Bill Whittle Explains What It Is To Be a Conservative and Why Romney Lost


Bill Whittle speaks at a David Horowitz Benefit Dinner. He explains in no uncertain terms why conservatives lose elections — because they’re not conservatives. His speech has true conservatives cheering.

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  • Greg

    Romney was too much of a gentleman in a fight with the lies of the Chicago machine.

    • Sandy Carr

      Greg, you nailed it. IMHO, I have to say that I feel a sense of embarresment that my generation ( The Baby Boomers ) created this mess. Mea Culpa. The loving gestures of a generations living on a hope lead to “No where’s land ” . Let us all hope that people will wise up.

    • Progressive Republican

      You didn’t see the first debate, did you? He was rude, boorish and insufferable.

      • RacerJim

        What first debate? It takes at least two people to make a debate possible. Romney was there but he might as well have been “debating” the empty chair that Clint Eastwood left on the stage. Oh yeah, just for the record…that empty chair interrupted Romney and the moderator more often than the reverse and had over TWO MINUTES more speaking time than Romney.

        • Progressive Republican

          The only thing you got right was you last sentence.

          • Joe Flinn

            The only thing you get correct is getting out of bed in the morning.

  • Susitna

    We didn’t have a message problem, but a voting machine problem. Is someone planning to do something about the massive voter fraud or are we just planning to go to see a shrink?

    • ginger

      We had ALL the problems..but the message was muted and ineffective.

  • har82

    Wow, when can we get a man like that on the ticket lol.

  • Sol_of_Texas


    Until “Conservatives” realize that production taxes (e.g., payroll/income, capital gains, inheritance taxes) are implicitly evil because they punish performance, economic growth will be arrested and the national spirit will continue to decline. In my view, anyone who opposes HR 25 and S 13 (the Fair Tax) is nothing but a bloody Tory. I didn’t hear Mr. Whittle oppose the current income tax system, so a person can infer regarding what camp I suspect Mr. Whittle actually occupies.

    However, I do agree with Whittle’s approach to waging war when it is required.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Here is the real reason why Romney lost,
    Changing America,

    America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for King Obama and his social justice agenda. Now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me. King Obamas Big Government Tax and Control will now destroy America, the republican party, replace the Supreme Court with liberals and lesbians and anything else that stands in his way to his change America.

    I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about King Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.

    • Nick

      We agree and suspect you won’t be. Turn yiur party over to some sane, logical, yiu g conservatives who don’t hate people from other countries, gays and understand working class America. You do not understand at all. People really like gays. How shocking. Yiu lose

      • LLinLa

        You were obviously educated in a government school, Nick. You say the same stupid things over and over again and you can’t spell the simplest of words! And the Wolfman seems to support the Rule of Law, impartial to socio-economic status while you seem to favor chaos, do-what-you-wanna-do, no rules just “compassion.” Which–by the way–permits “your children”–ala Bill Ayers–to protest and bomb authority while “our children” are productively making this country work. I suggest your check this reality out–
        –then come back and talk about substance instead of subterfuge.

    • Illiad

      Romney was just as soft onillegal immigration as Obama. Why didn’t the Repulican party invite Gov. Jan Brewer to speak at the RNC? Because they didn’t want to offend the Hispanic population, that’s why.

  • Backgammon

    15 minutes, but well worth it! Should have been on Romney campaign

  • Tim Lucas

    Perhaps we should ask Eric Holder the question what defines a republican or conservative since he had evidence that could of sunk the Obama machine a week or more prior to the election. Republicans are not conservatives for the rest of you. Far from it. Conservatives are constitution bound and centered which today is considered extreme right which is a lie. Constitutionalists are and always have been center and it is all other parties that have moved. Freedom and Liberty are dead. So for Christmas stocking stuffers there will be tyranny and despair. Never knew and can’t understand why someone who would want to be president of a country just to destroy it, unless they were terrorist and of the Islam faith. We have just that circumstance in my opinion.

    • James

      Obviously 52% of those voting think y are totally wrong. Y are very far from center. Many who voted for Romney or Obama think yiu are right wing extremists. They too know and protect the Constitutution a d practice many religions. If yiu can’t accept that, yiur party cannot win. Old white conservatives don’t have enough votes. Unless y guys can change the Constitution to only let old white men vote. Maybe that would work. Try it.

