The Fiscal Cliff Drama Played Like A Saturday Morning Cartoon


The fiscal cliff negotiations unfolded like an episode of the Road Runner, except in this episode, the Road Runner was played by the private sector, and Wylie E. Coyote was played by the federal government. Hear more about how the Republicans negotiated a deal that resulted in more debt and higher taxes, on this ZoNation.


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  • Bob Marshall

    i love Zo’s book WEAPON of A>S>S> DESTRUCTION. A.S.S. stands for American Socialist States. he hit a home run with this book. Just at the right time.

  • John

    I started listening to this guy and he says stuff that is so, right on ! and in an ironic kinda way, that the problem is, he is dam near always right on the money with what he says, and Im hooked on how politically ironic the humor is ! Ya’ll otta watch and listen to him sometime, good information, good humor, its good to laugh when you can.

    • 57girl

      Ron Paul’s been trying to divert our fiscal downfall for almost thirty years now, but most of what he’s said has fallen on deaf ears. I’m glad the people are listening to somebody out there, these days. It’s just really sad that nobody took Dr. Paul seriously in the 70′s and 80′s before we became crippled to the extent we are today.

  • 57girl

    I think our Government needs to write an imaginary check in the amount of the debt due to pay for all of that imaginary money they’ve been borrowing from the Federal Reserve (to loan us, with interest) for the past 100 years. If money can be printed out of thin air, why can’t it be reimbursed the same way?

  • mhumberger

    Right on Zo as usual. Love the coyote road runner comparison. Nyou meep meep!!