‘The Angry Black Man’ Tells You What He Thinks About the Black Establishment


‘The Angry Black Man” tells blacks that they need to start thinking ‘common sense.’ He says blacks have got to stop listening to liberals, the left & the Democrats. Caution — strong language

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  • Catherine Alphonse

    WOW! I can’t wait to read his book!

  • seektruth

    Now there’s a black man a could vote for!

  • spanky7209

    I like the angary Black man he got lots of balls

  • DoctorBob

    A lot of common sense there! He’s not just addressing the Blacks, either. His advice can apply to the White youth who spend their time running with gangs, or lying around, waiting for a job to call them. I wish we could clone this man. Heck, if he ever runs for office, I’ll donate to his campaign!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

    well that does signal a start for the black plantation dwellers.; southern whites [democrats] kept them down and now washington white democrats are doing the same thing; Martin Luther tried to tell them; but jessthie Jackthon had other ideas.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C6VTISVWOSMPSEMO36TZKUCXKU Dante Goodman

      conservatives hated MLK, and cheered his death. MLK was a socialist, but stupid conservatives have tried to co-opt his image to use as a weapon against contemporary black people.

      • panors77

        Really??? I’d read that MLK was a registered Republican? I think you’re off about conservatives cheering MLK’s death. I’d think more white southern dems were doing that from many of the south’s dem controlled governer’s offices on down. Looking at the history of how many southern racist DEM governors to southern conservative Republican ones….the DEMS win with the most governorships over the Repubs almost 3 to 1. If you’re looking for black “socialists” look no further than Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakahn, Van Jones, et al with BO at the top.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C6VTISVWOSMPSEMO36TZKUCXKU Dante Goodman

          MLK was a socialist, and vehemently anti-republican. This quote is directly from his autobiography: The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and extremism.” That was his description of the 1964 Republican National Convention. He also referred to “the frenzied wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right.”

          • panors77

            The KKK was full of and started bysouthern dems, going back to the civil war. Lincolns Republican party were the abolitionists. The southern dems brought in Jim Crow. Most governerships of the south were and are DEMS not republicans. MLK was a registered republican, and anti racist where ever it came from.

  • Austin

    He has earned a subscriber he actually makes sense

  • Anita

    I don’t like the language, but I DO like the message. There are a lot of people in my city that should really listen to what he has to say AND heed the message.

  • Bill Cartwright

    Finally!!! A black man with the testicular fortitude to stand up and scream to the masses about Obama. If this man ever moved to Texas and runs for office, he’s got my vote. Loved his message. He said things that a white man can not say for fear of being labled a racist.

  • http://twitter.com/venussal sally bergmoser

    I like the angry black man too! The blacks should listen to him !

  • Dwightmannn

    It is the first time that the truth was actually kinda funny. . .

  • quendom38

    this man is a modern day slave driver! He is simply using african american people circumstances to make money so he can sale is book.

    • MadmaxUSA

      So, what’s your point?

    • 32eagle

      he simply has more brains and smarts than Nobel misfit does -he simply dislikes BORAX very very very much like myself-I will bet he wants to throw that trap door to the gallows obama will someday be on-once OHBUMMER has that hangman noose around his puny chicken neck of course

  • Don

    I would have said this very differently, but the speaker is entitled to his beliefs and his right to voice his opinion, in the manner he has elected to do so (it is called the first amendment).

    In my mind, this is simply not a “black issue”, as the numerous transgressions/issues the speaker raises transcend race/gender/religion/socioeconmic class/etc.. and speak to the blame, entitlement and victim mindset that represent the core constituency that is the Democratic Party….
    It is a mindset that goes far beyond skin color or ethnicity…

    “Poverty Pimps” are just one of a very varied assortment of societal leeches, who prey on the ignorant masses, and who represent all flavors of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. To this end, Obama, as their inspirational leader, is nothing more than a race baiting, class warfare inciting, divider of people, who is leading this once great nation into a quagmire that we may never be able to fully crawl out of.

    Being completely unqualified and unprepared for the job of President, his dousing of the initial smoldering economic fire with high octane gasoline has unleashed a scorching fiscal forest fire of economic woes and unsustainable debt, that is completely out of control and threatening to engulf and destroy the entire U.S. economy (i.e., the future of our children and their children).

    Saddest of all, is that those responsible for voting this lying, deceitful, con artist into the highest office in the land are so indoctrinated in the “everybody owes me” Obama philosophy, that they are completely incapable of discerning fact from fiction, or, just as likely, simply not intelligent enough to fully comprehend and digest what is happening to the future, right before their very eyes.

    • har82

      Though your premise may be correct. Your argument ,, is completely wrong. – bammie – does indeed know – exactly – what he is doing. And how to go about it. And he has 90% of congress to help him succeed as he is – still – sitting in the WH as we speak. Ohh, these politicians know full well, and exactly ,,, what they are doing. No bones about it lol.

      • panors77

        Albeit I’d agree, I’m not so sure about congress totally being in BO’s pocket right now? Going by all the EO’s he’s putting out going AROUND congress?

  • Spkrmakr

    Wow!! This dude rocks! This is “All Good!” wake up black America, be a part of the solution.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.guthrie.35 Tony Guthrie

    This man, although he is angry is right on the money. B

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.guthrie.35 Tony Guthrie

    BO MUST GO!! Many blacks have thin skin when it comes to standing up to their own race. Friends and family will skin them if they said they were gonna vote for Mitt. Never did vote for BO and could care less what friends and family think. This guy would get a pat on the back from me because he has seen the light. Just like whites that said they would never vote for a black man, come voting time in 08 they pulled BO,S ticket. Now blacks will go to vote and pull Mitts ticket. BO MUST BE SENT PACKIN AND ALL HIS IDEAS TOO. Harry must go too.