      • PatriceG

        James or Nick: I would be interested in hearing what you had to say if you could spell. No one seriously listens to the opinion of someone who can’t even spell the word “you”. It is not “yiu” Did you get beyond 1st grade? Did you pass the test on the constitution before graduating high school? It is not yiur it is “you’re”. Good Lord if you represent the people who voted for Obama no wonder he won. God help of all if the ignorant are voting for who should lead all of us.

        • Henry Martin

          To be fair, the consistent “yiu” is only inattention while typing, for the “i” is next to the “o” on the key board. The “yiur,” though is a mistake made by many (if he had typed “your,” that is). It’s a silly mistake, but both “sides” make it often. Ad hoc attacks do not do either side any good.

      • RacerJim

        Obviously 52% of those voting didn’t care about facts/truths. As an Illinois State Senator and a U.S. Senator, Obama/Soetoro was judged by his peers as THE MOST LEFT-WING EXTREMIST Senator in modern history. Additionally, as a U.S. Senator, Obama/Soetoro proclaimed the U.S. Constitution an inherantly flawed document in that it didn’t grant the Federal government enough authority/power. Furthermore, as the Democratic Party nominee in 2008, Obama-Soetoro adamently proclaimed: “Five days from today we begin fundamentally transforming the United States of America!”. Finally, during his first term as POTUS, Obama-Soetoro has acted more like a dictator/tyrant than a president. Anyone who doesn’t care about those facts/truths shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or even live in America for that matter.

      • Joe Flinn

        People on welfare should not be allowed to vote…how do you like them apples?

  • Melba Simmons Rowland

    WOW I like the way that man talks!

  • RickeyB

    Maybe if Mitt Romney had given speeches like Bill Whipple just did he would be President Elect of the United States today.

    • RacerJim

      No “maybe” about it.

    • Linda Sills

      Who would have heard his speeches. He wasn’t given air time or printed in the paper except by a biased press. The first time the real Romney was able to reach the surface was in the debates. Romney had all the traits to take America back to its values. However, somehow the liars won-not on their own as we all know voting involved cheating. We had a good man willing to fight for America. However, we had too many corrupt Americans to value what he offered.

      • RickeyB

        I agree completely, but I think that Romney should have come out stronger in the third debate and should have stayed strong until the election. He should have been explicite about the difference between immigrants and criminal migrants. He should have stressed that equal protection under the law means that all the laws are enforced equally on all the people without any favoritism for special groups. There may be many things he should have done and didn’t but it’s too late now.

  • james

    Mitt Romney was far to moral for this country. Moral people will not be governed by an immoral government anymore that a immoral people will have a moral government. We have become so corrupt we do not deserve to have a principled man in the white house. This is why we have the filthy Muslim.

  • Jose Antonio Rodriguez

    Bill, I had never heard of you before now, but you are one gullible confused fool. Romney and their Israel backers have you fooled by accusing others for what they do.

  • Carol Fryer

    Romney was too liberal for me. And not one of them, not Romney, not Boehner, none of them addressed the issue of the birth certificate or obama hiding his records at great expense. Im really tired of them fighting to find another way to pull off an amnesty. And untill they start listening to their own platform, I wont vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Now get mad. Obviously everyone here was thrilled with him. I wasnt. And I saw what the GOP did to Ron Paul Enough said. They are no different now.

  • Susan

    Keep blaming it on massive voter fraud and you will be overtaken by massive voter fraud for decades. Sure you could prove with your legions of attorneys. Haven’t seen anyone try to. Just suspect numbers on census and registered voters and films of machines flipping votes. Obama won by a ton, really and by a large electoral advantage. Not anything like W theft and winning less of popular vote. Conti ue to think y have to get more conservative. Hopefully that means more nut cases like Bachman, Akins, Murdoch. How you. Gonna find those old white men who won’t say something offensive. there are plenty of youn g conservatives writing logical, sane things that don’t just hurl labels about Commies, moochers, illegals, Kenyans. That seems to be the only thing the older Rep party can do. A. Guarantee for continued failure. Wake up old geezers. Obama won, big time, over an inept candidate chosen by Karl rove and the Koch Boys. bad idea.

    • guide7

      You said it susan. (i.e. commies, moochers, illegals, kenyans) Please do some research and educate yourself concerning liberty, the constitution, and the Bill of Rights, then look at your pal obama’s destructive track record!!!

