Trifecta: Grown Men Are Embracing the ‘My Little Pony’ Lifestyle


What do you think of men who love My Little Pony? They are called bronies, but are they a threat to the republic? Scott Ott thinks bronies are a sign of the apocalypse. Is this controversy simply brony baloney, or are bronies a sign that America needs get in touch with its inner adult? Find out as Trifecta addresses this bizarre male affection for toy ponies.

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  • daveveselenak

    I could and woudn’t subject myself to such asinine blather so I watched about ten seconds of this “femi-nazi- tion” propaganda by the state-run media! What planet am I living on? What more evidence do you need to realize that this Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions are out to destroy any and all possible opposition to the take down of America? People, I’m sorry but all of you, at least those of you’s that haven’t drank the Kool Aid,  had better wake up and face the music. You and your country, what’s left of it, are being “transformed” as the “implanted one” had promised! I hope any of you sheeple out there that voted for this illegal, feminate, Muslim-Marxist are proud of yourselves. You are getting the tyranny that you deserve! This is just the beginning. The (uniter?) is nothing more than a divider – class, race, religion and sex! He ‘s following the Communist Manifesto to a tee! Divide and conquer, just like he was indoctrinated to do. He “knew” back in a day as he told the maiman: “I WILL be president” and more recently as he told his comrade “ I can do more “AFTER” my reelection.”  He already know’s that this upcomming election is a done deal, as I do; that is why, with the help of the state-run media, they must quelch the only means of getting rid of this illegal new emerging Hitler! Look how his henchman, E. “The Hold(card)er” and his “Department of In- justice” are going after the brave and patriotic Sheriff Joe – the truth hurts and must be suppressed! Prediction: if this reprobate steals another election, you can count on the USA being hit by several nuclear missiles as it is being set up to have done to it by this New Orrld Order “implant.” He has gotten rid of NASA, depleted our nuclear deterence, destroyed our armed forces by his policies toward them, alienated our allies and befriended every dictator out there! Read beween the lines and watch what he does rather than what he says – which changes constantly! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!    

  • Devcycler

    you know, it always makes sense to make a judgement on something  you have never watched, let alone fully researched. Being a conservative brony, this disgusts me. On that note, that people are watching the trifecta must be a sign of the apocalypse, and seeing as I have never seen a single episode, I must be an expert.