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Reagan’s Memorial Day Speech Brings Tears

You’ll be moved and inspired. Reagan’s voice breaks as he speaks of a brave young soldier from WWI. The will and moral courage of free men and women; a weapon our adversaries do not have. That we, as Americans, do have. Let it be known by those who practice terrorism. Peace is the highest aspiration….

Disney Exec LIVID, Totally Destroys Bernie Sanders

Disney exec responds to Bernie Sanders lowball jabs at their business. Bernie pokes at the rate of pay, to howls. Honestly, folks, working as a cartoon character or behind a cash register is NOT a lifetime career or is it intended to be what you aspire to live on for the rest of your life….

Is there no end to the lying? Hillary Caught … Again!

Hillary is at it again. Of course. What more did we expect? There is apparently no end to the lying caught on camera…. This email server thing is out of control. By not coming forward with the whole truth about how she has violated the laws, put our country’s national security at risk, and betrayed…

Conservatives Censored by Facebook Speak Out

Dennis Michael Lynch of Unfiltered on NewsmaxTV with a panel – so many stories of conservatives being censored for sharing news that apparently doesn’t want you to know happened. It’s not just opinion – it’s not just “hate speech” according to the PC police – but ACTUAL NEWS that they’re censoring to ensure you…

Obama Has Destroyed the US Navy, Captains Concerned

The Navy joins The Marines and The Air Force in complaint against President Obama and the lack of funding for the bare necessities of a country’s defense. Officers say they’re scavenging for parts just to keep their ships and planes operational. Between the growing hostilities of Russia and China added to the list of International…

Hillary’s Private Email (Alleged) Hacker Pleads GUILTY

Fox News Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge goes ‘On the Record’ on the latest in ‘Guccifer’s’ plea deal. The State Department’s audit faults Hillary Clinton’s private email use. In 2010 2 IT security officers went to their superiors about the possible security breach and were told to never speak of it again…. Via Fox News

CAN We (Can Trump?) Even Repair The Country?

Cartel members crossing the border…but during the commercial break, Dennis Michael Lynch challenges Sam Nunberg, Harlan Hill, and Gianno Caldwell on live television — can we even repair this country? Can Trump? Will the GOP even WORK with Trump? Or is this country beyond repair? Via NewsmaxTV

Clinton Team Reacts to New ‘Smoking Gun’ Revealed by State Dept.

Press Secretary for the Clinton campaign reacts to the private email server scandal. Clinton claims that she was permitted to have a private email address that received above top secret information without security protocol – but the inspector says “nope.” They did not, and would not, permit it because of the security risks from doing…