    • PatriceG

      He won by 3.5 million votes. There are 314 million people in the US so that is HARDLY big-time. 1% of the population

    • RacerJim

      Keep denying that Obama-Soetoro himself proclaimed he has sought out, been mentored by and surrounded himself with radical Communists, Marxists and Black Ideologists and you will live under tyranny for decades if not forever.

  • AwakeningGiant

    The most outstanding speech I think I have ever heard! Too bad he wasn’t Romney’s campaign advisor.

  • Jack Parker

    What naivate! Romney didn’t lose the election, Obama stole it! There was massive voter fraud in a relatively few key precincts that, along with the welfare (unearned (entitlements”) vote swung the vote count in O’s favor. You can’t beat Santa clause, especially when he counts the votes.

  • guide7

    Romney lost because of a dopey, ignorant voter population, a corrupt election and because the republicans sold him out! We will soon be a sorry, sorry, socialist country unless the Republicans implement the built-in checks and balances that supposely protect America from our enemies within!

    • RacerJim

      The Republicans can still save America from the enemy within by implementing the U.S. Constitution’s built-in check of requiring a forum of the Electoral College to vote for the President-Elect. If enough Republican members of the Electoral College refuse to vote there won’t be a forum and then, according to the U.S. Constitution, the House of Representatives selects the President.

  • certainlytruth

    This dude is dead wrong. The reason Mitt Romney did
    NOT win the Office of the Presidency is because he is a flaming liberal who
    could not defend himself on the issues because his record was as poor, if not
    more poor, than the sitting President. So if Romney addressed the issues, there
    was too much dirt in his own closet to defend himself so he had no status in
    this regard to challenge Obama on the issues. Examples: Mitt Romney
    “fathered” gay marriage to America. Mitt Romney “fathered”
    government mandated healthcare to America (which will be Obamacare). Under Mitt
    Romney’s Healthcare mandates, he signed in to law $50.00 co-pay tax funded
    abortions as a “healthcare benefit” used to kill babies. Mitt Romney
    was managing partner in Bain Capital’s “Stericycle” account (Mitt
    also brought in this account to Bain), which contracted with abortion mills to
    dispose aborted baby fetuses, arms, legs, heads…you get the picture. I would
    strongly urge everyone on this blog to get and read the book “CAN MITT
    in order to see just what a bullet we dodged here. And moreover, to learn why
    he deservedly lost the election to Obama….in which a better candidate who did
    not have Romney’s liberal record and baggage could have won this election in
    his/her sleep.

    By way of the same corrupted Karl Rove liberal
    GOP gang who is out of touch with the real republican party (another example is
    John McCain, who Rove shoved this loser down our throats in 2008), and is sick
    with his own narcissism and control, we will also lose the 2016 election. Is
    anyone going do something about this? I’m telling ya’, if the RINO Karl Rove
    GOP isn’t ousted from the party, we WILL LOSE AGAIN to Hillary Clinton.

    • TLady62

      Actually, Mr. Whittle made that point early in his speech, when he said Gov. Romney did not fully embrace the Conservative philosophy, and also excoriates the GOP Establishment for this. So he was actually right. Not arguing with you, but stating a point.

      • Freedomlover

        Base on every aspects of the election and also base on the American society now in moral decadence that caused by the left, the good man as Romney has no standing ground!!! It is so sad for the destiny of a great country !!!

    • Freedomlover

      certainlytruth, certainlyfalse.

      You are totally wrong. The society now is in moral decadence cause by the left. And there is no standing ground for the good man as Romney!

    • Tnc Del

      That’s BS. Romney was the most Conservative of all candidates for the GOP presidential nomination except Bachmann. Gingrich and Santorum were frauds. Plus only Bachmann received a higher rating from NumbersUSA on immigration among all GOP candidates.

      • certainlytruth

        His record makes the case for truth that Mitt Romney was completely libress, but dressing up in conservative/republican clothing. Records don’t lie…and you bought the “PR”, versus the facts.

    • RedMeatState

      Hillary won’t run in 2016; she’ll be “too far tired” to run!

