Afterburner: Hope… and Change


Europe is descending into a horrible debt nightmare. Will unions throw America into a similar debt spiral, or will voters stand up to organized labor as they did in Wisconsin? Find out as Bill Whittle tells you about the dangers of socialism, and the true impact of Governor Scott Walker’s recall win in Wisconsin.

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  • Pelican50

       Afterburner “Hope & Change” is an exceptional video which has been well thought out and deftly presented. This represents true reality and I find it incredible that the left simply doesn’t get the simplicity of our choked economic woes.
       Print more money, the mantra of the left, only works for a limited amount of time and then reality steps in. Sadly in our case we have been subjected to adminsistration and a media that wreaks of cowardice in confronting the issues that we face.
       If the media had courage and a genuine caring for this great nation they would have long ago held the feet of all political party representatives to the fire in an effort to correct our ship.
       I personallyhold our media to be equally responsible for the irresponsible quagmire we currently find ourselves in.

  • Dan

    hope and change that we can count on.