 46 found it , the people in Waco ,, found it, Ruby Ridge , and how many others while – bill clinton – was in office found it ( my last count was around 176 ) ??? .
    This is the unknown , silent , evil , society or brotherhood , that elites would have you figure is some figment of your – imagination -. BUT IT IS ALL TO REAL PEOPLE.

    These – ELITISTS – ,,, have brought America to the brink of bankruptcy ,, division never known before, and on the verge of revolution or civil war once again.

    This is – UNDENIABLE – ,, AS YOU LOOK ,, SEE , AND FEEL,, the tensions growing in America as of November ,, 2007 . And policies that openly ,, and blatantly ,, put America on the road of destruction in 2008 with policies ,,, of – self destruction – ,, THAT HAVE COME FORTH TO THE PRESENT DAY.

    If you do not see it ,, then perhaps you are part of the problem. Make no mistake people. THERE IS NO FENCE ,, TO BE SITTING ON ANYMORE. This is – not – ,, the same America that my fathers ,, nor I , grew up in any longer.
    It has become the – b a s t a r d child – that no parent ( our Founding Fathers ) speaks of in the family.
    If this – b a s t a r d child – is ignored much longer ,, it will destroy the family,, and parents ,, who gave it life in the first place .

  • gwedem5995

    Great speech and I agree completely.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    From his lips to Gods ears. I have been reading the Federalist Papers and other writings of our founding fathers (yes, I know “Founders” is politically correct. I, however, am not) on not just this topic, but others as well. And nowhere in any of their writings I’ve come across have I found them in favor of the wholesale destruction of the individual liberty, rights and freedom of the American people, as I’ve seen going on during my 71 years proposed and supported by far too many of our supposed leaders and their followers. I could go on, but this man says it much more succinctly than I could ever hope to. I hope you’ll listen to what he has to say before it’s too late to retain the gift of liberty we were given by God as our human birthright and entrusted with as Americans.

  • Dempseycoleman

    I wish we could get Bill to run he with Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Attorney General would put America back on a Constitutional Path


    WOW! ~ GIVE ‘EM HELL, BILL!!! ~ This is the BEST speech I have heard to date addressing Congress!
    NOTICE the “agenda-programed”, Marxist TRAITORS, with the “smirks” on their faces that are hard-wired to REJECT ANY REAL REASONING and/or FACTS, simply because their END-GOAL is that of their idol, Karl Marx who professed:
    Bottom Line: WE MUST REMOVE these Marxist TRAITORS from our U.S. Congress and Government and PROSECUTE them for TREASON against the United States during time of war!!!!!!!

  • ProtectThyself

    I live in a suburb of Detroit, MI that happens to be heavily populated with hunters. In turn, we have a lot of “armed” people in our community. Detroit rightfully has a bad reputation when it comes to gun violence but I can tell you that in our Detroit suburb, we are statistically one of the lowest crime areas in southeastern Michigan. Why? The answer is simple as anyone in our community will tell you: There is at least a 75% chance that the person you have chosen to aim a gun/rifle at in our township also has a weapon with them. Very rarely does anyone take that chance around here. A well armed community keeps the predators at bay. We are living proof of that! Disarming the law abiding masses will serve no purpose other than opening the playing field up wide open for the predators which will be sure to increase in numbers once their hardest to overcome obstacle has been removed. I want our elected officials in government to remember why they are in office – to serve ALL of their people and to honor their oath to protect our Constitution.

  • Deb

    ovation……..hear, hear………..many outstanding
    points…………are “you” listening……have “you” been paying
    attention………..our fore fathers, the first politicians, of this
    country were visionaries…….not only for their country, our
    country…….but for it’s people……… however “most” of our
    politicians are visionaries of their own vested interests…….spending
    the people’s money and wasting countless hours creating debates,
    creating programs, changing laws……..using their slick
    tongues……..all to gain popularity and power……all the while
    turning their backs on the core of the vision our founding fathers
    struggled to create……….this speech is right on and if you can not
    acknowledge that………then move.