  • Illiad

    Bill Whittle is full of it. Romney lost because he was a terribly flawed candidate. He was seen as a draft dodger, a cultist, made his 250 million outsourcing American jobs, promoed a version of Obamacare and liberal policies while governor of Mass., alienated Ron Paul supporters when he schemed to change the RNC rules in order to steal his delegates, privately belittled 47% of the population behind their backs, etc. The only thing that he had going for him was his whitness because if Obama was white the election would have been no contest at all. These factors alled up to a poor candidate.

  • paco12348

    In my humble opinion Romney lost because he was selected by the GOP Leadership, just like McCain. Many in the base resent the GOP selecting the candidate THEY want and then pushing them on us. We are NOT the Kool Ade Party. We like to select our candidate and then if we lose in the primary we will back the winner but when the GOP selects and pushesTHEIR candidate, many in the party refuse to vote. Romney is a good man but he didn’t talk the talk we wanted to hear, some of the others in the Primary did but when they rose to the top the GOP Leadership came out in force to smear and diss them. I did vote this time but if the GOP selects again I will remain home. We have two parties here and I will NEVER VOTE FOR A SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT.

  • Kaline

    BRAVO…….this video needs to be seen by ALL Americans

  • LLinLa

    I say we continue to “whittle” away at this Liberal mythos over the next four years with any or all gentlemen that think and speak like this Whittle! Bravo, Bill!

  • riosue

    Bill Whittle…you are hired…you have said it so simply and good for you.

  • DouglasDauntless

    Romney lost because 80 million Catholics didn’t come out and vote for him, 80 million evangelicals didn’t come out and vote for him, 80 million gun owners didn’t come out and vote for him. In most states where the Demo-rats are in control stole the election from him. That’s why Romney didn’t win.

    • Joe Flinn

      Not really, Romney lost because 47% of the people are supported by the government and Obama only needed 5% more, which he received from the labor unions.

  • ginger

    This is the man who should have been running Romney;s campaign,!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank E. Vincent

    Where were the Conservatives? Well Sarah Palin could have called on the Tea Party Conservatives to back Mr. Romney. Yet he disregarded her sway with democrat and republican conservatives. He refused to give any consideration to the conservative movement at all and shunned her ability as a viable consociate. After that demeaning negligence, it was a toss up between the run of the mill moderate republicans and Obama. Obama had the best ground campaign by calling upon all minorities and busing those he had identified by his prepared lists of voters.

    Frank E. Vincent

    • Illiad

      Romney is not a conservative. Think about it; would a true conservative pack up jobs and give them to our arch ememy China? That is liberalism to the extreme.

  • Conaire

    Bill Whittle’s speach is excellent but I wanted to make a correction. Iran has not been at war with the U.S. since 1979. Iran has been at war with the U.S. since our CIA, the British MI6 overthrew their democratically elected prime minister in 1953 to protect U.S. and British corporate oil interests.

  • the_punnisher

    ” He who has the keys to the voting machines has the power to elect ANYONE THEY WANT!!


    I just saw a video from 2006 in Ohio where a small piece of code was written TO CONTROL HOW A VOTING MACHINE IS TO BE OPERATED. This bit of code was written for a Congresscritter back in 2000 to be implemented IN EVERY VOTING MACHINE WE USE. I think that ( censored ) occupying the White House GOT GREEDY AND WANTED TO SEND US A MESSAGE. To keep it safe, you have to allow a little bit of success to your opponent so that the outcome doesn’t look suspicious.

    The programmer on the witness stand was a bit arrogant about the small, compact module he created because the boss Congresscritter DEMANDED that his work would never be detectable.

    It appears to be in the boot firmware AND IT ACTS ON A SPECIAL FLAG IN ONCOMING DATA TO TURN OFF & ON.

    Our election was stolen before the data hit the news media. We are down to that ” Last Box ” to defend our Republic.

    If you want a layman version of what happened, read ” The Stainless Steel Rat for President “.

    I wish we had the same laws to nullify a fraudulent election.

    People, we have been playing by the former rules. The ” rules ” had been changed since the year 2000.

    Watch the video. You have been played with since the year 2000….

  • JRRS

    Three million Republicans did not vote, one percent of the voters voted Libertarian, the black vote stuck together and incresaed their numbers since 08, and ACORN/Unions stole the rest. No great mystery. The splintering of the Republican Party by the Tea Party gave the election to Obama. Welcome to socialism !