    • panors77

      I agree with you but also I’ve not come across a white saying they’d never vote for a black guy. Lot’s of blacks starting with even comedian Steve Harvey in his routine before the last election saying they’re voting for BO no matter what,etc. Myself I’d voted for Alan Keys a few primaries ago only because I thought he “got it”, and had common sense ideas. I think he certainly was also correct in his initial assesment of BO saying he was a communist.

  • jojo

    Wow this guy is awesome ! Wake up black America ,Obama and his Cartel are using you!

  • georgedickel

    You have a posting policy here for comments that are vulgar, profane or discourteous behavior, and yet you allow the Angry Blackman to rant this crap. What a joke. Why have a posting policy at all? Can’t wait to see the Aryian Nations rebutal.

    • 32eagle

      it was a free-er USA before communist obama invaded-but our freedom of speach here is marvelous-aint it-tumbleweed?

  • mardec

    This guy has the same attitude as Obama’s youngest half brother in Kenya.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C6VTISVWOSMPSEMO36TZKUCXKU Dante Goodman

    this guy cant even put a coherent thought together. Perfect conservative.

    • har82

      Well, he sure pegged b l a c k s in this country to the wall. They are ,,,, their own worst enemy..
      No one holds them down except themselves . Plain and simple. They have – more – opportunities in this country than even whites do with all the loans, and help they can get from government. Frankly, makes me sick to hear them still whining about all this crap.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C6VTISVWOSMPSEMO36TZKUCXKU Dante Goodman

        translation: I hate an irrational hatred and fear towards black people, but I like this black because he aggregates and then articulates all of the racist constructions better than most stormfront types. LOL @ “all of the loans and help from govt” Obviously you are socially and economically illiterate.

        • har82

          sURE, YOU JUST KEEP LIVING THAT GOOD COMMY LIFE OF LIBERALISM YOU LIVE . My dealings with blacks over the last 30 years tells me all I need to know first hand dipshit. go blow smoke up someone elses ass moron

          Subject: [conservativevideos] Re: ‘ The Angry Black Man’ Tells You What He Thinks About the Black Establishment

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C6VTISVWOSMPSEMO36TZKUCXKU Dante Goodman

            You come across like someone who has lost complete connectivity with your soul, and humanity. I truly feel sorry for you, and hope one day you are able to claim happiness and peace. God Bless.

          • har82

            Ya ya ya, I have no problem sleeping at night bub. :)


            Subject: [conservativevideos] Re: ‘ The Angry Black Man’ Tells You What He Thinks About the Black Establishment

          • har82

            By the way, I am way more sick of liberals than I am blacks. At least blacks have an excuse for their ignorance . And that would be democraps. You sir, have none what so ever . :)

            Subject: [conservativevideos] Re: ‘ The Angry Black Man’ Tells You What He Thinks About the Black Establishment

    • Ort

      Dante: shut it. You are just ticked off because he is rightfully airing the “dirty laundry” of the black community, and stating that the time to keep blaming others for your ignorance and shortcomings is over. Can’t handle that? Then leave this forum and find yourself some libtard demoncrat website where you can all practice socialism together. Fool.

  • Guest

    This is so good. I would like to hear more from this type of “common sense”. You go, guy! Run for president, PLEASE!!!

  • panors77

    Thank you angry black man. I’m proud to call you my American brother! Is there something wrong with other “black” politicians like Alan Keys, Alan West, Colin Powell, Condi Rice to these obamabots?? Do they not count for anything? I never vote per race always the issues and world view. BO IS a communist and I hate that. Has nothing to do with race. Same time I celebrate the great achievements of blacks who have contributed greatly to our country. From soldiers to scientists and especially music, as I’m a musician and look up to the great black musicians who I consider national treasures. As I’m a trumpeter, players like Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Freddie Hubbard,Roy Eldgridge, Miles Davis, Clark Terry, Jon Faddis, and now especially Wynton Marsalis….are all heroes of mine and I greatly love and respect them. We are a greater nation because of black innovation and acheivement and again I celebrate them.

  • Chief

    I totally Agree, and don’t usually have problem with cussing, but maybe about 15 less “bastards” would have still gotten the message across. Otherwise, GReAT Messenger.

    • Chief

      That’s simply Constructive criticism. If I can Help HIM Help Himself, then we’re all better off. I’d like to post this on my Facebook wall, because I have a big mix of friends, many could use this. Still, I’ve many others that would get the message much clearer if the cussing were dropped from a level 7 to maybe a level 4 or 5.(10 being worst).

      • 32eagle

        I am a white guy and I did not find anything he said to be too offensive cussing -wise-I agree with him-perhaps you have born again christians to worry about-give it to them like he said it-no filtering or artificial ingredients-truth !!!

  • 32eagle

    I love his speach-so true-so very true-that mutant mulatto obama is evil and immoral-black folk had better vote like their lives depend on it-for a mormon this time-we do not need a communist in as president -so it is time to get that obama freak out !!!!biden is a clown act-we need Ryan to help fix our financial CRISIS-we are teetering over the edge of a sheer drop-off a bottomless pitt- obama has sabotaged us to get to this level of failure -he is laughing -this muslim thinks it is funny!!!!

  • Ort

    Angry black man, dude, I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • ARMYOF69

    We ALL , need to come together. WE are all of us, AMERICANS, we are all equal. Slavery is long gone.

  • LatterDayEsther

    I don’t know who he is, but I love him. I am also so tired of seeing black people abused by their own people: Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Black Panthers, etc., etc., etc. Wake up folks. Let’s get a life!

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    Here is the problem. Blacks saw that women got a free pass to kill their babies, and now the blacks want a free pass to kill the white people who they choose.