Pat Robertson: “Miserable” Atheists Trying to “Steal” Christmas


Pat Robertson says atheists are “miserable so they want you to be miserable” by trying “to steal your holiday away from you.”

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  • Randell Danner

    I have to agree with him this time. i’ve been saying that for a long time. they hate us because of the peace and joy we have in the midst of trials many times and it kills them because they can’t figure out how that is. it’s just not fair, ”if i can’t have that no one can”. the stupid thing is, they CAN have that as it is available to anyone who believes.

  • Paul Brown

    Well its like the old saying,” Misery Loves company.” And thats just what these people are miserable muslim and islamic pigs.

  • Judy Ratliff

    ever notice hates is in the word atheists

  • jmark72

    Not all Atheists are Nuts! I’m an atheist (what would you expect after 12 years in Catholic Schools!) and I mind my own business. Celebrate your religion any way you want – none of my business. I don’t proselytize and expect others to do the same. The only faith I’m totally against is that so-called Islamic religion. Islam is pure evil. They lie, maim, murder in the name of their so-called religion. Radical Islam is a scourge on the planet and needs to be eliminated.

    • Mathematician

      If an Atheist is a person who claims there’s no God, that is a blend of irrational thought and arrogance. The person who claims that there is no God, implies that he has complete knowledge of the universe, a bold claim indeed and ironically indirectly professing that they have God-like knowledge. If an Agnostic is a person who is unsure about the existence of God, well at least that’s a rational stance.