  • Bob Marshall

    Those who watched Romney Obama the Same and The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection on youtube know there was very little difference between the two candidates.

  • Take 2

    Well, it did not end well for the 1930′s German people, and it will not for the 2000′s American people. Unless, Obama takes a hard look at his children and then ask God (through Christ) to forgive him…resigns and takes joe bidden with him. There might be a place for Obama to do great thing’s but not as President. He has crossed the line one too many times and God can do all the forgiving-not us.

    I liked the Wittle talk very much.

    • Take 2

      AND NEWT!

  • Hallie Lewis Roberts

    Romney lost because of massive voter fraud by the Democrats.

  • Freedomlover

    Unbelievable!!!!!! beautiful!!! beautiful !!!!! If Romney had this intelligent adviser – Bill Whittle our country would be better than what we have now!!!! He comes too late!!!

  • Tnc Del

    Romney lost because he was too namby-pamby towards Obama. He should have played hardball with the dog-eatin’ Kenyan by, when Obama demanded his tax returns, demanding from Obama a genuine birth certificate while also calling for an independent investigation and DEPORTATION hearing for Obama [since a non-U.S. citizen is NOT entitled to impeachment proceedings].

    And while Romney was scheduling the deportation hearing, by twisting RINO Boehner’s arm to arrange it [as the House could have done (for the Senate has exclusivity only when it comes to impeachment proceedings)], Romney should have fired one salvo after another about the many egregious acts by Obama THAT ROMNEY DIDN’T EVEN BRING UP:

    Like how Obama unconstitutionally gave out over a million work permits to illegal aliens, despite over 23 million of our own citizens out-of-work, and also has been unconstitutionally giving them amnesty for a mere $465 processing fee.

    And Romney should have countered Obama’s criticizing of Romney on abortion by exposing the fact that Obama is so extremist that he even defended killing NEWBORN babies who survived abortions!

    Also Romney should have called for answers on Benghazi, “Fast & Furious,” Solyndra, etc., etc. Romney has a veritable smorgasbord of “entrees” he could have assailed Obama upon, but all he did was nibble like a fat woman on a diet.

  • Progressive Republican

    Rmoney had the “finest moral character”? Seriously? He started his campaign by lying. He lies daily for the duration. He lied at the end of his campaign. When confronted with the facts, he continued to lie. Then he lied some more. All the while he was constantly changing his mind on what his stance would be today on any given issue. It became something of a betting game, “What’s Mitt To Change His Mind On Today?”

    “Finest moral character”? When one who is honestly mistaken is confronted with the truth, one either ceases to be mistaken or ceases to be honest. Rmoney was recorded with nearly 1000 lies over the course of his campaign. There were undoubtedly more that weren’t. When confronted with facts, he never let them change his mind or his story. He CLEARLY chose the latter option. Every time.

    If Sen. Goldwater were alive today, he’d slap the living [crap] out of virtually anyone still in the GOP for what they’ve done to his party and his country. Who could blame him?

  • rbulova

    I find it difficult to believe that voter fraud played any significant role in the election. If there was any validity to those claims,don’t you think the GOP would be shouting from the rooftops? And the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t tolerate it. Where’s the evidence?

    • RacerJim

      If the “rooftops” belong to the Democrats do you really think they’d allow the GOP to shout voter fraud from them? Evidence of voter fraud abounds but it has been suppressed by the liberal media (the rooftops) just like the liberal media has suppressed the abundance of evidence that Obama knew that our Consulate in Benghanzi had been attacked by Islamic terrorists in May and July, that our people there had requested and been denied extra security personnel, that he was in the White House situation room watching the September attack and did nothing to stop it, and lied about it for his own political gain (re-election).

  • Barbara

    Bill Whittle needs to be the GOP party chairman, mentor and tutor all candidates……..He’s a very forceful and intelligent man who could possibly be what those dumbocrats need to offset their mindless message.

  • Antonia Duhe

    The Washington Post was the patron of Saul Alinsky and has always supported traitors to the US Constitution so no surprise they covered for Obama and Petraeus….Why Cantor sat on the information about Petraeus and Benghazi suggests all sides are in cahoots…confirm or deny….Why?

    Benghazi and the Mexican border were both different versions of the same illegal, unconstitutional, scheme…a Fast and Furious I and II…direct commerce…direct, illegal commerce…of gun running and Missile Running…This is happening…Why?

