ZoNation: Christian Pastor’s Violent Remarks Towards Gays is Un-Christian


Pastor Charles Worley, of Providence Road Baptist Church, says homosexuals should be left to die in camps. Is this true Christian leadership? Watch AlfonZo Rachel tell Pastor Worley to get off his soapbox and shut up.

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  • David Parritt

    I agree here as Christians we can go tp far in what we say not only in this but other moral issues.  The old Testament was fullied by our Lord’s death on the Cross aan d He died for ‘All’.  I want to see those in the homosexual movement get saved and know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  Christ does mention the homosexuals in Romans chapter 1:16-   and yes they will be judged for thier lifestye of sin.   Should it be preach or taught against against yes.  I do not know this Pastor so I’ll be careful on what I say unless I do it the Biblecal way to talk to to him.