    Lockheed is up to their eyes in the illegalities of missile running to Al Qaeda….and in cahoots with Obama…Circumventing Congress….Has the Military Industrial Complex been behind Obama?…Why?

    Ambassador Stevens, an Islamist and a gay man was central to the missile running scheme….and had met secretly with Senator Inhofe a couple weeks previous to his death. Why?

    Arming our enemies? Exactly for what purpose??? Why?

    Panetta is about to dismiss many high level military so as to complete the transformation without fear of a military coup….Put communists in charge and fulfill expectations to disarm the nation…Will the Military stand down for the dissolution of the USA? Why?

    …After the Panetta dismissal and dissolution of those who take the oath to the constitution seriously…the ranks will be thinned beyond repair…Are there patriots left in our high command now? Will they act while they still can?

    About the millions of large caliber, hollow point ammo….? Explain it…Why?


  • Antonia Duhe

    Get rid of the electronic voting machines…out of a foreign nation counting our votes…where EVERYWHERE they have counted a MARXIST is elected….

    Get voter ID…no questions.

    No Motor Voter…it WAS an Obama scheme from his community organising days

    No early voting…absentee under the strictest conditions

    Month long voting is to subvert the Will of the People

    Stop all entitlements to illegal aliens…you come to this country legally, you may not receive a government handout for 10 years …Pay your way to the Priviledge of being an American…not to mooch off the other citizens

    Give me a purple finger…good enough to insure a legal vote in Iraq…good enough to insure a legal vote here

  • Beepster

    I watch Bill Whittle on Pajama Media all the time, especially Trifecta with Scott Ott and Stephen Green. The three are fantastic.
    It is time for people to unwaveringly unite and tell the garbage government in DC to go to Hell. It it time to remind them who they were elected to represent, and now is the time to represent them. And, as far a illegals go, they have twice before been almost totally back to their own countries (mostly Mexico). I have nothing against immigration, and from Mexico. Their field workers are needed to harvest crops that US citizens won’t do, so give then work cards.

  • H.DA

    Will Bill run for next president?

  • AnnaHelena13

    The real reason Governor Romney lost is: He promised to put Americans back to work and the majority of Americans did not want to work so they voted for Obama. Simple as that.

  • Christopher Skyi

    A Republican Party that becomes more constitutionally conservative, libertarian-leaning and promotes a less aggressive foreign policy–this is a GOP that could be a majority party again.

  • Nick Riley

    Ron Paul was the only conservatives on the stage. The GOP leadership did not want a conservative. The GOP could have won with the simple message of Peace, Liberty, and Balanced budgets.

    Romney is not the solution, he is part of the problem.

  • Nick Riley

    This ” true conservative” thinks Bill Whittle sounds like a paranoid war monger. War is expensive and it destroys capital and it always enlarges the size of government. Want proof? Department of homeland security. Defense budget doubling since 9/11. Wise-up folks. The Ron Paul foreign policy is superior because it is effective and affordable. However if you like ineffective and unaffordable, you might want to re-think calling yourself a “conservative.” The failed drug war is another example of how wars grow government and they don’t solve problems.

  • Joe Flinn

    It will be interesting to see how the general public like the gradual evolution this country is headed towards. The business arena in this country is dying and with it will go the middle class.

  • jason sappe

    oMG! Where has this guy been!!!

  • jason sappe

    OMG where has this guy been!!!

  • CailinF

    You just don’t get it. Romney was a fine candidate, a qualified and experienced leader that this country needs. He’s savvy in the law and savvy in business. What cost him the election is the insistence from far right donors to the GOP that the platform include anti-abortion and anti-gay policy, which actually fall under the jurisdiction of the states. It’s the chest-pounding arrogance of the extreme religious right, especially during the primaries, that turned off the voters. He could have won. He lost, but even worse, the country lost.

  • charfoxt

    If he met with Romney numerous times (and liked him more and more), why didn’t he share this with him?????

  • Sue Sherrill

    What happened to this video? I love it and have been sharing it but now it’s gone!!!

  • innertrader

    WHY isn’t the Bill Whittle episode still available?????

  • innertrader

    Bill Whittle’s commentary is “no longer available.” Does anyone know where I can see it and what happened to it and why??